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Throop Fishery Report - 30th November 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.

And before you say it's about time, where the hell have you been, let me tell you that a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the last few weeks, or should I say not a lot of water has passed under the bridge, in fact I have been on holiday during a couple of weeks of my absence, nothing much, just a couple of weeks cruising around the Canary Islands on the Queen Mary Two, but I won't bore you with the rather large Mullet that my son Rick and I caught in the dock areas, and the rest of the time I have spent trying to get over the holiday, so now I have to try and play catch-up.


Keith Little finished up his few weeks with one blank session, but he was not alone on that day, it was an absolute crueller, but he did make up for it with a couple a nice sessions, a 6lb 2oz Chub and a Barbel of 7lb 7oz on one session three Chub to5lb 6ozs on another session.

Brian Stocker had two fabulous fish four weeks ago on Friday 28-10-11 one was a Chub of 6lb 8ozs and that was followed up by a PB fish, it was another great fish a cracking Chub of 7lb............well done Brian, and many thanks to Chris Allport for taking the photo. 

Brian Stocker with a smashing 7lb Chub

 Neil Maidment is up next with a nice bag of fish on trotted maggot, Neil had a dozen Chub, three were over 6lb with the best fish weighing 6lb 3ozs, he also had three good Perch all over 2lb, he also lost a good fish that may have been a Barbel, well done Neil, a great days fishing, especially on the method that you used.

Neil Maidment with a 6lb 3oz chubfrom Throop


Hugh Pollard from Waterlooville had a couple of trips to Throop, the tally was seven Chub, one fish weighed in at 4lb, five fish weighed between 5/6lb and the best fish was a lovely Chub of 6lb 12ozs, well done Hugh. 

Hugh Pollard with the best of a seven chub haul weighing 6lb 12oz


Christian Britton could not fish his first choice swim for some Perch, so his second choice took him onto the main river, and he started very well indeed, with two Perch, one was 1lb 4ozs and the other weighed in at 1lb 10ozs, next came the toothy critters, yes it was four Jack Pike, the biggest weighing 6lb, then with a bit of magic he landed a cracking Perch, this one weighed in at 2lb15ozs, what a shame, just one ounce short of the magical 3lb, and then it all went wrong when he lost an even bigger fish, unlucky mate

Christian Britton's 2lb 15oz perch 

Let me take a break from the catch reports for a moment and let me tell you about some of the second hand tackle that I have sold recently, the first was a Rolling Pin reel that I sold to Declan, the first time he used it he caught a Barbel. Then came another Rolling pin, this was sold to Des, and again he caught a Barbel and a Chub on it, it had only just got it. Then came two pike rods that I sold to Eddy, well he took them on to the Royalty for a bit of Piking, and yes you have almost guessed it, he now holds the Royalty record for a stunning 11lb 14oz BASS, now you have to forgive me for putting a photo of a Royalty caught fish, but there is a positive connection.

Eddy with an 11lb 14oz Royalty caught Bass which he managed to land despite using some second hand rod recently purchased from a local rogue.

So if you do happen to see that I am selling any tackle, there is no guarantee that you will catch a good fish, but it's worth thinking about.

Right let’s move back to some catch reports, I must say that they are few and far between, at the moment I am struggling to get anglers to send me some of the catches, surely not everyone is blanking.


So a couple of reports for the 17-11-11, and the first one up is from Des Norris, and on my old Rolling Pin, he managed to catch a Chub of 5lb 2oz and a Barbel of 8lb 4ozs, well done mate and thanks for your rubbing it in report. Next up is Doug Read who decided to have a few hours fishing before the light faded, and what a great session it was, in just two hours fishing he captured five Chub, 3lb-4lb-4lb2ozs-4lb12ozs and 5lb9ozs, well done Doug that was great short session. Barbel fanatic Brian James has added to his tally with another stunning Throop Barbel, a cracking fish weighing in at 13lb8ozs. There was also another good fish caught to an anonymous angler weighing 14lb6ozs, well done anony.

We are keeping with the Barbel catches for just one more, and it's from our old mate Luke "GaGa", and he has a new PB with a Barbel of 12lb 14ozs, well done Luke and many congratulations, I will let you know where I am going to fish next so as you can try it out and bag up.

Luke with a stunning looking barbel weighing 12lb 14oz 

Rick Willson was again fishing a well-known Barbel and Chub swim, but no luck on these species, just a Salmon of about 4lb.

Now for a different species to report, and it's from Nick Roberts who had a five perch haul in a swim not known for this particular species, and included in this catch was a new PB, a stunning Perch of 3lb2ozs, well done Nick and congratulations.

Nick Roberts with his new PB perch weighing 3lb 2oz 

Now I am sure we can remember Sean Dent, when he sends me his report his food list is more than what he catches, so the latest report came in from Sean with what looked like a shopping list for Tesco's, but somehow he did manage to capture a nice bag of Perch, there were no monsters but 7.5lb of stripeys is nice few hours.


The last capture on this report is one that I love, Adrian Orchard and Steve Singleton arrived at Throop after weaning some info out of me as to where to fish, now I am not to blame for them walking 4.5 miles laden with tackle, I met up with this pair at School Bridge where I was informed that despite Steve landing a PB Perch of 2lb 2ozs, they were tired and struggling a bit, so I told them both to follow me, we drove off and found a suitable parking spot, I then escorted them to a chosen swim, cast over there I told them and good luck as I went on my way, now the sad part is poor old Adrian blanked, but Steve called me and said that it was one of the most memorable fishing session that he has had for years, his first fish was a PB Chub of 4lb 10ozs, but that was only the start, his next Chub was a stunning fish and another PB of 6lb 10ozs.............WOW.................he followed that up with another Chub of 6lb 1ozs......well done Steve and congratulations, I won't tell the readers that you was fish with two broken reels, lost your lead in the grass and could not thread the line through your rod rings without messing it up........( missed the top eye ), still, it happens to all of us.

Steve Singleton and his 6lb 10oz Throop caught chub.

Well that's about it for now, we do need a lot of rain to bring up the levels, we have a forecast of some of the wet stuff this week. Please keep the reports coming in, even if you blank, we do like to know of any stories, you and phone me on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark your reports where it says SUBJECT, just write THROOP.


You can also contact the Throop Manager, Chris Allport for any river reports, his phone number is 07789408503.

 Many thanks for all your reports and photo's........we would like to wish you all a merry Xmas and a happy new year, there will not be any more reports until after Xmas, this is for reasons beyond our control, but my phone will still be on, and so will my computer, so keep the reports coming.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.







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