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Throop Fishery Report - 18th October 2011

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


I would like to start this report by pointing out a couple of facts.

Firstly, at the end of every report you will see the statement ‘Copyright © 2011 Davis Tackle’. I have had to point this out because quite a few of my reports have found their way into the Anglers Mail without permission. There are many reports that only myself knows about, and there is no way that apart from taking the facts from my reports would these catches be known. The Anglers Mail has been contacted and this problem has been pointed out. If anyone does wish to publish any information from these reports then please contact either myself or Davis Tackle to request permission.  

Now let’s get on with some reports.


I will start with the fabulous Mill Pool, as you saw on the last report, it was completely blocked with Duck Weed, but that is no longer the case, after a lot of work by the bailiffs removing some sunken trees on the outlet of the Mill, this has now opened up the Pool, and it is now fish-able.

You can see by the photo on just how blocked it was, this is one of our Bailiffs, Sal, who drew the short straw and had to wade through the stinking silt, well done Sal.

Sal up to his armpits in the silt of the Mill Pool

 Dave Fallen was recommended to fish a swim by myself and blanked, so not giving up he went on a walking spree, fishing from one beat to another, and this certainly paid off, after catching plenty of Perch and Roach, he was almost happy, I said almost because he contacted with a rather special Chub, it was a monster fish of 7lb... Well done Dave, thanks for the report, especially after I put you in a naff swim.


The 7lb chub landed by Dave Fallen

 As I reported the other week, the Barbel have been making a show at last, so apart from a couple of days during the cold snap, good old whiskers have been making a show, and have come out to play. I fished the same swim that Dave Fallen blanked in, I had two Barbel, one of 4lb, one of 5lb, plus a Chub of 3lb and a very welcome Roach of 1lb, so I was very pleased to see these smaller Barbel making a show, although it would have been better if the Barbel had been doubles.


And now for something very special, two local anglers have reported two monster Barbel, the first was caught by Adam Mappley, this fish was caught at last knockings in August, and weighed in at a massive 16lb 1oz.                                                    

Adam Mappley with a plump 16lb 1oz barbel

The second of the reported monsters was by 16 year old Ricky Middleton, who is Adam's fishing partner, his fish weighed in at 15lb 8ozs, well done lads, and two PB's.......................


Ricky Middleton with a lovely 15lb 8oz barbel.

 Adam also managed a Chub of 4lb during the same session.


Adam Mappley with a bonus 4lb Chub


Bob Pamplin was back on Throop for the first time after a 30 year absence, and he had a great day and enjoyed himself, so after catching a load of Dace and a Perch of 2lb 4ozs he has promised to be back, and not wait so long. Keith Little was back on the banks for his two week fishing trip, and he kicked of today with a nice bag of fish, one Bream of 6lb and five Chub with the weights as follows, 4lb 5ozs, 4lb 7ozs, 4lb 15ozs, 5lb 3ozs, and 5lb 15ozs, so that is a good start, well done Keith.


Now I know I have a few Harrison rods, but that is no excuse for calling Robin the same as my rods, I mean it could have been Shimano or Daiwa, but no, my apologies to ROBIN  HAMILTON, well that's cleared that up, and to report a couple of Chub that Robin captured in a weekends fishing, one was a baby of 2lb 8oz and one of 4lb 11oz.


Sunday the 9th of October saw Keith Little save his blank for the day by landing a Barbel of 7lb 7ozs, and also on the same day a nice double figure fish was landed by an unknown angler weighing in at 11lb 8oz. Gareth from Salisbury was on his very visit to Throop and was rewarded with a PB, a nice Chub of 6lb 2ozs, well done mate, and congratulations.

 Three fishing buddies were at Throop; one angler was on a mission and failed whilst the other two went home with a smile on their faces. So first up was Conrad Farlow from Sheffield whose challenge was to catch a Barbel from as many rivers as he could, so far he has caught Barbel on 36 different rivers, but unfortunately they eluded him on his visit to Throop, so despite landing three Chub to 5lb 15ozs, Mr Whiskers was in hiding, but he will be back. Lee Sinfield from St. Albans, also failed to catch a Barbel, but he was rewarded with a monster Chub of 7lb 14ozs, hopefully a photo may follow. And last but not least we have another Richard Walker, this lad is from Nottingham, and this Richard caught a nice Barbel of 11lb 10ozs.

Well done lads two good catches out of three ain't bad.

Richard Walker with a nice barbel weighing 11lb 10oz, taken at last knockings.


Now talking about Richard Walker, yes we have two of them, one is older than the other, the photo above of the Barbel of 11lb 10ozs is the younger one, so I will show you what the older Mr Walker looks like, he is the one with the knotted hanky, and the other trendy looking dude is his mate Bob.


Richard-Walker-knotted-hanky Bob with trendy head gear


On Monday 10th October, Keith Little had a couple of fish, a 6lb Bream, followed by a Chub of 5lb 4ozs.

Tuesday and it was the turn of Plasterman, Alan Paget, who landed one Bream, followed by a Chub of 5lb and topped off by a Barbel of 11lb 8ozs. Keith Little was again into some fish; I joined him on the bank, just as a spectator and was on hand to photograph one of them, so his tally was....................

Chub 2lb, 4lb, 5lb 9ozs, 5lb 10ozs, 6lb 4ozs, plus a Bream that he managed to unhook in the water by staring it out, and a Barbel of 7lb 3ozs. 

Keith Little with the best of his days catch, a 6lb 4oz Chub


Wednesday and it was Bailiff Sid Johnson who went home happy after landing a Barbel of  10lb 4ozs on last knockings, well done Sid.


Thursday and an old mate came down from Essex, so a very delighted Shaun Hicton managed to land a Throop Barbel of 6lb and a Chub, so along with myself and Tina plus four of the seven lads that made the trip, we all ended up at The Iford for a pint and a meal, it was nice to see you again after so many years, I hope I got the spelling right......Shaun or Sean...........let’s wait and see. Andy Wyatt never seems to blank however tough the conditions, so on a tough day he managed to land two Bream and two Chub, both Chub were over 5lb.


Friday was a day when we never saw any Barbel, so it was the Chub that once again dominated the day, with a few coming out along the river with Keith Little once again taking two fish to 6lb 5oz.


Saturday was a nightmare, cold water, bright sky and a very bright moon, lots of angler having a fish-less day, and it was Keith Little who once again saved a blank by landing a small Chub and a Pike, which was one of those veggie Pike.


Sunday and the weather has slightly got a bit warmer, so a few fish were caught, but despite a few anglers on the bank, I was unable to get out, but a phone call from Keith Little gave me a fish catch for my report, one Bream of 6lb, three Chub, 4lb 7ozs, 4lb 9ozs, 5lb 4ozs and a Barbel of 6lb 12ozs, many thanks mate.

 So that brings me to Monday 17th October, and again I am unable to get onto the river bank, but I have got a few reports, the first is from an unknown angler who has landed a Barbel of 10lb 2ozs, and of course it was Keith Little who has not yet blanked, and today he has landed a splendid Barbel of 11lb 6ozs. And a surprise for Sid Thomson with a fish of 17lb not a Barbel, it was a lovely Common Carp, well done lads.

 Bear in mind that the weed is now dying off, and with a bit of luck, we may see a drop of rain.

Many thanks to all of you that have sent me your reports and photos.

If you would like any river condition, phone Throop Manager Chris Allport on 07789408503.

For any catch reports, call me on 07740777667 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark your reports THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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