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Throop Fishery Report - 27th September 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


I suppose you have all been clicking onto the web and looking for the Throop report, no I have not been ill, or have I been on holiday, the fact is I have only had a few reports sent to me, the reason can only be the lack of anglers on the banks, and let me tell you that I have never seen the river bank so deserted, all the footpaths are growing over in an alarming rate despite the fact that they have been cut quite a few times.

I have had reports from tackle dealers saying that the sale of day tickets have been down and some of the anglers have returned to the shop moaning that there was too much weed in the river and not enough water, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about the water levels, that is in the hands of the gods, most of the rivers around the country are suffering from the same fate, in fact my mate Dave Archer has just come back from the River Teme at Worcester and he was gob smacked when he first saw the river, it was the lowest he has ever seen, but he was there for a five day trip and had to get on with things, so with a bit of hard work and a change of tactics, he had to make do with a limited amount of swims, the result was nine Barbel from six to eight pounds, so that is what you have to do on Throop, change your tactics and have a go, the good news is that the Barbel are now showing and anglers are returning to the river bank.


Whilst we are talking about weed, I will continue about the amount of Duck Weed that is covering the Mill Pool, local people have been telling me that they have lived in the village for over 30 years and have never seen it like that before, again the problem has been the lack of water, this coincides with some work that is in hand with the E.A., they are going to increase the amount of water that flows into the pool, this is going to be done by lowering the plates on the hatches, this problem arose after the refurbishment of the hatches, the good news is the Duck Weed is turning brown and is beginning to break up, so with a bit of luck, let’s hope that our fabulous Mill Pool can once again be fished, so basically, this is the only part of the fishery that can't be fished at the moment.


Throop Mill Pool Throop Mill Pool from a different angle


Many people talk of the wonderful wildlife that can be seen at Throop, there are many species of birds along with the siting’s of Deer, but this one I love, it’s a Bee that landed very close to where my wife, Tina was fishing, so with her camera at hand, she took this stunning picture..............well done.


A great photo of a bee quietly going about its business taken by Brians boss, Tina


Now let’s get on with what has been caught at Throop. First up we have a report in by Sean Dent, if you can remember he always sends me a menu of what food he has for his days fishing, so let’s see his menu before we disclose what he has caught, Two rounds of smoked ham with cheddar cheese on white bread, two Waggon Wheels, one apple and one orange, washed down with a flask of strong tea, and after all this lot, he went home hungry.


Just in case you wondered what a sandwich looks like!


So here is Sean's catch, a gudgeon that screamed off with his 10mm pellet. Six Perch all around the 1lb 8oz mark, he also saw a very large Perch that he estimated to be about 4lb, try to grab his small Chub that he was playing in. Sean also managed to land two Pike, one was 6lb 6ozs and the biggest weighed in at 10lb 2ozs, well done Sean, thanks for your report.




On my last report I mentioned Richard Walker, who was fishing on Throop and he was struggling for a  fish, well after I gave him a good talking to and sending him off to fish a decent swim, he took my advice and parked where he did not have to walk miles, so arriving at his swim feeling refreshed, it was his landing net that was doing all the work, although his previous best Chub was a monster of 7lb 2ozs, he landed a cracking fish of 6lb 9ozs, along with a Bream and a surprise Carp of 9/10lbs, well done Dick, you have lived up to your name, and many thanks for your very welcomed report.


Craig Wood had one of his usual after work sessions and landed a Chub of 4lb and a Barbel of 8lb 8ozs, well done mate.


You remember the last report when Alan Paget forgot to remove that plaster from his chin when the photo was being taken and I gave him some STICK, well

PLASTER MAN has again had some great success, this time without the plaster, two nice Barbel, the first a fish of 7lb, followed by a stunning double of 12lb6ozs,

Well done mate, a great catch, "stick at it".


I have a couple of photo's to show you, they are of John Rushton, he is one of our bailiffs, and he is a true traditionalist angler and a great bloke.


John Rushton at work on Throop


Another picture of John entitled "Kayto goes fishing"


Bristol angling ace and angling coach, Kenny Parsons had a couple of days fishing on Throop in the most appalling conditions, it was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing down, I met up with Kenny as I was tidying up one of the swims, I could not believe he was going to fish in such nasty conditions, so being the only angler on the fishery that day, he managed to wet a line and take a few Chub to 4lb plus a Bream of 6lb 3ozs, well done mate, and nice to meet you again.


Throop regular Kenny Parsons and a 6lb 3oz Bream


Mike Trowbridge was stalking the river and managed a Chub of 6lb 1oz, well done Mike.


One unknown angler has reported that he caught 16 Chub in one day on Slugs, well done mate........on picking them up.   AAAGH.


Local Barbel fanatic Brian James was again on the banks with his trusty centre pin reel, his passion for Barbel is second to none, he would rather catch a 2lb Barbel than a 7lb Chub, his very words to me, so today he managed to land a nice Barbel of 7lb, but it was the next day when all the action started, being pestered by four fighting swans, he decided to move, his second choice swim was occupied, so he moved on to his third choice swim, and what a good choice that turned out to be, along with a Barbel of 8lb, he landed a cracking double figure fish weighing in at 13lb 4ozs, so a big thank you goes out to the fighting swans and the angler that occupied his second choice swim, well done mate, and well deserved.


Another report from PLASTERMAN, two Chub to 6lb plus a Bream, well done Alan Paget. Sam was fishing with his dad and landed a Chub of 6lb 2ozs, nice one Sam, I bet you beat your dad. Roy Prout from Kent who was fishing with his son Robert landed a nice Chub of 5lb 4oz, well done Roy; it was nice to meet you and Robert.


Rick Willson has again beaten me in my quest for a Barbel by landing two from the swim we were sharing, whilst I remained biteless he landed a fish of 6lb and then one a bit bigger at 7lb 8ozs, mind you, I did net it beautifully, well done son.

Rick Willson with his second barbe of the session weighing 7lb 8oz


Dave Fallen from Market Harborough in Leicestershire chose to fish one of the new Throop swims and was rewarded with a PB Chub of 7lb, well done Dave that was well worth the long journey.


Last but not least we have Robin Harrison, who the day previous had spent some fishing time with Bailiff John Rushton, but today was Throop day, I said that I would meet up with him on the river bank, I advised him to fish a certain swim, when I met up with him, he had already pulled out of a fish, then OH DEAR, whilst I was watching, look what he caught from my chosen swim.


Minnow Man


Yes it was a minnow, at least he had not blanked, but then just has I walked away, he landed a nice Barbel of 5lb 14ozs.


Robin Harrison and a 5lb 14oz barbel


Do you prefer Robin with or without his hat?


Robin went on to catch a couple of Chub, the best weighing in at 5lb 10ozs, well done Robin.


And now for the BEST report of all........................................................................

Well done to Bailiff Steve New, who bravely saved the life of man who had fallen into the river, this chap had been in the water for a period of time, when a report came in to Steve who acted swiftly, well done Steve, I am very proud to know you and proud of you.


So there you have it, I managed to scrape up a few reports, some of them were a few weeks old, but some were from yesterday.

It is nice to see the weed turning brown in colour and very slowly dispersing, most of the silk weed has gone, and good riddance to that, over the past couple of days it is nice to see the anglers returning to the river back, perhaps they have done all their decorating and household chores, thank goodness.


If you need any river reports you can phone fishery manager CHRIS ALLPORT on 07789408503.


Or you can phone me with your reports on 07740777967, or e-mail me at hutch29@btinternet .com please put the subject THROOP.


Many thanks to you all that have sent me your reports and stories.............................


For up to date river levels click on the link.








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