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Throop Fishery Report - 4h. September 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


To start on a sad note, an angler by the name of  Phil Lambert has passed away, Phil was unknown to myself and a few of my contacts, this information was passed to me by Nigel Gray at Davis Tackle, to all who knew him, please accept the condolences from all of us in the angling world and beyond.....RIP..................


The work at Glen's Weir is now complete, and many thanks to the EA for the splendid work that has been carried out, this area looks really good and is worth a visit, the new fence has been erected to stop the cattle from entering the river at this point, a gate has been installed to keep the cattle out, as rule of the countryside please keep all gates secured.

A far bank view of Glen's Weir The new fence in all its glory


Last week I reported the capture of some fish by Tony Riley from Cornwall, I promised you some photos, and here they are.

Tony with a Perch of 1lb 5ozs.

                                                       Tony Riley with his 1lb 5oz Perch

Tony with his first ever Throop Barbel weighing in at 6lb 12ozs.

Tony Riley's first ever Throop barbel which weighed 6lb 12oz.

And last but not least a new PB for Tony with a Barbel of 12lb 1oz, well done and congratulations.

Tony Riley with a smashing new PB barbel weighing 12lb 1oz

Tony also had a two Chub, one of 4lb 1oz and one of 4lb 7ozs, plus a gudgeon a Perch and a couple of eels, this catch was taken on his three day break


Richard Brown travelled from Southampton to Throop for his usual break from work and was rewarded with a Chub of 3lb 8ozs plus the peace and quiet of our wonderful fishery in beautiful surroundings, and the pleasure to view many hard to catch fish seen swimming over the gravel.


Local angler Alan Paget was again on the banks of Throop, his first fish was a Chub of 5lb, then just to be clever he decided to catch a fish of 12lb, but NO it was not a Barbel, it was known other than a Carp called Fred.

Alan Paget with a fantastic looking 12lb 8oz common carp showing just what living river does to them!

Have you noticed that Alan has got a plaster on his chin, we don't know if Fred bit him when he was landing it, or was he covering a love bite ( sorry Wendy ), but he could have removed it for the photo.

Elastoplast Advert


Let’s stick with Alan for a while (stick....get it.) myself along with the rest of the bailiffs were passing on the opposite bank on another day, in fact it was Tuesday, I called across to Alan who was fishing, I asked him how he was getting on, he replied that he had lost an unseen Barbel, I replied that it could have been another Carp and it will not be long before he is down the tackle shop buying electronic alarms, we all continued upstream to carry out bank-side maintenance, when we returned we spoke to Alan again who had just landed a Chub of 6lb 5ozs, later on in the day his tally rose to another two Chub, one of 5lb 8ozs and the other of 6lb 3ozs, and GUESS WHAT !...................................another Carp came to his net weighing in at 15lb 8ozs............well done CARPY ALAN.


Bailiff Sid Johnson took his second Barbel of the season with a nice fish of 7lb 8ozs, and managed to land it without breaking his landing net, which he normally does.


It seems as though the bailiffs have not got anything better to do but go fishing, so it's the turn of bailiff Norman Marshall who landed a well rewarded Barbel of 5lb, this is Normans first Throop Barbel of the season, it makes a change to see Norman relaxing with his rod in his hand (no don't even think that) he is normally seen strimming the banks at Throop, well done Norman, and many thanks for the Murray mints.

murray mints, murray mints - too good to hurry mints


Bailiff Peter Hilken was fishing with his little boy, well OK he his now grown up, but he is still Peter's little lad, his name is Paul and here he is with a Throop Pike of 

11lb 8ozs, well done Paul.

Paul Hilken and an 11lb 8oz Throop pike

Andy Clarke fishes Throop twice a month, Andy is from North Devon, but owns a holiday home locally, so on bank holiday Monday it was Andy that captured a lovely Chub of 6lb 7ozs, well done mate, nice fish.

Andy Clarke with his new PB Chub at 6lb 7oz


Rick Willson has again landed a nice double figure Barbel, this beauty weighed in at 12lb 3ozs, and I was on hand to witness and photograph the fish, along with visiting angler John Goddard.

Rick  Willson and a cracking 12lb 3oz barbel

Anther shot of Rick and his barbel


I don't know if Andy Jackson has been watching our Bailiff Sid Johnson, but after landing three Chub to 6lb, he broke his landing net handle.



Alex and Mike drove up from Brighton for one of their regular visits, whilst poor old Alex could only manage an eel, it was Mike that took the honours of the day with a nice Chub of 6lb 4ozs.............( nice drive home Alex )


Rick Willson had a late session on Saturday and landed five Chub to 5lb 8ozs, well done son.


And last but not least, I met up with two great characters on Thursday, one of them, who was Bob Searle had landed four Chub to 4lb on Monday, now these two lads, or should I say eighty year olds, were staying in B&B and were fishing for the whole week, and it was Bob's fishing partner who had not had a bite from Monday to Thursday evening, it was at this point that I told him that it was not good enough, he has a name and reputation to keep, oh yes I forgot to mention his name, it's Richard Walker........yes Dick let’s hope his last few days were a success.

Richard-Walker Dick-Walker


With the water still very low and lot of weed still in the river, the banks have been empty, the footpaths have again had to be strimmed again because of the lack of foot traffic, but for those that are wondering if it's worth a trip to Throop, the answer is yes, there are still plenty of nice fish to be seen and caught, the Roach are still to be seen in nice sized shoals, along with plenty of Chub, and as you can see, some nice Barbel have been caught.

My reports have not been on a regular weekly basis because of the lack of anglers and reports, but once the river begins to rise and the weed starts to die off, we will once again be one of the best Chub Rivers in the country.

We are looking forward to see how Glen's Weir reacts when the waters rise, many thanks to all of you that sent me your reports and photo's, and good luck to you all for your fishing in the coming months.


For any River reports please phone Throop manager Chris Allport on 07789408503.

For any catch reports or stories, phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and please mark your reports THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.








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