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Throop Fishery Report - 23rd August 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Once again the events of the last week has dominated the fishery, so let me start by offering our condolences to Emma and the family of Jon Egging who was tragically killed when his Red Arrow aircraft crashed onto Beat One of the fishery after his display with the Red Arrows Team at Bournemouth on Saturday. RIP.

Jon Egging


So up until the time of writing, Beat One of the fishery has been closed, this part of the fishery is very weedy and very little fishing is done there at this time of the year, I spoke to the R.A.F security and the E.A. that were in attendance and apart from a couple of trees that had to be removed, there was no spillage into the river, and it will be reopened very soon.


Well it seems that the barbel are beginning to feel a bit peckish and they are venturing out to have a snack or two, our old mate Luke "GaGa" has managed to land a nice Barbel from a brand new swim on last knockings, his fish weighed in at 7lb 1oz, and was the last cast of the session, he did leave his weigh sling on the bank and had me running about all over the fishery trying to find it, but then informed me that his mate had already found it just before I arrived on the scene, cheers.

Luke with a 7lb 1oz barbel taken at last knockings from a rarely fished area of Throop

Another nice little Barbel was caught by Robin, who travels up from London to do a spot of river fishing, it weighed in at 6lb 10ozs, well done Robin. By the way, Robin sells and repairs violins, so if anyone wants to buy a violin, Robin is your man.

For those who are unsure what a violin is, this picture has been provided as a means of identification.

Now here is a story that will bring tears to your eyes..................................


Dave McGonigal, decided to clear a nice swim, so after working his fingers to the bone, he stepped back to admire his achievement after his hard work, then in went some bait, there's nothing nicer than to pre-bait a swim, especially after all the hard work.............................


And now we have a message from an unknown angler...............THANK YOU VERY MUCH..............I have just landed a Barbel of 13lb 10ozs..............


Brian? What the hell???

Oh dear oh dear............................sorry Dave I just could not resist such a story.


There was a few Chub caught on all stretches of the river, ranging from a couple of pounds to fish in excess of 6lb, Alan Paget had a couple with the best fish at 6lb 8ozs. Chris Allport had a couple of Bream and a Barbel of about 4lb in a morning session, whilst Phil Nixon had some Dace, so it seems that the Throop manager has beaten the Avon manager on the day. Peter Kelly was very happy bunny when he phoned me with his catch of small Chub and a very welcomed Brown Trout, thanks Peter.


Tony Riley has again made the trip to Throop from Cornwall, and once again he never brought with him some of those scrumptious Cornish Pasties, but he did remember to bring his brolly this time, I don't know if you can remember that last time he had forgotten it and got a right soaking, so a delighted Tony has caught his first Throop Barbel of the season, a nice little fish of 6lb 12ozs, there should be a photo to follow, in the's a picture.

And now, for those unsure exactly what a cornish pasty looks like....

And the great news is a new PB for Tony......a Barbel of 12lb 1oz, well done mate and congratulations, both photos are to follow and will be put on the report next week.


And now for some big stuff, and that was the flash floods that hit the region, well I must say that a lot of us were praying for rain, and we were very thankful, but next time can we have it a bit at a time and not all in one go, the whole town got well soaked, the river came up very quickly, and it was a nice sight to see some water in the river, most of the duck weed has now gone, that is all except the Mill Pool, which I'm sure will disappear in time, but I'm afraid to say is unfishable at the moment, so if you are a Mill Pool angler, you are more than welcome to rake off some of the green stuff.

Two cars that were stranded in Bournemouth during the recent flash floods.

It was Tina's birthday on Thursday, and you can't get much bigger than that, so that evening was celebration time, and it was a great success, many thanks for all the happy birthdays that were sent to her.

Birthday girl Tina with her PB barbel weighing 13lb 5oz (and caught from the Royalty Brian!)


Staying on with my Tina, she joined me for a small social couple of hours on the river, I had a couple of Dace, she then stole my rod, caught three Dace and a Chub of 4lb, then said her goodbyes and vanished as quick as she arrived, I caught nothing after that, just as bad as Dave's swim clearing.


Let’s stay with some big stuff, and one very small little stuff.............


Here is Bailiff Steve New with a cracking Barbel of 12lb 10ozs, great fish Steve.


Steve New with a wonderful 12lb 10oz barbel.

Another couple of photos are of a before and after, the first is Steve Taylor with a scruffy unshaven face and a nice Barbel of 11lb 7ozs.

"Scruffy Steve" with his 11lb 7oz barbel.

And this is what Steve looks like after he has scrapped his face............WHAT DO YOU PREFER? ........ Steve with a Barbel of 9lb+

Clean shaven this time, Steve with a 9lb barbel..

And here is what I reckon is one of the best photos of the season so far, it's great barbel caught by Steve New's son, Fraser, caught on the feeder.

I love to see pictures of small barbel coming through, always brings a smle to my face.

Sean Dent had a nice bag of Chub and Roach, plus some Dace and a Perch of 2lb 3ozs, but was unlucky to lose a decent size Chub and a Barbel. One or two Pike have been caught; I was on hand to net a fish for one of our visitors that weighed about 10lb. The work at Glens Weir is now finished, a fence has been erected and a gate installed, please keep this gate closed, the fence has been installed to keep the cattle from entering the river at this point.


The river is now looking very good, there is still a lot of weed, but this should disappear in about 40 years, only joking, so let’s get fishing and catch a few, and send me a few reports, it has been hard work over the last few weeks what with one thing and another, and of course if no one is fishing, it’s hard for my reports, so at this point I would like to thank you all for your e-mails and phone calls.


For any River conditions, please phone Throop Manager Chris Allport on 07789408503.

For your catch reports please phone me on 07740777967, or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   please mark your e-mails Throop.

Good luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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