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Throop Fishery Report - 14th August 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.
Yes I know we have missed a week, and it's the same old story, spot the angler, it seems that most of the rivers are having the same problem, not many anglers on the banks, and that is all down to the fact that we have got a heavy weed growth and a lack of rain, and no I am not going to suggest that our anglers are under the thumb and are not allowed out.
I have been out and about doing a bit of fishing, I have had some nice bags of perch at Longham, a nice barbel of 11lb 12oz and one a bit smaller at 8lb 8oz, plus a bream of about 5/6lb from the Royalty, yes I know that this is the Throop report, but being a Throop bailiff, I thought that I might be forgiven and get away with it, plus the fact that I am bragging, but saying that, I have been taking some nice Roach up to 1.5lb, from Throop.
So the report this week will once again be a bit topsy turvy, and what I mean by that is the catch reports that I have managed to obtain may have been this week or the week before, so before I get myself confused and in a muddle, lets get on with it.
Let me start by saying a big thank you to Jim Allan, who is the Fisheries Technical Officer with the E.A. , Jim has worked very hard for our causes here at Throop, he charts and logs all the reported barbel catches, and makes charts on weights of fish, so just as a small point of interest, 103 Barbel were reported caught in the season 2009-2010, and in the season of 2010-2011 the amount went up to 151, so when you bear in mind that these were just the fish that were reported, and I am sure that there were many more that went unreported, so you can see how nice it would be if more people were to report their catches.
Now we move on to the work he has achieved at Glens Weir, with the aid of his working staff and 750 ton of Portland Stone, the bank side defences are just about finished, there are just a few minor jobs to be done on the river bank on the Bournemouth side, you will also notice the addition to two stone groynes that have been put in place to help the spawning fish of the future, one is just upstream of the weir, and the other is just below. Here are some photo's of the almost finished job, please bear in mind that when the water rises it will look different again, from all of us at RDAA. many thanks.
Glen1 Glen2
Glen3 Glen4
So to finish off, some fence is to be installed on the Bournemouth side, this is to stop the cattle from entering the river, and before you all get into a panic, a gate will also be installed so you can all have a paddle.
Now on to some fish catches, and in no particular order we have a catch from Eddy Widdup, now i just don't know how he could fish with a rod in one hand and a calculator in the other, so what happened ?..........200 Dace, that's what happened, well done Eddy, i bet your arms aching.
Gary was fishing for roach, and once again they obliged by falling for his bait. Sid Johnson landed a 4lb chub on last knockings to save a blank, and I was on hand to net his fish, but the next night I was not there to do the honours, but a highly delighted Sid landed his first barbel of the season, but this was slightly overshadowed by a set of scales with duff batteries and another broken landing net, which collapsed when landing what looked like a good double figure fish, but well done on your achievement.
Mark Moss is new to Throop, but his first session resulted in a nice barbel of 10lb 2ozs.
 Mark Moss with his first Throop barbel weighing 10lb 2oz
Mark was back on the bank again a few days later, and's a PB.
Mark Moss with a fabulous new PB chub which went 7lb 8oz..
And this time it's a BIG chub, a monster at 7lb8ozs, well done Mark and congratulations. This beats his pervious PB of 6lb5ozs.....
Kevin Doe had a nice five chub catch with fish to 5lb, well done Kevin, and thanks for the photo and report. Kevin is a new member and goes under the name of  "Poacher" on the RDAA website
Kevin Doe and his best chub of the session at 5lb. 
Now we move on to Luke "GaGa" who had 4 sessions on Throop resulting in one blank, and quite a few nice catches.
Session one...............Two chub, the best weighing in at 6lb 1oz, and a nice roach which weighed 1lb 6oz.
Luke with a nice chub weighing 6lb 1oz A nice 1lb 6oz roach landed by Luke.
Session two.........Luke blanked, but his fishing buddy, Leigh Stills had five chub to about 4lb, well done Leigh.
Session three.......Luke had one chub that weighed in at 5lb14oz.
Luke with a 5lb 14oz chub 
Session four......Luke had two chub to 3lb8ozs plus a dace on a boillie, well done Luke many thanks for the reports and photo's, you can have a lay down now after all that work.
Richard Brown, contacted me, and i gave him some info on the whereabouts of some good roach..............SORRY mate my info was a bit on the naff side or the fish had moved off, so after unable to get through the bleak, he moved upstream and landed a Bream of about 4/5lb, time to move again, this time further downstream, and managed to contact a roach, but alas it was crunched by a pike, but the good news wbs that Richard landed the pike which weighed 6lb.
At last a barbel has been caught, it must have got fed up with hanging about under the weed, and it made a grab at a piece of bait that was dangled on the end of some line owned by manager Chris Allport, who netted the fish which weighed in at 4lb, well done mate.
Kevin had a nice session, fishing from 11.0am to2.00pm, he landed five Chub to 5lb, well done Kevin, i just love those short fishing sessions with plenty of fish.
On the RDAA website, I asked for anyone that may have had any fishing stories with their dads, and this one came in which I thought was brilliant. It started in the mid fifties, with Gary's dad, who spinning in the Mill Pool, when a Salmon of 15lb+ took his spoon, but it was caught a day before the salmon season, so the salmon had to be returned to the water, his was fishing for pike, thanks for a great photo.
Gary's Dad with the salmon mentioned in this report.
I would like to say hello to Peter and Jo who i met on the river bank, Peter was involved in "THE GREAT ESCAPE", lucky for him, the eel that he just captured fell off just as i was going to take a photo, lucky boy.
Great Escape
Last but not least, i must mention the lad that sat watching me fishing the other week, if he had stayed a bit longer he would have seen me capture a nice barbel, but all he kept talking about was the nurse that was featured in one of my reports the other week, i had questions galore, i am sure he wanted to take her out, he was obsessed, so just for you here is a very pretty Asian Nurse for you to dream of.
Are you sure Brian? :-)
So there you have it, after some very hard work in putting this report together, i am now relying all you anglers to go out catching loads of fish and taking many photo's despite the conditions, and sending them to me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and mark them, subject THROOP, or phone me on 07740777967.
If you need any river conditions you can also phone manager CHRIS ALLPORT on 07789408503.
Many thanks to you all for your contributions.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

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