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Throop Fishery Report - 31st. July 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle website. 

Let me start this week by bringing to the attention of many anglers who are disappointed at the amount of weed that is in the Stour at Throop, we should all know that this is due to the weather conditions and the lack of rain, at the moment the water is very low indeed, if an excessive amount of weed is cut, then the water level would drop even further and conditions would be worse.

Did you know that Chris Allport and bailiff Sal work very hard keeping small area's open and under control, they should be applauded on the amount of work that they do, if anyone has a set of chest waders and would like to offer their services, I am sure that Chris would welcome the offer, I would also like to point out that if you require any information, then again contact Chris Allport and he will tell you all the legal requirements.


I would also like to say a big thank you to another couple of Bailiffs, that is Peter and Norman who have worked tirelessly cutting the footpaths from Boulder Weir to Blackwater, that's the road bridge on the A338, they have cut both sides many times due to the lack of foot traffic, and take it from me that is one hell of a long walk.

There have been three new footbridges that have been installed, along with a lot of under cutting of overhanging trees, so believe me, one hell of a lot of work has been done on the fishery, and all this has been achieved with a small amount of gallant volunteers, and to all of those we thank very much.

One good thing about the amount of weed with very low water levels is the cover it gives to our prize possession, our fish, and how nice it is to see so many good Roach darting in and out of its cover.


I would like to inform you all that Glen's Weir is to be repaired by the E.A, starting on Monday, so there will be a bit of disruption for about a week, but it will be very worthwhile, I am sure that you can remember the floods that destroyed the banks and footpath, so we will look forward for the lads to put things right.


If you can remember quite a few reports ago, I mentioned the visit of the Portsmouth boys who we called The Three Musketeers, well they are back.....

The Three Musketeers dreased ready to go into action on the banks of Throop

They are Alister, Gavin 1, and Gavin 2, on this trip they tried in vain to temp the many Chub that were seen swimming about over their baits refusing to take the one with the hook in it, so as the saying goes..........."ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL" and that is exactly what happened, one fish caught for all of them to share, and it went to the rod of Gavin Mallaby, a beautiful Barbel of  9lb 2oz, well done mate, and unlucky the other two.

                                                                                   Gavin Mallaby saved the day with this 9lb 2oz barbel

Because of the low water, the river banks have been empty, not many anglers are venturing out, but for those that have, some have gone away delighted, one of those that chose to give it a go was Phil from Poole, who landed a very nice couple of fish, one was a Barbel of 5lb 7oz and the other was a Chub of 5lb, well done mate, that was worthwhile.


On Tuesday our old mate and Throop regular Alan Paget was again catching some fish, Alan caught 5/6 Chub and a Barbel of about 7lb, well done Alan.


Paul Martin decided to take his partners daughter Alexis for a spot of fishing for a few hours, the target was to try and get Lexy her very first Pike, now knowing Paul as we do, we new that he would achieve his challenge, and we was right, young Lexy did catch her very first pike, and here is a picture of Paul and Lexy with her very first toothy critter, well done Lexy.

Lexy proudly shows her first ever pike. (Is that another badge needed PJ?) 

Luke "GaGa" was out and about and could only manage I small eel, whilst his fishing partner for the evening, Kev Hewitson had a mixed bag of Roach, Perch, Bream and some quality Dace on the pole.Eddy Widdup was also wandering about in a bit of a daze, the thing is, Eddy's wife has been away, and Eddy has just not been eating properly, he has been living on junk food, and it's not good for the brain, in fact he has been seen on a number of occasions hanging about outside junk shops.

Eddy's Kitchen...

So after trying to tempt a Salmon of about 8lb on a bit of burger and failing miserably he then moved on to try for some proper fish after his sanity started to come back, and thank god it worked, two nice evening Chub came to the net, one of about 4lb and the other at 5lb.


I had a few hours fishing on a really nice evening, I tried hard to catch a monster fish from Glen's Weir, if I had succeeded it would have been nice to catch such a fine monster in the OLD weir, before it was renovated, but it was not to be, I prayed and swore and moaned, but all I could manage was one very small Chub,and I too had a very nice Salmon lying in the middle of my swim. So whilst Eddy was wandering round in a daze and I was praying and moaning, Mike Foss was upstream catching fish, Mike had a great catch, he landed a cracking Barbel of 8lb 2oz plus two nice Chub, one weighed in at 6lb 12oz whilst the other was approx 4lb, well done Mike.


George Cornwell had a few hours in search of the Throop specimen's, he was accompanied by Royalty regular Joe Stanley, well things did not go to well for Joe, he lost two nice Chub which gave him the hump.....................

Sign pointing to Joe's swim

I suppose it may have got worse when George landed a nice Chub of 6lb 6oz, well done George, then it was a walk back to the car from School Bridge to Blackwater, which is quite a trek, so tired and worn out Joe was taken back to the Royalty and dumped at the gate swim, anyway that cheered up Joe, as he landed a Barbel of just under 7lb, then it was a one minute walk back to his home for a good rest.


Throop manager Chris Allport spent 4 hours watching his rod tip, with not so much as a twitch, so he decided to change tactics and fish on the float, and what a great decision that was, on his fifth trot down, using 3 lb line and an 18 hook, he hooked and landed the best Barbel of the week, a fabulous specimen of 11lb 8oz, great stuff Chris, and well done. Fishing with Chris was his fishing partner and bailiff Dave Watkins, who also done very well, two snotty Bream, sorry Dave I was being sarkie.


Phil Nixon managed to catch a couple of Chub, but after searching out and seeing a few nice specimens, it was just two small Chub of about 3lb apiece that took the bait, still well done Phil, no blanks today.


Well I must say that I can't believe how empty the fishery is, but because of the low water then that is no surprise, just take a look at some of the photo's.

This is the first three photo's, it's of our Mill pool, this part of the fishery is around 12 feet deep at normal levels, and holds some fabulous fish, Tench, Roach, Carp, Perch, Pike, and Bream, and they all grow to specimen sizes.

a001 aoo2 a009


Here we have a couple more photo's, these are of the New Weir.

a003 a007


Now don't that look grim, so the Mill pool is unfishable, as is a lot of beat 1, but there are lots of places where an enjoyable day can be had, so it's not all doom and gloom, what you would need to do is to explore, as you can see from the small amounts of reports that I have had, some good fish are still being caught.


I would like to say hello to Darren from Ilfracombe, who was on a short break with his family, it was nice to meet you mate, and lets hope we meet up again sometime, and very good luck in the future.


If you would like any information on the river here at Throop, then just give the Throop manager, Chris Allport a ring on 07789408503.

For any catch reports call me on 07740777967, or you could e-mail me with your reports or photo's at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   please mark your e-mail's where it says subject with THROOP.


On a last note, when I walk the banks looking for anglers, they are so few and far between, I am now calling them the "SCARLET PIMPERNEL'S.

The Scarlet Pimpernel




Sorry guys, yes I know it's stupid, but I had to write something.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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