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Throop Fishery Report - 28th July 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.
Let me start with a couple of late reports, the first is from George Cornwall, remember that last week he landed a nice Barbel of 8lb 8ozs whilst he was on a call of nature, adjacent to his rod, well it was on his next cast that he hooked and landed a nice Chub of 6lb 7oz, he also landed a Roach of just under 2lb, well done George, I hope you washed your hands after all the action.
George Cornwall's 6lb 7oz chub
I also had a report in from Ryan, who helped land a nice Barbel of 12lb 10ozs, unfortunately, Ryan did not get the anglers name, but well done anyway.
This week has been a bit of mish mash with the days, by that I mean that the reports were a bit late going on to the Website due to Nigel going to the carp mecca known as Redmire Pool for his annual Gudgeon bash, he did catch fish, but I think that he was pestered by Carp, I had a spot of fishing on the Avon and a day on the Bridge Pool in Christchurch, watching record size Dace, yes, record size Dace! they were very happy taking my free offerings, i did catch quite a lot, but no records.

On Monday the 12th of July I had a couple of Roach to about 1lb 8oz plus a Chub of 4lb 7oz, as I reported last time there have been a lot of nice Roach showing throughout the stretch, a lot of these fish are around the 1lb 8oz mark, with a few at the magical 2lb, so once the water is up, and float fishing becomes more available I reckon we are going to have some nice catches, so fingers crossed lets hope the beautiful red fin are back in force. A Barbel of 6lb 8oz was also caught along with a couple of Bream, so it was nice to see a Barbel today.


Please remember that although a few nice fish have been caught, many anglers have gone away fishless, we have very low water at Throop at the moment and there is a lot of weed, a lot of work has been done making a few fishable places, but it would not be possible to lose a lot more weed due to the conditions, if all the weed was gone the water would also go with it, this would make a very depressing scene, but at least we know that our precious fish have some sanctuary, which can only be a good thing.


Can I point out that there have been a few anglers that are walking the banks without their permits, this practice must stop, the rule is there to protect members and their fishing tackle from undesirables, so if you have a permit, please take it with you or you will be asked to leave.


On Tuesday I took my Tina out for a couple of hours fishing and she caught one of those nice Roach.

Tina Willson shows Brian just how to catch the Throop roach.

Up and down the stretch there were one or two Chub caught along with some nice Bream and some Tench. Just to prove that there are some lovely Barbel lurking in amongst the weed, I have a great photo of Eddy Windup, sorry I mean Widdup, with a nice fish of 10lb 2oz.

A cracking picture of a happy Eddy Widdup holding a 10lb 2oz beauty.

Eddy also had some nice Chub in the same session but I somehow managed to lose the photo and report on my e-mail, still, well done Eddy.


Moving on to Wednesday, and again the Chub are showing in the small areas of gravel, a nice catch was reported by Mick Burbridge (sorry Mick, it’s either that or Burbidge) whatever it is mate, it's still Mick at the other end of the rod. Well it's a PB for Mick with a nice Chub of 6lb 9ozs.

A new PB for Mick Burbidge of 6lb 9oz

Along with the PB was two other Chub, one of 5lb 8oz and the other of 5lb.............well done Mick, and congratulations.


Also on the banks was new Bailiff Peter Hilken who landed a Chub of 5lb 12oz.

Peter Hilken seems pleased with this 5lb 12oz chub

On Thursday Peter Hilken is back again, this time landing a fish of 5lb 14oz, well done Peter, they are getting bigger.


Moving on to Friday the 15th, and again we see another 6lb Barbel landed, this I hope will keep us on our toes, perhaps at last they are going to come out of hiding and will start to feed. Keith Little has had a really well deserved days fishing landing 11 Chub to 5lb 13oz, Keith needs a bit of luck this week, forgetting to bring his waders and losing his brolly, along with a daily dose of bad luck.

Many thanks to Paul Martin, known to many as PJ, for his report and two great pictures, one is a Chub of 6lb 2oz and the other is a Chub of 6lb. Well done Paul.

PJ with his 6lb 2oz Chub Better by two ounces, PJ with another chub, this one going 6lb 4oz

Saturday and I met up with Nigel Maidment and his wife, who travelled from Wiltshire for a days fishing, but after a bit of a struggle, Nigel managed to catch two Chub that weighed about 4lb apiece. Avon manager Phil Nixon, had a Barbel of 7lb 10oz in the first 20 minutes, but only ended up with a netfull of Bream after that. Keith Little had 5 Chub......4lb 7oz......5lb 2oz.... 5lb 4oz.... 5lb 5oz and 5lb 13oz...Now doesn’t that seem strange, they were getting bigger one by one, it must have been his bait that he was feeding, another few hours and a few sixes may have been in sight.


I had just one fish, and that was a Chub of about 2lb, plus I lost what I think was an eel (good riddance) My son Rick had just one fish, which was taken on a roving and free line tactic, a nice Chub of 6lb.

Rick Willson with a chub of 6lbs that fell to freelined tactics

His nails are disgusting and need cutting.

Sunday and Rick has captured a Roach of two pounds, and what a shame, no picture.


So now it seems that we are catching up a bit, the days just seem to zip by, talking of zips, Keith Little is still having problems, this week saw him jam his zip on his fleece right to the top, and there he was unable to zip it down or up, and believe me, along with myself and Phil Nixon, we had a great laugh, this happened on a fruitless day on the Royalty.


It's amazing how nicknames are formed, Zippy Keith, or is it Jonah.


Peter Hilken kicked off the week with a Chub of 5lb, whilst Keith Little took a Throop Chub of the same size.


Now we come to Tuesday, and what was to be a great story that somewhat fizzled out, now this is a great shame, an angler landed the biggest Chub of the season so far, a massive fish of 7lb 14oz, so for this time of the year that is a monster, we have got the photo and report but unfortunately we will not be giving out any details for reasons beyond our control, and we are very sorry. Earlier in the year there was also a 7lb 2oz Chub landed, which makes two over seven reported this year.

This means that the Royalty boys will have a right job on their hands to beat this one.


Tony Riley decided to leave his Cornish Pasties behind back in Cornwall and spend 3 days on the rivers of Hampshire and Dorset, so fishing Throop on Thursday he landed 2 Chub, 4lb 2oz and 4lb 5oz plus two of the Barbel fishers favourite The Bream, and a bonus of an Eel.

A cornish pasty (no, I'n not really sure either!)

I had a Roach of about 8/12oz, whilst Jonah, I mean Keith Little also had a couple of Roach to 1lb 8oz plus a couple of Bream, so after not being able to contact one of our whiskered friends, an angler moved in directly opposite Keith, and guess what? one Barbel was landed of about 6lb, well done mate and unlucky Keith. Phil Nixon managed a Chub of about 4lb in the pouring rain, I just sat and watched all the action from beneath my brolly, and my god did it rain or what.


Dave Webley was fishing one of his slack parts of the river, either the Mill Pool or tail ends of the weirs, and landed two nice tench, one of 5lb 2oz and the other weighed in a bit smaller at 4lb 10oz, well done Dave boy.

Dave Webleys and a nice brace of Throop tench

On Friday, a few anglers were drying out their gear from the pounding they got yesterday, one of them was Tony Riley, who only took one small Chub, but at least he dried his gear out, many thanks for the chat Tony, and it was nice to meet you. Greg Turner was doing his rounds walking the bank with his roving tactics and managed a bag of Dace and Roach with the bonus of a 5lb 12oz, well done mate. The rest of us were struggling today, my Tina had an Eel whilst I had a Chub of about 3lb. Keith Little also struggled on his last day with us, but he did manage a Chub of 4lb 14oz, so he is off home tomorrow after a pretty disastrous week, but lets hope that when he returns later in the year, we will have a drop more water for him.


Now we move on to the one and only............Eddy Widdup, with his best Chub of the season so far a lovely fish of 6lb 5oz, and let’s be honest what a lovely photo.


A pleased looking Eddy Widdup with a 6lb 5oz Throop chub

I have been asked by Jim Allen of the EA to pass on the following information:-




Well as I said before, the report was a bit all over the place this week, but with the tough fishing conditions we just have to make the most of what we have got, and try to keep smiling.


If you require any river conditions, you can phone the Throop manager Chris Allport on 07789 408503 and take it from me he knows the river better than anyone.


For any catch reports that you want to share, phone me on 07740 777967 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it lets see all your great catches in a nice photo, please mark your e-mails where it says SUBJECT ..................Throop.


Many thanks to all of you that sent in your reports and photo's and good luck to you all for your future fishing.

                                                           photo thumbs up


For water levels at Throop, click on the link.........................


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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