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Throop Fishery Report - 8th July 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Many apologies for the delay, it's been a very strange couple of weeks, I was not on the fishery much, due to a whole load of breakdowns, one was my computer, then it was my cars and to top it all, it was my body, the computer is now up and running and so is my cars, and my body is limping along with the help of my nurse.

Brian's nurse who stepped in to mop his brow whilst Tina was away galavanting in Spain. Poor Brian... 

Or was it my nurse that was causing my body to go down hill. . . . . . ? All that now has to stop, now that Tina is back home from Spain...........proper food at last.


First of all, I must tell you the story of THE CURSE.

The Curse

It all started when my son Rick bought two Barbel rods, one was for himself and the other was for my birthday, now I was quite happy with my collection of Harrison's, but to be given a rod that is advertised as "The best barbel rod in the world or your money back", I had to give it a go, this very slim 11ft. rod that was 1.2lb looked a great Chub rod and who knows, it may even land a Barbel, so I put away all my favourite rods and was intent on using my present until I was satisfied that it could achieve the advertised claim. Well there I was on the rivers, both the Stour and the Avon, blank after blank after blank, and things are not looking too good, then bingo, I foul hooked a small pike and also landed a small Chub of about 2lb, well at least a tiny bend was put into the rod, in the meantime, Rick was still using his Hardy rods, I said these rods are cursed, I can't get a decent fish on them, and isn't it about time he used his new rod, at least we can double up our chances of hooking something decent.


At last, he took my advice a took his new rod from the bag..................The Curse has struck again, the top section was broken in half, and he has not yet had the pleasure of threading line through the rings, so this one is to be returned.

Rick's unexpectedly broken rod tip

My confidence is now waning, I am looking at this very slim rod, and I am thinking that it wont be long before I am reunited with my beloved Harrisons, but suddenly a trip to the Royalty brought the result that I had very patiently been waiting for, a Barbel at last, a stunning fish of 12lb 12oz, and the rod behaved very well indeed, so my confidence has been restored, and I am still using "The best Barbel rod in the world or your money back". The photo of the Barbel was in the last Royalty report.


Now lets get down to the very few reports that I have managed to acquire in my absence from the river bank.


First off is my old mate Andy Wyatt who captured 6 Chub and 3 Bream, no monsters but a fair few hours fishing, well done mate. Laurence was still at it catching his Bream on the pole, super fit Laurence could catch fish from the kitchen sink, you can learn watching these match boys in action, especially when they are taking fish over 6lb on 12 meter poles and over. Simon fished on a very quiet day and was rewarded with a Barbel of 6lb, so returning to the same swim the next day, he again captured a Barbel of 6lb plus some Chub, well done mate.


Mark Short and his wife Barbara gave the Royalty a rest and had a day out on Throop, and that resulted in a pleasant day with Mark catching 5 Chub in the 3/4lb bracket, whilst Barbara had 4 Bream to 6lb 1oz, well done to you both.


I would like to point out that the river here at Throop is very, very low, so it is not easy fishing at the moment, the best time will be when the sun is off the water, the weed is also very thick, but there are some very nice gravel patches, you will have to go in search of these, when you find them, don't over feed and be patient.


I met up with a lad who was fishing Throop for the first time, he had left his car up at Blackwater and had walked all the way down to School Bridge, after a ticket check, I noticed that he only had a small amount of hemp and some sweet corn, so being such a kind, and warm hearted bloke that don't smile much, I gave him some boilies and some pellets, and then I went on my way, I was fishing further downstream with my old fishing buddy and friend for many years Dave Archer from Essex, I put Dave in a swim that has not been fished at all this season, his first cast resulted in a Chub of 4lb 8oz, followed by another of 5lb 8oz, I also had a couple of fish, an eel and a Chub of about 2lb, but as the sun went down, the predators moved in and the river went quiet with no more bites, at this point the lad that I had met earlier who I gave the bait too, was on his way back to his car, he stopped for a chat and reported that he had caught a Chub of 4lb 8oz  plus a nice Barbel of 8lb, one was caught on pellet and the other was on a boilie, good luck and a job well done.


Another nice reported catch was 5 Chub and a 10lb 8oz Barbel all from the same shallow swim, well done mate, that proves that it can be done.

 Brian Willson displays a lovely Throop roach weighing 1lb 8oz

Just to prove that there are still some nice Roach in the river, this is a fish of about 1.5lb that I

And just to prove that I do sometimes smile (just a bit) here is my headless photo of a small Chub that I caught in the same session.


If Carlsberg made happy bailiffs...

Darren Bearwish phoned me for some river advice, but due to his work programme he had to fish this week, he fished my recommended swim and was rewarded with 4 Chub over 5lb, well done Darren and I am glad that you enjoyed your day. We will look forward to meeting up with Keith Little who is going to spend a few weeks with us, no doubt that our bailiff Sid will be his shadow for this period.

The infamous Little & Large

Well I did meet up with Keith, but things were not going to plan, after taking a Chub and a Roach early in the session, the bites dried up and no more fish was brought to the net. Myself and my son, Rick also managed a few hours, Rick remained bite- less the whole session, whilst I had a couple of small bites early on but when the sun went down the river seemed to shut down with it, there was no more bites and no fish were seen, not a ripple.


One lad that did take a nice Chub on the float, which weighed in at 5lb 14oz, a great way to catch fish, especially on a very low and weedy river.


Stuart Jupp popped down to Throop for one of his late sessions and did manage to catch a couple of fish, one was a Chub of about 3lb and the other was a nice little Barbel of 7lb 8oz, and again he too noticed how the river seemed to shut down after the sun had left the water, weird or what!


Alan Paget had a nice session, catching 4 Chub, they were not that big, but Alan was delighted in catching his first Throop Barbel of the season, which weighed in at 5lb, well done Alan.


I would like to remind all of you that are fishing on R.D.A.A waters, not to leave any valuables on show in your parked vehicles, after a couple of years trouble free we have had another incident, an angler left an umbrella on show in his parked car, this has cost him the loss of his brolly plus a few other bits and pieces, plus a broken side window and a broken door handle and a lot of aggravation at having it all fixed.


Sunday was a bit busy on the river bank for me, again it started clearing two bags of rubbish, then it was off to repair the locking mechanism on one of our gates, and then it was time to check some tickets and permits, today saw more day tickets than members, then it was off to one of the sections to stop two young people from putting their blow up dingy in the river, so after giving them some advice, I waited a few minutes before they left, but no they were off again onto a different stretch of river, again trying their luck, this time it was dealt with by new bailiff Sal, so after over 3 hours I was off for a barbecue, no fishing for me today.


There were just a few reports in for today, the first was from George Cornwall who was caught in the act of a call of nature, it just had to happen, most of us have had a bite when we have been looking the other way or having a coffee, but for George it was different............................

It's bad enough when you get a bite whilst pouring a cuppa!

Well done George, a nice Barbel of 8lb 8oz, call of nature completed and a nice photo, plus I may add a roach of just under 2lb, thanks for the laugh mate and your report.

Evening shadows on the grass and weed, dusk draws in and the barbel feed. George Cornwall with a lovely picture of his 8lb 8oz

I must say that it's great to see quite a  few Roach showing, I have seen many  shoals of these lovely red fins, from what I have seen, there have been just a couple of bigger fish in amongst lots of smaller ones, but very nice to see.

A lot of anglers left the bank fishless, whilst the odd fish have been taken, the best reported catch of the day came from Keith Little who took 6 Chub weighing in at 4lb 6oz, 4lb 10oz, 4lb 15oz, 5lb 4oz, 5lb 5oz, 5lb 7oz plus the bonus of a Barbel of 5lb 1oz.


Well done to all of you that managed to catch some fish, especially when the river has been out of sorts, please keep a check on the river water levels, they can be a great help, click on the link to get up to date information.


For further information on fishing conditions at Throop please call Fishery Manager Chris Allport on 07789 408503.


Please send me your reports of your catches or what sort of day you have had, or call me on 07740777967, or you can e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please mark your e-mail's where it says subject with THROOP.


Many thanks for all your reports, and very good luck to you all.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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