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Throop Fishery Report - 28th June 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.
Our Throop Report hero and all round good egg Brian Willson
Well i must say that it has been a very strange start to the season, it all started off with the dreadful high winds and lashing rain, the river came up very quickly, and then it dropped just as quick, now we have had one of the hottest days on record, what's next ?
The fishing on both the Stour here at Throop and on the Royalty [Pah, wait till you see the Royalty Report Brian! ;-)] has been very patchy with many anglers blanking, without so much as a bite, but on the other hand, a selected few lads have landed a few good fish, so they are there  in the depths waiting for their favourite morsel, and myself along with many others would like to know what that is.
I would like all of you that fish Throop, to make a special effort, it seems that the Royalty has borrowed one of our specimen Chub, a monster of 7lb 1oz has been captured, this is not good enough, we must take the smirk off Nigel's face and come up with a fish to top that one.
A few nice Chub have been caught on Throop at the moment, many have been in the 4 to 5lb bracket, Steve Munn from Verwood, who is better known on the RDAA website as Lobworm, captured Chub of 5lb 10oz, 5lb 12oz and a lovely fish of 6lb 10oz, well done Steve the Lob.
There have been some Barbel caught, apart from the best of the season so far, which was a fish of 13lb as reported on my last report, there have been some memorable catches, last Friday, Phil had his first Throop Barbel ever, a fish of exactly 6lb.

Phil with his first ever barbel weighing six pounds. Congratulations Phil!!

So after all the excitement and a couple of sleepless nights Phil was back on the banks, and this time he landed and netted a cracking Barbel of 10lb 13ozs, well done mate.

Phil with his next barbel and first double at 10lb 13oz

Do you remember our old mate Luke "Gaga " and his mate Sam, you must remember Sam, he got married and went off to live in Cyprus, he was the clumsy one who liked breaking landing nets, well, Sam came back to fish Throop with Luke, and guess what ? Sam has done it again, whilst standing on the bank with the landing net in his hand waiting to net a hooked Barbel that was on the end of Luke's line, he fell in,                                                                  

"Sam looks a bit like Boris"

so a decision had to be made, does he save his friend or save the fish ?................. he done both, he grabbed Sam by the collar and pulled him to safety whilst still playing the fish, and his prize was a lovely Barbel of 11lb 8oz.
Luke with a lovely 11lb 8oz barbel
Well done Luke, a medal is on it's way. ( the photo of Boris was the only one I could find, better than nothing ).
 sarnieSean Dent had a few hours on Throop, Sean is the lad that is always stuffing his face.... anyway, apart from from missing a massive bite whilst eating, he did manage to catch a few fish, nothing big and no barbel, but he did report that he got bitten by red ants on the concrete triangle on Beat Two, so be aware.
 red ant
I had a report of another nice barbel caught yesterday, and the captor wishes to remain anonymous, a lovely fish of 12lb 13oz, well done mate.
So it seems that the best time to catch is when the light is fading, as found out by Luke who took a couple of Chub to about 5lb.
The list of reported Barbel catches so far this season are:-
Two at 6lb.
10lb 13ozs.
11lb 8ozs.
12lb 13ozs.
It's a bit of a strange report this week as I have been off the fishery more than I have been on it, the reason is once again medical, trips backwards and forwards to the hospital, same old back problems, still I have had an MRI scan, so we shall see if I am faking it. Wednesday I will be having an injection in my hand, and that will keep me moaning all week.
Many thanks for all the reports and photo's that you have sent me, we appreciate them very much.
For any river conditions give me a ring on 07740777967, or click onto the link below.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

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