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Throop Fishery - End of Season Report

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website, for the end of season report.


Myself, like many others have welcomed the closed river season with open arms, this can of course be for many reasons, one is to recharge our batteries, re-fix fishing tackle that needs to be fixed, you know what I mean, broken rings on our rods, reels that have to be cleaned and oiled, yes I know this should be done on a regular basis but we just haven't had time, we seemed to have spent a lot of time dodging the weather, low water, wind, rain, sub zero temperatures, then high coloured water and flooding, but, at the end of the day many anglers have worked hard and gained success.


There are of course many anglers that hang up their tackle and retire from fishing until the rivers re-open on June 16th, but there are also a lot of anglers who fish the still waters, I am one of the still water anglers, I do this on a very casual basis and treat all my still water angling as a very laid back and relaxing few hours, to be honest I am not too bothered whether I catch or not, and I am certainly not going out to try for any PB's or targets, mind you if one did come along I would be very grateful in excepting it.


So the end of season saw quite a few known PB's and some very good catches, lets start with the first PB, and that goes to Laurence with his best Bream ever, a nice fish of 8lb 4oz, congratulations mate and well done. Next comes young Scott Mosely who has had a brilliant season, he has time and time again broken his PB's and for someone who spends more time at work than on the river bank, he has had a very good season, so Scott finished his season on a morning session taking two Chub, one of 6lb 5oz and the other at 6lb 8oz, well done mate, and don't forget I will have the pleasure of teaching you how to cast a fly.... (Fingers crossed)



A 6lb 5oz end of season chub landed by Scott Mosely Scott Mosely and his second six pound chub of the session weighing 6lb 8oz


Dan Picksley was on a two day trip from Sheffield, and caught and LOST many fish, so lets start with Thursday, 15 Minnows, 2 Dace, all landed with great success, but then there were the fish that was lost, six Chub, and one Barbel, most of the chub that were landed and lost, were about 4/5lb in weight.


So now on to Dan's Friday session and oh dear! Despite landing 7 Chub, there was a major problem with a Pike that was estimated to be in excess of 20lb, well this monster of the deep was responsible for poor old Dan from losing around 10 fish, it even attacked the keep net, I think I may have decided to move, and left him to it, but that's fishing, win some and lose some, well done Dan.

Dan from Sheffield suffered from the unwanted attention of a 20lb plus pike

Next comes another PB, this time it's for a delighted Gary Taylor, it's Gary's PB for this venue, a Chub of 6lb 7oz, well done mate.

Gary Taylor and a venue PB for Throop, a 6lb 7oz Chub.

Keith Little struggled a bit this week, but never let us down by catching a nice Chub of 7lb 7oz, a real beauty. David, whose surname I don't know, went a touch better with a Chub of 7lb 8oz.

Now it's the turn of Andrew Farmer, who landed a Chub of 6lb 2oz that equaled his previous PB, but this turned out to be irrelevant, as the next fish was to surpass this, a whopping new PB, with a Chub of 7lb 4oz, well done Andrew.

Andrew Farmer with his new pb chub of 7lb 4oz

Paul Piper had a nice Chub of 6lb 3oz, well done mate.

Paul Piper and his 6lb 3oz Chub

I was about to mention the lack of Barbel, then hey presto, up comes a really lovely looking fish, a 14lb 8oz fish taken by Mark Green, his second fourteen pounder of the week, well done Mark, a great achievement.

Mark Green with his second 14lb barbel in a week, this one going 14lb 8oz

Believe it or not, Saturday was very quiet despite the end of the season, but just a few reports came in, one was by Roving Pike angler Stuart Holden, who was roving the banks looking for our toothy critters, well he did manage to find seven Jacks up to 7lb, what a pity he could not remove the pest from Dan's swim. Also out on the banks was Chris Allport who had a few hours fishing and managed to land a Chub of 6lb 12oz. Ahmed Salem landed two Chub, one weighed in at 5lb 2oz and a last knockings Chub of 5lb 12oz.


On Sunday, our Bailiff Sid Johnson landed a Chub of 7lb 1oz, and never broke his landing net, well done Sid. Avon Manager Phil Nixon landed a nice Barbel of 10lb 11oz, along with a couple of Chub, 5lb 6oz and 5lb 13oz, well done lads. How nice it is to see one of our female anglers landing some fish, Sally-Ann Neve landed a PB Chub of 6lb 6oz, and then she broke her PB with another fish of 6lb 9oz, well done Sally-Ann.


Well the last day saw lots of fish being landed, Chub were being caught along all stretches of the river, the biggest reported was by Chris Allport with a Chub of 7lb 11oz. Richard Brown was very busy catching 13 Chub, most were in the 2/3lb mark, with the biggest weighing in at 5lb 3oz, plus the bonus of a small Sea Trout. Dave Webley was again fishing one of his favourite spots landing 21 Perch to about 10ozs plus four Bream of about 2/3lb apiece. And last but not least was Phil Nixon who stayed till last knockings to land seven Chub.


Well there you have it, the fishing season on our river is over, very well done to all of you that achieved a PB.


Thank you all very much for all your reports and photo's , I have learned so much this season, and hopefully I can put into practice what I have learned next season.


Please keep in touch, and ring me or e-mail me if you have any reports or stories.

My number is 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark the reports where it says SUBJECT....with THROOP, I have in the past deleted many e-mails that are not marked.


Good luck to you all and I will see you all next season.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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