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Throop Fishery Report - 6th. March 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Firstly apologies to both Brian and all his regular readers throughout the world for not getting this report up earlier but circumstances conspired to prevent this happeneing. So treat this report as something to help you get through the next three months before you can again get out and fish the rivers. [Nigel]


With the time ticking, and the river season almost at an end, we are all hoping for a really good end to the season, how nice it would be to finish on a high, perhaps a big bag of fish, or even better a Personal Best, whatever we finish with, we can look back on a pretty tough season, the worst winter on record, the river up and down like a yo-yo, we had the highs and lows, the smiles and moans ............. but you know what .............. that's fishing.


This week, we have yet again had some great PB's, which I love and find very exciting.



Monday and the start of another week, and today was a very strange one, I was with the family on a visit to Monkey World, and believe me it was a very cold day, in fact it was that cold, it was enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

brass monkey

Keith Little had one of those starts that most anglers dream of, as he was landing one Chub, his rod went round and he was into another Chub, well both fish were landed in the same net, one fish was weighed at 4lb 15oz and the other one was an amazing fish of 7lb 12oz, which is a PB for Keith on Throop, beating his previous PB by 2oz which he had many years before, well done mate and congratulations. (Keith’s biggest Chub was a fish of 8lb 8oz that was caught on the River Lea and was featured in the press.) Gary Newman was on a visit to Throop, he was doing a feature for Anglers Mail, he had a good day catching many fish, you can see his catch in Anglers Mail in a week or two, so just out of respect, I will report his catch after it has been published. Phil Nixon was also on the banks braving the cold day and was rewarded with a catch of 5 Chub, with the best fish weighing in at 6lb 14oz, well done Phil. Bailiff Sid Johnson also had one Chub, I must say it's good to see Sid teaming up again with Keith Little, so just to remind you all what this famous pair looks like.

The infamous Little and large

The pike were once again active with one pair being taken, one of 15lb and the other weighed 18lb. The Perch were also showing in great numbers as were the Bream.


Tuesday and we had a very heavy frost and it was doom and gloom on the river as many anglers were leaving with a blank, but it was amazing to see that the only two fish were reported to me, the first was a whopping Perch of 3lb 12oz, this was to an unknown angler, but who ever you are, well done mate. Alan Paget was again on the river bank, and again he has done it, one fish, and it's a PB, a Chub of 7lb 12oz, which beats his previous PB by 4oz, well done Alan.


Wednesday and again the fish catches were very low, Perch and Bream were still being caught in the slack water, in fact Keith Little was pestered by the veggie pike that think it's clever to snap up the bait intended for other fish, it's a habit that they must get out of, Keith managed to land one of these toothy critters, and after unhooking and weighing this 8lb fish, he gave it a good talking too and explained the rules, it must have worked, he went on to take one average size Chub. Phil Nixon also struggled, Phil is always good for a few fish, but not today, he too only managed one average size Chub, if you wonder what we mean by average size Chub, it is usually a fish of about 3/4lb which is not weighed and returned to the water. The best fish of the day has come from Dave Perrott who has beaten his previous best fish by 7oz and this cracking fish was weighed in by himself and John Sudworth who travelled out to do the honours, and the weight was registered at 7lb 15oz, this was after a scales check by Ritchie at Ringwood, well done Dave any well done John for your sporting efforts.


Thursday and today was one of them days when a lot of anglers blanked, whilst a few others had good days, the list of blanks are too numerous to mention so instead I will give you the details of those that caught. Again the Pike and Perch were showing with a few catches being reported, no monsters today, but a pleasant session for a few anglers. Bailiff Nick Roberts had four Chub to 6lb 6oz, but did lose a couple of good fish, well done Nick, and thanks for a great picture, well taken Scott.

Nick Roberts with an end of season 6lb 6oz chub

Scott Mosely, managed to catch two chub to 4lb 14oz, plus a veggie pike of 6lb, cheers buddy.

Jake and Matt from Coventry were down for the last weeks of the season, I got a quick glimpse of Jake today, and he told me that he had landed seven Chub. Darren Hague was on a three day visit from Hull, this Yorkshire lad certainly had a fabulous session, his first Chub was weighed at 6lb 1oz, this was followed by fish of......5lb 14oz......4lb 7oz.......3lb.......then a PB of 6lb 6oz....then came a fish of 3lb, this was then followed by another PB a nice Chub of 6lb 9oz, after all the excitement he finished the session with one more Chub, this weighed 5lb 10ozs, well done mate, that was a good session, he will face the long drive home a very happy bunny.

Darren Hague landed this 6lb 9oz chub on his visit down from Hull

Next up was Paul Martin, also known to many as PJ, after fishing with Gary Newman on Monday it was time for a lone session, Paul landed five Chub to 5lb 14oz in a short late session, this did not go without incident, as Paul was netting his 6th Chub, a dog that was not on the lead, came charging through the swim and managed to knock the fish of the hook, this is what can happen if you fish on a section of the river with a public footpath where the amount of dogs and their owners are rife, still well done Paul and many thanks for your report.


I bumped into a couple of visiting angers who we have met in the past, they were Alan Howard and Dennis Watson, we now know them as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson

Well the fact is they never caught a fish, but they did inform me that Chris Allport managed to get, not one, but two Mars bars, last time it was one, but in his defence, Chris did inform me that they were only the very small ones.

mars bar

When I was leaving the fishery tonight, I found a rod section by the gates at School Bridge, contact me for its return.


Friday and again today was tough going, apart from a really lovely warm sunny day anglers were struggling for bites, Bailiff Sid Johnson lost a sea trout but managed to land a nice Chub of 6lb 2oz, that was well deserved, seeing as Sid was called home to sort out a lack of electric at his home. Visitors Joe and Richard Borley were fishing today with Keith Little, Joe had one Chub of about 3lb despite missing a lot of bites, Richard Borley had a nice bag of Chub, 5lb 7oz........5lb 12oz........6lb 3oz.......and 6lb 15oz........well done lads, how did Keith get on you may wonder.......oh dear oh dear, another blank day, sorry Keith, it's a bit harder than the River Lea at the moment, but your time will come.

Richard Borley landed this 6lb 15oz chub at last knockings

I caught up with Jake again, he had a few fish but lost a big Chub that was estimated at over 7lb, hard luck mate, there is nothing worse............yes there is, not getting a bite is the worse thing ever.

Nick Twine had to work very hard to manage one Chub, but he kept on feeding the swim and trotting the float through the stream with the help of his centre pin until at last he brought to the net a nice Chub of 5lb 4oz, well done mate and many thanks for your report. Visiting Yorkshire angler Darren Hague was back on the banks for his second day of a three day trip, so after such a successful first day, he approached this session with an open mind, and what a session it was, eleven Chub were landed, with four fish over six pound the best weighing 6lb 4oz, what a fabulous days sport, especially when every other angler was struggling, it was obvious that Darren had found a large shoal of fish, or was it the Northern Maggots that he had brought with him, Darren had in fact been planning this trip for some time, he had done his homework and had cancelled a previous trip due to bad conditions, with such a long trip from Hull it was essential to put his plans in place, on this occasion it paid off, well done mate.


Saturday and I am in deep shock at the amount of anglers that were out fishing today in the beautiful sunshine, and for once it shone down on our fishery, nice and warm, so lets have a count up, from the New Weir to School Bridge,  the answer is nine, and they were all on the Hurn side, on the way back from School Bridge to the New Weir, one more angler had turned up on the Bournemouth side, it was hard to believe that there was not one angler  from the bungalows to School Bridge, except for our Bailiff Sid. Darren Hague was fishing his last few hours before his long trek back home to Yorkshire, he chose to float fish from the public footpath, I did warn him that he had to be aware of the dog walkers who let their beloved pets run loose along this section, so armed with his flask of Yorkshire tea and his VERY cheap Northern maggots, he worked hard trotting his stick float through his chosen swim, well today catching a fish was not to be, but the good news was that he made a few doggy friends, good luck mate, it was nice to meet you, I'm sure that you will be back.

yorkshire tea

Keith Little did manage to catch a Chub of about 5lb, and he also had one of those unwanted veggie pike that keeps following him wherever he goes, this one weighed about 3lb. Richard Borley also managed to catch a 5lb + chub, although the going was very tough, Richard seamed very happy soaking up the sun in a very comfortable swim. One lad that was catching fish, was Paul Fuller, his tactics was trotting a float using his centre pin, he even had time to show myself and Craig Wood on how far he could cast using his Wallis technique, I must say that it was very impressive, it was even more impressed to hear of his six Chub catch, with two fish weighing in at 6lb 2oz and the biggest at 6lb 8oz, what a lovely way to catch fish, well done Paul.

Paul Fuller landed this 6lb 8oz chub from Throop

Dave Treadwell arrived for a late session and landed 8 Chub to 5lb 4oz, also arriving for a late session was Paul Martin who landed 3 Chub to 5lb+. Paul piper and his mate Dennis decided to fish one of the quieter stretches of the river at Throop, after a bit of a struggle it was Dennis who decided that he would change his tactics and make the Pike his quarry, after taking two small pike on a spinner he moved his location and after 10 minutes of casting he landed a PB of 22lb 2oz, well done mate, and thanks for the photo. 

Dennis and his new PB pike which weighed 22lb 2oz

Sunday and talk about lopsided, on one end of the fishery there was just about 5 anglers whereas, at the other end they were lining the banks, then all of a sudden everybody was gone, it made me wonder if the exodus was because of a certain couple of football matches on TV, so what happened, well not a lot, one angler trotting with a float managed to take four small Chub, 2lb 10ozs....3lb 8oz.....4lb 12oz and 3lb 10ozs, whilst another angler had a Chub of  3lb and by Throop standards they are very small fish. Keith Little has also been struggling this week, and today had Chub of  5lb 14oz and one of 2lb 8oz, again a bit on the small side. Dave Tready was boasting that he had caught a Bullhead that caused him to change swims, that was a good decision, because just on last light he managed to land a Chub of 6lb 4oz, well done Dave and thanks. Today was also one of those rare occasions that no one was fishing on the Mill Pool, especially as the weather was nice, sunny and warm.


Well that's about it for this week, I must apologise for the lateness of this report, what I was going to do was to put the end of season report on the end of this one, but a few more reports came in than expected, so there will be one more report, and that will be the end of season one.


Many thanks for all your well received reports and photo's, you can still e-mail me or phone me if you have late reports.

Phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark your e-mails THROOP.

Good Luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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