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Throop Fishery Report - 27th. Feb 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Lets start by apologising for the lateness of last weeks report, it seems that Nigel is having a few problems with his computer, this very disappointing as I thought he was an expert at these sort of things, all he had to do was to give me a ring and I would have sorted it out, especially after I sorted out my micro pictures in the past...............yeah right!


This week was great, quite a few PB's came in, which I just love and find exciting. My brother in law, Ed and his wife Brenda,( Tina's sister ) are over from Spain, so I shall be playing host, last time he came over he captured a Chub of 6lb 12oz and has been talking about it ever since.


Brian's Brother in Law Ed with a 6lb 12oz chub


Monday and it’s fingers crossed, the weather and the river conditions have been out of sorts to say the least. Ed started and ended in quite a happy mood catching some Perch and a Roach, all he gets in Spain is Carp, so it's nice to catch a fish of a different species. Mike Trowbridge also landed some Perch, with the best fish weighing in at 1lb 8oz. Dave Webley was again bagging up with a netfull of Bream. An unknown angler was reported to have landed a fabulous Barbel of 14lb 2oz.


Have you noticed that not one Chub catch has been reported today?


Tuesday and Ed was again catching a few Roach, whilst local plumber and R.D.A.A member Gary had four average size Chub. Neil Hurren had two nice Chub, the first fish was weighed in at 6lb 2oz, and the second was an even bigger fish that weighed 6lb 6oz, that was a great pair, well done Neil.


Neil Hurren with the larger of a brace of six pound chub, weighing 6lb 6oz


The biggest reported Chub of the day went to John Goddard with two Chub, the biggest weighing 6lb 8oz, well done John. (I almost forgot your eel) Aubrey Harrison had one small Chub, and made sure he collected all his fishing tackle together when he left, last time he lost the quiver from one of his expensive Hardy rods, but was reunited with it, when I went on one of my quiver tip search parties.


Brian Sherlock Hollmes

Dave Webley had a great session, catching nine Bream between 2lb and 4lb 8oz, plus two Pike. One of 3lb and one of 8lb 8oz, good catch Dave. Now we come to a couple of disasters, the first is by Bailiff Sid Johnson who lost a Barbel at last knockings, and the second was  by Anthony McNamara from Lyme Regis, Anthony was moving from swim to swim in search of a monster Chub, after travelling for what seemed like 30 miles ploughing through endless mud that was created by the cattle,( who also got fed up with it,) he ended up on one of the quieter stretches, so it was now time to rest his aching body and to have a nice hot drink and some grub, but that was when he knocked over his flask sending all the hot steamy stuff onto his sandwiches making them a soggy mess and giving him a bad temper, but the good news is that he captured a Chub of 5lb, still at least you never blanked.

Anthony McNamara with a 5lb chub


Wednesday and I have just a few reports, I was not on the river today, I was fishing with Ed on a local lake. The first report was from Phil Nixon who landed one of our elusive Barbel, a nice fish weighing 7lb 7oz, well done mate. Next is a Chub of 6lb 2oz, by new bailiff Peter Hiken. And last but not least, we have two PB's....................both by Brian Anderson, the first was a Chub of 6lb, which was Brian's first Chub that reached the magical figure of 6lb and a PB, then he topped that with another lovely fish, another PB, a Chub of 6lb 9oz, well done to you all.


Thursday and today the water temperature was 47.3f, and we were hoping for some good catches, I fished one of the slack area's with Ed, he had eight Perch, and I had three Perch, the biggest at 1lb 8oz plus a pike of about 5lb. Alan Paget was again on the banks and landed a cracking PB Chub of 7lb 8oz, well done Alan, and congratulations. Stuart Holden had a very active day, one Perch, 2 Eels, 2 Bream between 4/5lb, plus Chub of 4lb 2oz, 5lb 3oz, 5lb 12oz, and a PB Chub of 6lb 3oz, well done mate; you must have been worn out.


Two fishing buddies that came to fish Throop for the very first time, were Peter Sharnock and John Dashfield, Peter had six Chub, with five over 5lb, with the best fish weighing 5lb 14oz, his buddy, John landed eight Chub with the best fish weighing in at 5lb 8oz, well done lads, and I am 100% sure that you two will be back again. Sid Johnson, had two Chub before his landing net broke (again), but it was great for Sid to be on hand to photograph a nice Barbel for ....................................... "THE PHANTOM ANGLER"........ who I know is Darryl Hughes, the fish weighed 8lb.


I think Sid was still thinking about his broken net.


Darryl Hughes, Phantom-Angler, with an 8lb barbel


Friday and we have another PB, this is for our new bailiff Peter Hilken, a cracking Chub of 6lb 12oz.....congratulations Pete. Ed had one Bream and two Gudgeon, whilst I had a Chub of 6lb 6oz, and that was caught on my first cast and my only bite of the day, and I suppose I must own up to breaking my landing net, sorry Sid, this was my first.


Ed-with-bream Brian-Willson-6lb-6oz



Elsewhere, some of the anglers were struggling, although the slacks were kicking up the usual Bream and Perch catches.


Saturday saw a motley crew installing a new footbridge on Beat Two, this is situated upstream of School Bridge on the Bournemouth side, adjacent to the double cattle gate, this was installed because of the amount of water that comes down ditch, please use this bridge in the future and please remember to shut the gates.


Bridge-One Bridge-Two



Finally the new bridge installed on th fishery



Many thanks for all the lads that helped with the installation and to Richard for the fabrication. John Cadd had a nice Chub of 6lb 13oz, and Dave Eley had a Chub of 4lb 14oz.


Then comes two reports from some unknown anglers, the first was a catch of five Chub to 7lb 8oz, plus one Bream and a Barbel of 7lb 9oz, what a great day that was. The second catch from an unknown angler was a monster Barbel of 14lb 4oz. Keith Little was on his first day of his usual two week visit, and would you believe it, he has had a double figure Barbel, only just, but very welcome at 10lb 4oz.


My son Rick was again fishing for his usual weekend visit, and it was great that he landed a double figure Barbel a smashing fish of 13lb 13oz, and a PB, what a shame I could not be at hand to photograph such a great fish, and also what a shame that I could not witness another broken landing net, well done son on the fish not the net.


Sunday and it was such a poor day on the river, Keith little never had a bite and to top it all his football team lost, he supports Arsenal. There were some Bream and Perch caught from the usual slack areas, but the day was saved by Dave Eley who had to wait till the last knockings to capture a Barbel of 12lb 13oz, well done Dave, today you are our Saviour.

Dave Eley with a cracking 12lb 13oz barbel


Well that's just about it for this week, many thanks to all you lads that sent in your reports and photo's. Congratulation to all the PB's that were achieved this week.

With the close river season almost here, please send me your reports or phone me for river conditions.


Check out the 10 day weather forecast, click on the link.


Phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark you e-mails THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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