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Throop Fishery Report - 20th. February 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle website.


Let me start by saying well done to Nigel on a great Royalty report, when it came through on my e-mail, I thought I was dreaming or having some sort of hallucination, perhaps there was a malfunction, but no there it was in black and white, a long awaited Royalty report, well done mate, I reckon that Dave Basher should stay where he is and never come back, because I loved it, it was also great to see some fish photo's, which we are lacking at Throop at the moment, so to sum up, keep up the good reports and keep out of the tackle shop, your skill and talent is needed on the river bank, in fact what about you being my roving reporter.


There are just a few weeks left of the river fishing season and I have lost track at the amount of anglers that have said they can't wait for the close season, and I must say that at times I agree with them, so what has happened ? , that's easy, the weather, it has affected the river here at Throop with it's forever changing moods, one minute it's up to the top of the banks, then it has dropped, then the water temperature plummets, then it's up, the colour is forever changing, from chocolate to clear then back again, we have had very strong gale force winds on a day when water conditions were looking good, so it seems that we have been battling against the elements for such a long time, some of our local boys have been fishing from early morning to last knockings, only to take their prize on the latter, some of the local hot spots that have been producing big bags of fish have suddenly gone quiet, then a few days later they spring to life, this spell of poor fishing has also affected some of the other local rivers as well, so my belief is that it is all down to the changing conditions, I just can't wait for summer, and to spent some time fishing with the wife, and getting a nice tan at the same time.

A lovely lady angler

I have a late report that came in from Durand Calkin and his son Luke, he had lost my e-mail address, this is for Sunday February 6th, they both had a really nice day fishing together, between them they landed 9 Perch, only one was under one pound, the rest were between one and two pounds, with Durand taking his best ever Perch weighing in at just over 2lb, which makes that his PB, plus he had two Pike, one of 5lb 8oz and the other at 6lb, there was a nice perch for Luke plus the biggest fish of the day, a good Pike which weighed dead on 20lb, well done lad.


Luke-Calkin-perch Luke Calkin with a 20lb Throop toothy critter


Monday and it was a Red Letter Day for Geoff Atlee, who has left things a bit late, but as they say , "Better late than never".........his first Barbel of the season, a lovely fish of 10lb 11oz, well done mate, and congratulations. I met up with Richard Murawski, who was just landing his second pike of the day, a fish of about 5/6lb. Dave Webley was again catching a few fish, today's bag consisted of two Bream, the best weighing in at 5lb 2oz and about 3lb of small perch. The river was rising very quickly and by the end of the day a lot of rubbish was coming down making fishing almost impossible.


Tuesday and the river is up to the top of the banks and is the colour of drinking chocolate with lots of rubbish coming down, another day that has kept anglers off the banks. So today gives me the opportunity to remind R.D.A.A members that they must not bring dogs onto any of the clubs waters, this rule was made by the committee but I think that they have overlooked a few other pets that they should have included. 

A resting bear by the river

Wednesday and again today was another nasty weather day, wind and rain, not a day for fishing, that is except Scott Mosely who was determined to fish a nice slack swim that he had previously prebaited, well his bit of work paid off and he landed a couple of fish, a Bream of 6lb 15oz and a Roach just under the pound, well done Scott that was a horrible day weather wise.


Thursday and again it was the same old story, the river conditions dominated the day, but one great bit of news was to see local angler Alan Paget back on the banks after his back operation, and guess what? , he was rewarded with two fish, an average size Chub and a Barbel of 10lb 2oz, the Barbel was netted by George as Alan was struggling and had to sit down after a battle to get the fish off the bottom, well done Alan, glad to see you back.


Friday and I decided to have a few hours, I arrived at 3.00pm for the late session and managed one Chub of 4lb 8oz, but again it was tough going with some of the roving anglers taking one or two fish whilst many blanked. One angler had a chub of 6lb plus a Bream. Local lad Luke "GaGa" managed a couple of Chub, one of about 3lb and the other of 5lb 13oz.


Saturday and again it was hard work, the anglers that sat with static baits struggled for a bite, myself and Rick joined up on the banks, I remained biteless, whilst Rick had one Chub on last knockings which weighed in at 5lb. Chris Holley managed two Chub, one of them coming on his last cast, which was estimated at about 5lb and his fishing buddy on the day also managed one fish. Further downstream there was a reported Barbel caught of around 12lb.


I am still keeping to my diet, which does not seem to be doing much good, although I have lost a few ounces it does not help when I keep getting phone calls from Phil Nixon telling me which chocolate bar he is now eating, also the fish have found out that I am on a diet and keep trying to tempt me with some tasty morsels.

Whose fishing for who?

Sunday and as usual some of the productive swims are just not producing the goods.

Today was supposed to be day for the Throop Open match, but that was cancelled because of the conditions, so it gave me a chance to get rid of some of the litter that the Saturday anglers had left, I just can't understand that they carry all their drink and bits from the car park at Throop, take them onto the fishery, eat all their food and drink, use all their groundbait and leave all the rubbish thrown about, there is a rubbish bin in Throop car park.


PLEASE TAKE YOUR RUBBISH HOME............we don't want it.................


We would like to say many thanks to John Rushton and Barry who collect rubbish on a regular basis, your good work is appreciated.


Gary was fishing one of the slacks and despite the very slowly rising water he was taking a nice bag of perch, there was also a nice Tench caught along with a few small pike. Pike man Durant Calkin arrived on the fishery with his son Luke, I do believe he had a fish or two but I am still waiting conformation. The main river did produce one or two Chub, but many anglers blanked.

I am amazed at the amount of anglers that manage to fish day in day out, surely her indoors will one day put her foot down.

'Er indoors

Well there you have it, a poor week on Throop Fishery, I must say that I did get a bit jealous of the Royalty photo's and Nigel wont let me forget it, but just remember that cracking Chub of 8lb 3oz caught by Nigel Broom during one of the matches, and many over 7lb,  we have had our fair share of double figure Barbel so I suppose we have to think of the good times that we have had, and look forward to the good times to come, this was very frustrating to write with no pictures and very little fish caught but that's fishing.


If you require a river report on conditions, phone me on 07740777967, or you can send me an e-mail on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark the e-mails THROOP.

Please keep your catches coming in, even if you blank, let me know, if you slip down the bank or lose your sandwiches, let me know, it's something to write about.

Many thanks for all your reports.

Good Luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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