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Throop Fishery Report - 13th. February 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


I just don't know where to start this week, after showing off on last week's report with over twenty images, it seems that I have been deserted, just a few  photos is all I have at the moment, and here I go again moaning about a bad back AGAIN, so I decided something has to be done, I am now officially on a DIET, so poor old Chris Allport will not be getting any biscuits on any other fat making food when he visits me on the bank, sorry Chris, the best I can do is a small cup of

Carte Noire coffee.


I would like to point out that it is dead easy to gather fish catch information when I am walking the banks, but because of my back pain, I am keeping my walking to a minimum for a week or two, so I now have to rely on any phone calls that I receive, and to these lads I am very grateful, I do understand that not all anglers want to share there catches, and to these lads I respect their wishes.


I would like to share with you all a fish that was not caught on Throop, the captor was R.D.A.A Avon manager Phil Nixon, so if you have forgotten what a Barbel looks like here is Phil’s 15lb beauty, well done mate.


Phil Nixon with a superb 15lb Avon barbel

Monday and today was a bus mans holiday, I had a few hours fishing with Phil Nixon on the Avon, I chose a swim very little walking and I enjoyed the rest.


Tuesday and it was a very quiet day at Throop, I fished on one of the very quiet stretches, I was getting plenty of bites, but that's where it ended, I could not hit one of them, I was using my Barbel gear and my baits were far too big, but hopefully I will return to the same swim tomorrow with some finer tackle and try to connect with some of the unmissable bites. Phil Nixon started on very high note, landing a chub of 6lb 15oz, he went on to take fish of 4lb 13oz, 3lb 8oz and 5lb 3oz, so that was four fish in the session for Phil, well done mate and many thanks for your report. Elsewhere the usual chub catches were being taken, with float anglers doing a lot better than static baits, but that was about it really, all I  got today was an angler saying to me ( quote...some bloke just up there has had a few on the float )  ah well, I suppose it's better than nothing.


We are all familiar with some anglers kissing their fish before they return them to the water, but this angler is taking things too far.

fish love in.


Wednesday and once again I was going to rest up on one of my quiet swims and see how I was missing all those bites the day before, so armed with my quiver tip rod and some light line, some small hooks and some small bait I attacked the swim using all my delicate gear, this time the bites were hard to come by, what the hell is going on, is it going to be another one of those days, well almost, I actually caught two Bream, one was about 4lb and the other was much bigger at about 7/8lb. I decided to have a short walk downstream and met up with angling ace Matt Hayes, he had taken a quite a few chub and a nice roach on trotting tactics, after a short chat I returned to my swim to finish the session. A few more of the Throop Perch were caught, including one or two topping the pound mark, the Roach were also showing but they were very small, the biggest at just about 6/7 oz, again the Bream are being caught with the average being around 4lb.

I did have a report from Matt, that an angler had taken a tremendous bag of twenty chub on the float, I would have loved to have watched that one.


Thursday and we had a few catch reports on another day that saw lashing rain and strong winds, and with just a few anglers on the banks, all I can say is that you all must be mad, but I tell you what, you all need a medal, and well done. First up is Scott Mosely who again has achieved another PB, this time it's for a Bream of 8lb 8oz, so along with another Bream of 6lb all I can say is well done mate and congratulations. Chris Allport managed to land two of our elusive barbel, they were not monsters but it was fabulous to see a fish of 3lb landed plus the added bonus of a chub, that's medal number two, well done. The next medal winner was Phil Nixon, do you remember in one of my previous reports I mentioned that Phil seemed to stuck on catching five fish every time he went out, well he did manage to catch six the other week, but guess what, he has upped the anti and today he landed seven fish to 5lb 13oz, well done Phil, next time out your target is eight.

A couple of anglers that were float fishing did manage some roach and dace, but they were only small. Greg Turner had a very special RED LETTER DAY, he landed 11 chub with the best fish weighing in at 6lb 10ozs, well done Greg that was a great day on the river bank, and many thanks for your report.


Elsewhere on the river a couple of anglers were taking some small roach, dace and perch, not very big but an enjoyable days fishing.


Friday and again it was raining on and off, I decided that I would not fish today, being a bit of a wimp, and perhaps I may have made the right decision, there was not many anglers on the bank, and those that did venture out did not do very well at all. My son Rick came down for the weekend, and fished all day right up to chucking off time, so despite all the hours that he put in, he had one fish, a chub of 6lb 1oz, so he was rewarded for all his efforts. Another angler that had to wait until Last Knockings for a fish was Dave Eley, he landed a nice chub of 6lb 8oz, the fish was photographed by Sid, so well done Dave and thanks for your photo and report, thanks Sid, you will be rewarded.

Dave Eley landed this 6lb 8oz chub at last knockings

Saturday and I must be very pleased with myself, I decided to fish a swim that has never seen an angler plying his trade, and what a fabulous feeling to land a chub of 5lb 5oz that looked as though it had never seen a hook before.

Our hero Brian Willson shows he doesn't just talk fishing, with a chub of 5lb 5oz

I met up with Gary and his dad, unfortunately poor old dad never had a fish and ended up a ghillie for his son Gary, who was taking some nice fish on the float, and there was dad with catapult in his hand, gently firing maggots into the swim, the result was six chub to 6lb 5oz and three bream to 5/6lb, well done to you both, just remember Gary that it was your dads skill that got you all those fish.

Phil Nixon was also on the bank, and he was back to his old tricks of catching less than five fish, this time he landed three chub, 5lb 1oz, 5lb 2oz and a cracking fish of 6lb 12oz, well done mate.

The catch that pleased me the most was by Bailiff Sid Johnson, who apart from landing a couple of chub, landed a nice barbel of 8lb 2oz, well done Sid we are all pleased for you, especially after going through a rough patch over the past month.


Sunday and the weather is really rough, but that did not stop a couple of anglers from venturing out onto the banks, one was Luke "GaGa" who took two nice chub, one weighed in at 5lb 11oz and the other at 5lb 3oz. New member Kevin Hewitson was also on the banks, not content in trying to catch our famous Throop chub, he managed to catch the smallest pike that you have ever seen using trotting tactics, so now he decided to change to a feeder, this time he very cleverly trapped a minnow inside his feeder, well done Kevin your skill astounds me.


Well that's about it for this week, just remember that you will not catch fish laying in bed.....................get out there and do some fishing.


Will you catch in here?

If you require any river updates then ring me on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   please mark the e-mails where it says subject,


Please keep your reports coming in, even if you blank..........Remember fishing is for fun........


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





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