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Throop Fishery Report - 30th. January 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


A couple of pictures have come in from Richard and Andy; these are for their already reported pike catches


Richard Murawski and a nice 18lb pike Andy Barr and a 15lb Throop pike

Well done lads and thank you both for the photos.


Another late report was from Mark Baldwin, despite all the effort he put in on Saturday the 23rd, all that he could muster, was a perch of 1lb 4oz, never mind Mark you can't have it all your own way, the good news is that you never blanked.


Monday and Mark Baldwin was on the banks again, this time he managed a bigger Perch that weighed in at 1lb 8oz, plus a nice pike of 17lb 5oz, well done Mark.


A lovely marked 1lb 8oz perch landed by Mark Baldwin Mark also landed this pike of 17lb 5oz

My morning was spent with Throop manager Chris Allport and bailiff Norman, together we had some urgent fence repairs and some tree work, it was whilst we was carrying out this work that we saw the lad on the opposite bank, trotting his float and catching a nice bag of  Chub, he had five whilst we was there. Brian Stocker was also on the banks braving the cold wind, but he soon forgot all about the cold when he hooked and landed a nice Chub of 5lb 8oz, well done mate that was all worth while wasn't it, many thanks for your report.


I managed to have a few hours fishing, I was joined by Tina, but I think that I made the wrong choice of swim on the day, this particular one has produced some very good catches in the past, but today there was too much pace on this shallow swim, and using very heavy leads is not really what I like doing, anyway, we both blanked, not a bite in site, but I suppose if we had caught some fish, my swim choice would have been the greatest, still live and learn. Further upstream was Phil Nixon who had chosen a very good swim, but for some reason the fish were just not feeding, that is, except for one eel and a Chub of 4.5lb.


I never received any more reports for today even though there were a few anglers on the banks.


Tuesday, and I expect the fish to be crawling up the rods today, but believe me it was not easy, Dave Webley had another Perch, this weighed in at 1lb 4oz, plus he had some small roach, and not a Bream in site. Luke GaGa, had one of his roving days, and moaned afterwards saying how tired he was, what do expect at your age, at least you caught a couple of Chub, one was about 2.5lb and the other was 4.5lb, still the effort was worth it, well done Luke. Alan Paget had a well deserved day, Alan is such a nice bloke and celebrated his 60th birthday on Sunday, so what happened today, well, 10 minutes after casting out, Alan was into a barbel, a nice 9lb fish, he finished the session with a Chub of 5lb 8oz. That was Alan's last session for a while, he is going into hospital for a long awaited operation on his back....good luck mate from us all, and a speedy recovery.


60th birthday balloon speedy-recovery


I had an afternoon session, fishing the same stretch as Phil Nixon, I had one bite that resulted in a Chub of 6lb 5oz, whilst Phil had one Chub of about 3.5lb, plus he had a few unwanted Dace, the river looked really good, and to be honest we did expect some more fish. So on a day when the river looked as though it could produce a lot of fish, many people struggled, one late report that did come in was from John McGough with a catch of three Chub to 5lb 13oz, well done mate. Steve Graham is pictured here with a nice Perch of 1lb 14oz, what a shame, just another 2oz for the magical two pounder, but this is a lovely fish, well done and many thanks for your report.

Steve Graham with a 1lb 14oz perch

Wednesday, and I was unable to get out onto the riverbank, although I made two attempts that failed, one report that came in from Phil Nixon did make me chuckle, a gudgeon, some minnows and a beaten up Bream all came to the net, next came the toothy critter, a jack pike, it was looking as if  all the fish that was unwelcome came to the net, but then at last one of his target fish picked up the bait and was hooked, yes it was just what the doctor ordered, one nice Chub, weighing in at 6lb 11oz, well done Phil, we are still waiting for your number two target the Barbel, but I'm sure that will arrive soon.


The rest of the week has been a bit of a nightmare, my arm has once again been playing up, and that means another trip to the doctors, and the weather has also played another part on the fishing on Throop, the river is looking very good, the level of water has dropped back and the colour looks spot on, but the air temperature has dropped  to overnight -3c with heavy frosts, but despite all this a few fish have been caught, the majority of the chub have fell to a trotted float and maggots.

One great phone call that I received was from Scott Mosely, he told me that he was going to target Carp today, yeah right, never in a million years, but guess what?


The million years are up, jammy or clever, Scott actually caught a carp weighing in at 11lb 1oz, well done mate, how you achieved that I shall never know.

Scott Mosely with a fantastic example of a river common weighing 11lb 1oz.

The reports have been few and far between, but just to keep the report going this week, I have one or two things to show you, the first was sent in by R.D.A.A member Peter Kelly, you know the old saying "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" well what about if a bird lands on your head?

Peter Kelly successfully demonstrates his prototype human bird table

Next on my list is a very old photo of the Millpool, this was sent, via our Parley Lake Bailiff Shaun, many thanks mate.

Salmon fishing at Throop Mill before the Stour was 'improved'


And last but not least the best two catches of the week, a cracking Barbel and a cracking Chub, these were caught by top angler John McGough, the first to show you is his Chub that weighed in at 7lb 13oz...............

This 7lb 13oz chub was landed by RDAA member John McGough

And now for the best Barbel that has been caught for many weeks, a real beauty that weighed in at 13lb 5oz.

John McGough took this 13lb 5oz barbel at last knockings

Well done John, fabulous fishing, and many thanks for your report and photo's.


It's at this point that I think I have solved the problem of my micro pictures that have been appearing, with the help of brain box Nigel Gray, it appears I have been doing it all wrong, so if I have now got right, all this weeks pictures should be a good size, and no more nagging from Nigel, hooray.


Last but not least, keep your eyes open for myself, Chris Allport, and Sid, (he’s the one with the beard) with our new Throop Fishery patrol vehicle.


Brian, Chris and Sid stand proudly alongside Throops Fishery Patrol Vehicle (TFPV)

Well let’s hope with an increase in air temperatures promised for the forthcoming week we can have some really good catches, good luck to you all.


Don't forget to send me your reports, even if you blank we would like to know, if you have had any incidents we would like to know that as well, it is all a bit of fun, and if it makes someone smile, then that is job done.

You can phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark any e-mails THROOP.




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