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Throop Fishery Report - 23rd. January 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


We have a couple of late reports that have just come in from Matthew Beddows from Coventry, the first is for Saturday the 15th, and despite the gale force winds that kept most of us wimps indoors, Matt was roving the river bank and dodging the falling branches, so with his trusty rod he managed to land seven chub to 5lb 12oz, and a bonus Perch that had turned vegetarian, so not content with emptying the river, he decided to give it another go on the Sunday, this time he only caught six chub, the best two went 6lb 1oz and 6lb 6oz, and if that wasn't enough, he has left me a message for John McGough and Phil Nixon, saying he will be back for the last 10 days of the season, to get amongst the Throop giants, that is if John and Phil don't catch them all, I tell you what Matt, we will save them for you, many thanks for your report, and we will see you in a few weeks......good luck.


Let me start by bringing to your attention that Nigel has been playing games with my head, no not my brain, it's my hair he has been playing with, suddenly he thinks he has the talent of top hairdresser Nicky Clarke.

                                                                        Famous hair fluffer Nicky Clarke 

But saying that, he has got some talent, apart from being the owner of Davis Tackle, he's a bit of a whizz on the computer, he inherited this from his previous life. So let’s get back to my hair, the truth is, I had a haircut prior to the photo, so once again, hopefully you can see that I do have hair, let’s hope Nigel is not in another one of his playful moods. 

Brian Willson refused to comment on the news story that he had recently been treated at the same American hair loss clinic as Gordon Ramsey.

Moving on to the reports, and to be honest things are looking very grim. Monday and the few anglers that were out never had a bite, the water was rising very quickly in the afternoon, and no one fished through to last knockings. The one and only angler that did have some success was Dave Webley, he chose to fish a spot that was out of the main flow of the river, he had a very good bag of fish, taking 20 Perch to 1lb, plus two Bream, one of 4lb and the other weighing in at 5lb 8oz, well done Dave, top rod today.


Tuesday and the river has come up even more, it's at the highest that it has been this season, and things are not looking good, there is a lot of rubbish coming down, I had a couple of hours and met up with Ian Reed from Petersfield who was on a two day fishing trip, well needless to say, Ian never caught, I fished just upstream and again not a bite in site, I met up with our other bailiff Sid and we shared a flask of coffee, the few other anglers that did venture out also went home bite-less.


Dave Webley must have been awake all night thinking of his catch the day before, so he was back on the banks in the same swim, well all the Perch that he caught the day before were in hiding, they probably spotted him on the bank and sped off, well he did manage to catch a couple of small mug perch that did not make the exodus, but it was the two Bream that bought a  smile to his face, one weighed in at 4lb 12oz and the other one was a lovely slab of 7lb 12oz, well done Dave and many thanks for your very welcomed report and photo.

One of Brian's infamous micro photo's of Dave Webley with a 7lb 12oz bream

So with the river at an all time high this season, Dave done very well.


Wednesday and the river bank is almost empty, I say almost, I met up with Ian Reed once again, and here's dedication for you, still no bites and the river is up even higher, here is Ian, it's a good job he had his wellies.

Ian Reed fishing in the high water at Throop

I had a stroll up to New Weir and captured on camera this tree that was caught on the sill, next I took a couple of pictures of the Mill Pool


Picture of the tree caught in the Weir at Throop Nice shot of the weir with the water pushing through Another shot of the weir

So today was another wash out, what with the rising water and the heavy ground frost, I decided to go home and get on with  painting the interior doors, that will give me more time to fish the lakes in the summer.


Thursday and again its still a full river, plenty of colour and cold, the heavy frosts are adding to our misery. I met up with Gareth and his fishing friend, Ben Brettle who was down from Birmingham for a few days, well Ben caught a small chub of a couple of pounds earlier on, and was waiting for the magic last knockings to increase his tally, at this point I left, Gareth on the other hand has been very successful taking some nice fish throughout the past week, with the best chub weighing in at 6lb 14oz, Gareth is going to send me some details and a photo, so when they arrive I will pass them on to you all to share.


AT LAST..................a barbel has been caught, and this is the first one for a few weeks that has been reported, it fell to the rod of local angler Alan Paget, it was not a monster, but weighing in at 7lb, it was very welcome, and has given everyone some hope, well done Alan. No one else reported catching any fish, so I made my way downstream to meet up with Kenny Parsons, he was down fishing for a couple of hours, after he had been in the area with his family, Kenny lives at Bristol and is no stranger to Throop, and has featured in my reports many times with some very good catches, I did take my chair with me, so I sat back and watched Kenny in action, but the action never happened, so as darkness fell and the damp started to descend it was time to leave the river bank, not a bite, still never mind, I did enjoy the time spent with Kenny, and it has whetted my appetite to have a few hours tomorrow.


Friday and the river has dropped a few feet and the colour is slowly dropping out, this should make for a good day fishing, well despite the heavy frost, it was time to give it a go, I chose to do the most sensible thing and fish the late session, I phoned Phil Nixon the Avon manager who was also going to fish the late session, he chose a spot much further downstream, there were just a couple of anglers fishing down stream, and where I was fishing I met up with just one lad, that was Peter Kelly, who had just landed a pike of about 5lb taken on a lure, Peter was roving for pike. I settled down in my chosen swim, and checked the water at 42.1 f  which is 5.6 c , now the only problem was that I had left my brolly at home on purpose, it would not be needed, WRONG, I had a wind blowing downstream that was so cold, it was beginning to hurt.


Whilst I was waiting for a bite and receiving bite-less phone call information, I started to gaze into the water and wondered what had been in the murky depths in the past, this gave me the idea to go home and do some research, well I had the courage to stay till 30 minutes before dark, it really was very cold, and as no bites were seen I decided it was time to go, Phil stayed just to darkness, and he too never had so much as a touch, Peter had walked all the way down to school bridge and back and all that had been caught were a few dace and some perch by a couple of lads that were float fishing. So back home it was time for some research, and wow, just take a look at a couple of incidents, the first took place in 1971, a predator in the river at Throop (Click on the image to enlarge it if you wish to read the report).




And if that was not enough, some one wanted to take a closer look at the river, so in 1972 this is what happened.



Both of these pictures were taken from the archives of a local newspaper.

So when no fish are caught, I have to work even harder..............roll on summer.


Saturday, and we again start the day with a heavy frost, but with the sun rising, it looks like a nice warm winter day, I am not fishing today, I must keep the riverbank clear for our visitors, but the amount of anglers fishing today was very small, in fact as I done my bailiff rounds, I counted about 14,  the first angler that I find is local angler Steve Holt, he was float fishing and was doing a good job, taking four chub up to when I left, the best weighing in a 7lb 4oz, and how nice is that on the float, and that was his first fish, well done Steve.


I continue on my rounds meeting up with some more anglers that were still waiting for their first bite, so it was up over School Bridge and on with my rounds, I then met up with Alistair Spencer who had phoned me the previous day, he was fishing with Gavin Short, and I must say it was a pleasure to watch these two lads trotting a float through the swim, and using centre pin reels, they made the Wallis cast look very easy, young Gavin had already taken a chub of 4lb 9oz, prior to my arrival, but as usual when I am standing behind someone, he was into a fish on his third trot down, Alistair done the honours and netted a PB chub of 5lb 12oz, well done you two lads and congrats to you Gavin on your new PB.                                                                                   

Gavin Short with a new PB chub weighing 5lb 12oz

Its now the turn of Laurence, who is better known as the Maggotdrowner, he was bagging up with a net full of Bream, Perch, and Roach, the wind is now starting to pick up, and the temperature is now dropping, there were just a few more anglers that had caught some fish, one was Gary Arnold who had taken a nice bag of Roach and Perch, that is until the wind picked up, and he decided it was time to pack up.


Fishing buddies Richard Murawski and new member Andy Barr, were out for a days piking, and yes they both caught some fish, Andy had a pike of about 15lb, whilst Richard had two pike, one small fish of about 8lb, and the other one was the biggest of the day estimated to be about 18lb.


Sunday, and I spent all day indoors nursing a sore back, it seems that as you get older, every little twitch is a major issue, but a few hours rest and I will be back to normal, that's if there is such a thing. What a shame quite a few anglers blanked, the river is looking very good at the moment, but I do have some catches to report, the first and the best, goes to local angler Irish George, his perseverance has paid off, George can be seen out fishing in all weathers, and today he has landed a nice Barbel of 11lb 2oz, and that is certainly the best whiskers to come out for many weeks, well done mate.


Eddy Widdup has teamed up with Luke "Lady GaGa" for some fishing today, Eddy was on the float and Luke was on the feeder, and the target for today was the famous Bullhead, well everything was going to plan, they were both catching their target fish, when Eddy had to spoil it by catching a Chub of 4lb 8oz, so for once a Chub capture don't count. Dave Tready was also putting his talents to the test, but despite working very hard on what looked like a blank, he managed to catch two Chub, the best of these two weighing, 6lb 6oz, well done Dave. Richard Brown was also doing ok, catching three Chub to 5lb 8oz on the float, that was until the wind picked up and made feeding the swim and trotting the float very difficult, well done Richard, after a few blanks, a fish at last. There were some other chub caught today, but I do not have any more details, I do know that quite a few lads were out on the banks today.


Thank very much to all you lads that sent me your catch reports, without these I would struggle as much as I do catching fish. If you have any catch reports or stories, even if you blank, let me know and I will try to put them into print. You can phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark the e-mails.....subject THROOP.


Don't forget the water levels after heavy rain, and check the link.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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