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Throop Fishery Report - 16th. January 2011

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Let me start by wishing you all a very happy and fishy new year. 

Happy New Year

This report is going to be a bit of a mish mash, we can blame the Christmas holidays, which this year was a marathon, owing to the holidays falling on a weekend, also the appalling weather, this not only affected us in Dorset, but it also affected the whole country, and last but not least, we had my dodgy arm, the pain started on boxing day, no I did nor do it boxing or any other pastime that involves pleasure, it was in fact tendonitis, which is very painful and stopped me fishing and driving for a couple of weeks, so with a special wrist strap and some cream that was supplied by the hospital, it was just a matter of time and rest, this really was a shame, I could not wash up, do the hoovering, ironing and general house work.


So lets get back to the river bank and see what has been happening, well the Kingfishers have missed our absence, and I would like you to see a couple of photos that was taken by Graham Long, many thanks Graham, fabulous photo's.


A wonderful close up of a Kingfisher Even closer! - awesome shot!

I must say that the wildlife at Throop is second to none, never leave home without your camera.


You may have noticed how Nigel is always moaning at some of my very small photos, some of these are not my fault, the photo's that I take all come out ok, the problem is,  when I am sent some photo's, some of them have been compressed and I can't make them bigger, so if possible don't compress them and we will give that a go.


Sean Dent decided to have a bit of perch fishing, I met up with him and gave him some mints, he looked  a bit peckish, you should all know of Sean, he is always eating, to be honest I don't know how he finds time fish, anyway, today he managed to catch 12 perch with the biggest one weighing in at 2.5lb, well done Sean, and no I will not supply fudge instead of mints, thanks for your report.

You'll just have to take Brian's word that this postage stamp shows Sean Dent with a 2lb 5oz Perch

On the same day, it was Mark Baldwin who was fishing further downstream, not a chub in site for Mark, but he did manage to bring to the net a couple of pike, one weighed in at 7lb and the other was a bit bigger at 10lb, well done Mark.


Next up is Phil Nixon the R.D.A.A. Avon manager, who was trying out his new and very strange colour cheese-paste, well he did catch a chub, not a monster by Phil's standards, but a fish of 4.5lb, well done Phil.


Christmas Day, and there on the banks to try to catch a Christmas Day fish was bailiff Nick Roberts, DID HE CATCH ?.................................................

Yes he did,well done Nick.......................

Nick Roberts with a xmas day chub

The next big day was New Years Eve, and Peter Kelly was hoping for his last fish of the year, I came across Pete as I was checking permits, I asked him if he had caught anything, and the answer was no, I then replied to him and asked him why his rod was trying to leap into the water, he quickly gabbed the rod and landed a chub of about 4.5lb, that's what happens when the bailiff is trying to put you off. Peter then went on to catch another chub of about 4lb without my help and hindrance, well done Peter, a New Year Special.


New Years Day and the first fishing day of the year, and once again we have Billy Bunter, or should I say Sean Dent, he was once again feeding his face, so before I reveal his catch, lets have a look at his menu, Co-op part baked rolls filled with Tesco's finest smoked ham and extra mature cheese, a mug of tea and half of a large Aero, so now all the food is scoffed, lets get fishing, for his first day of the year, Sean done ok, 11lb of Perch with the best one weighing in at 1.5lb, and all that before he had to obey her indoors and vacate the river bank to go home. Cheers Sean................I hope it was worth it.


Billy Sean Bunter Sean Dent with an 11lb catch of perch


Moving on now to January 3rd, and it's nice to have friends in high places, so to have a special contact in the fishing world in the hope that it might give you an edge to catch more fish, I can now report my special contact, it is none other than Professor Richard Brown, a professor in chemistry, which makes me think that perhaps I can persuade him to make me some secret bait, and I will never blank again, yeah right..!


Richard was on the river bank today with his trusty float rod, and perhaps his secret bait, and he managed to take a couple of fish, one chub of 4lb 11oz and a greedy little pike of a couple of pounds, many thanks Richard for your reports.

Richard Brown displays his 4lb 11oz chub

Also out on the river is none other than Eddy Widdup, who last time out, wore out the river bank going backwards and forwards to put all his fish back, and had to re-seed the area, this time Eddy never had much time to catch a lot of fish, as he had to cut the grass that he had planted, but the skill of Eddy once again paid off, landing four chub to just over 5lb, plus a bonus of a sea trout of  2lb.


Now while I am on the subject of Eddy Widdup, it came to my attention whilst looking at the R.D.A.A website, that most anglers wear hats, now I have never seen Eddy without a hat, so to see a picture of him without one, made me think that if he passed me in the street, I would not have recognised him, so I then thought that it is the same with me, always wearing a hat, so here I am without one...............please bear in mind I am 67 and ugly, but I do have some hair.

Brian Willson proudly displays his full head of hair

So next time I check your permits or meet up with you on the river bank, I need to see your head.


Keith Humphries was also out fishing, after dropping a chub of about 3lb at the net, and not swearing, he was rewarded with a chub of 5lb 12oz, now Keith thought that this fish was much bigger when he first saw it...............what do you think ? 

Throop regular Keith Humphries took this 5lb 12oz chub just as the light was fading.

Luke alias "Lady GaGa", was also catching the famous Throop  Chub, after losing two fish, he went home happy after landing a specimen of  5lb 12oz, and this was not the same fish as Keith's..................coincidence, well done both lads.


Just a few more fish catches to report, one was a roach of 2lb 4oz that was taken from a side-stream, if the angler who caught it could get in touch with me I would like to know all about it.

Gareth took a couple of chub on Thursday the 14th, the biggest weighed in at 6lb 4oz, and on the same day I had a few hours fishing, I missed three scorching bites that I suspect were eels, and I shared a coffee with Peter Kelly as we fished a swollen and coloured river, I beat Pete on the day, he never had a bite, but I must say that it was good to be out again with my fishing tackle after such a long lay off.


The weather here at Throop has been awful, one minute it's hacking it down with rain, then we have a big temperature drop, then up comes the river, the colour of drinking chocolate, up comes the water temperature, then the gale force winds start, down goes the water, then the rain starts lashing it down, it's like some evil force is at work, doing it's best to keep anglers off the river bank.


On Sunday, it was a day of football on TV, three live matches, great, but on the river bank there were just a few anglers braving another miserable weather day, first we had Richard Brown, he must have forgotten his secret bait as all he could manage was a tiny chub and a dace, also facing the weather was Keith Humphries who only managed to catch one chub of average size, but the catch of the day goes to Phil Nixon who landed four chub, the best two weighing 6lb 1oz and 6lb 10oz. There was also a reported catch of a nice perch of 2lb, well done to all you dedicated storm chasers, and many thanks for your reports.


We seemed to be ruled by the weather lately, lets hope we can get a rest bite, and have a few good days fishing, looking at the calendar, it's frightening to see the close season looming up on us.

Don't forget to check the river levels if you are travelling, click on this link.

Also it would be a good idea to check the Bournemouth weather.


Don't forget to send me your catch reports even if you blank, let us know what sort of day you had, if you have any photo's, send them to me without resizing, it makes posting them much easier.

You can ring me on 07740777967 or send me an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , please mark your e-mails....SUBJECT THROOP.

Thanks for your reports and e-mails.

Good luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.






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