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In the shop we stock a wide range of fresh and frozen baits baits designed to satisfy the needs of most anglers fishing the waters in this area. If you are visiting to come fishing and have either a large or unusual bait order just give us a call or drop us an email and we will have it ready for your arrival.


  • Maggots - White, Red, Bronze and Mixed.
  • Casters - Pre-packed by the pint.
  • Worms - Red, Dendrabina and Lob pre-packed in tubs. Bulk packs by order.
  • Hemp - Cooked in-house & pre-packed by the pint.
  • Pellets - Wide variety of sizes, standard, hair rigable and hookable from Dynamite, Elips, Cotswold, Van Den Eynde, Vision. Pallatrax etc.
  • Paste - Dynamite & Pallatrax ranges.
  • Boilies - Dynamite, Cotswold, Pallatrax.
  • Flavours - Dynamite, DBaitz, John Baker, ET, Vision, Pallatrax.
  • Dips - Dynamite, Pallatrax, John Baker, Cotswold.


  • Boilies & Sticks - Pallatrax.
  • Mackerel - Whole, fillets and joeys.
  • Lamprey.
  • Eel Sections.
  • Smelt.
  • Sprats.
  • Herring.
  • Pike Packs.
  • Blueys.
  • Sardines.


  • Van Den Eynde, Dynamite & Pallatrax.


  • Luncheon Meat - Natural, Bacon Grill & Flavoured.
  • Tares.
  • Frenzied Luncheon Meat.
  • Corn - Natural, flavoured & coloured.




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