Drennan Peacock WagglersDrennan Pellet Peacocks

Drennan Peacocks
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Drennan Peacocks

( Drennan )
Price per Unit (piece): £1.65

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A pop­ular float choice for all-round wag­gler fishing on both still­wa­ters and rivers.

The central quill sec­tion of pea­cock tail feathers is one the best, nat­ural float making mater­ials avail­able. It is remark­ably strong for some­thing that is so light and bouyant, and it flies through the air per­fectly when casting.


  • No3 2BB (0.8g)
  • No4 3BB (1.25g)
  • No5 1.5AA (1.25g)
  • No6 2.5AA (2g)
  • No7 3AA (2.5g)
  • No8 2 Swan (3g)


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