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Drennan Giant Crystals
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Drennan Giant Crystals

( Drennan )
Price per Unit (piece): £1.65

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Giant Crystals have large dia­meter, clear tubular bodies with sens­itive inserts that are inter­change­able for colour and length using Giant Combo Tips. 

The family of eight sizes ranges from 0.6g (3No4) up to 4.5g (3 Swan). Such a wide range means that they are used for everything from fishing at close rage up to big wag­gler work on rivers and stillwaters.

As with all wag­glers, these floats should be attached bottom-end only.


  • no1: 3No4 (0.6g)
  • No2: 2BB (0.8g)
  • No3: 1.5AA (1.25g)
  • No4: 2AA (1.6g)
  • No5: 3AA (2.4g)
  • No6: 2 Swan (3.2g)
  • No7: 2.5 Swan (4g)
  • No8: 3 Swan (4.5g)


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