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Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Avon #3
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Bruce & Walker Hexagraph Avon #3

( Bruce & Walker )
Price per Unit (piece): £1 080.00

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Hexagraph rods are now highly acclaimed all over the world. With the advent of the Hexagraph construction, it was obvious to most anglers that Bruce & Walker had pioneered a rod making concept which combined the best of tried and tested construction principles, with modern materials.


The original thinking with Hexagraph was to make rods which eliminated all the in-built shortcomings of tubular rods. Most prominant among those faults is for the tube to go into oval shape when put under stress or load and for it to then lose considerable strength. Another problem manifests itself itself in the manufacturing process when the matrix of carbon is wound onto a mandrel. This leaves a 'spine' or portion of carbon which overlaps another. Due to the taper of the rod this 'spine' never runs true and it is often the cause of inaccurate casting. Bruce and Walker have overcome these faults with their unique mixture of high quality carbon coupled with the Hexagraph construction technique.


On a power to weight ration, and length for length, Hexagraph has eclipsed the performance of any other production rod today. Each Hexagraph rod takes a staggering nine and a half weeks to produce.

Hexagraph Avon 11' #3 - 1 1/2lb TC This is a more powerful rod designed for extreme circumstances in river fishing, where underwater snags or whitewater weirpool fishing dictates 'hook and hold' tactics. Also doubles as a powerful short to medium range pike rod, or margin rod for carp. An incredibly  powerful rod.

  • Single leg lined Fuji rings, with single leg lined butt ring
  • Keeper ring
  • 10 rings including tip ring
  • Full 22" cork handle
  • Sliding reel fittings

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