Drennan Supplex Hooklength Mono 50MDrennan Team England Match Caty- (Medium Soft Mesh Pouch)

Drennan Supplex mono 100m
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Drennan Supplex mono 100m

( Drennan )
Price per Unit (piece): £5.45

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Monofilament falls into two distinct categories: The first is stuff that’s long life, tough, abrasion resistant and doesn’t damage easily. Unfortunately, it is prone to be springy and come off the reel in coils. The second category is extremely supple and limp and very easy to manage both on the reel and in casting. But it tends to be soft and more prone to damage.

Amazingly, Supplex has the best of both. It is incredibly supple, (that’s how it gets it’s name!) but at the same time, it is tough, long life, abrasion resistant and not prone to damage, including shot damage.

“In more than 40 years of business and 50 plus years of angling, I’ve never seen a reel line as good as this.” – Peter Drennan

“Drennan Supplex is the best mono I have ever used. It’s ultra fine and strong, damage resistant and so slick and supple it even improves casting.” – Alan Scotthorne, five times world champion

100m Spools:
3lb (0.14mm/1.36kg)
4lb (0.16mm/1.8kg)
5lb (0.18mm/2.27kg)
6lb (0.20mm/2.72kg)
8lb (0.23mm/3.63kg)
10lb (0.26mm/4.54kg)
12lb (0.28mm/5.45kg)


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