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Wychwood Rocket Floater
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Wychwood Rocket Floater

( Wychwood )
Price per Unit (piece): £29.99

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Distance Taper- Super High Floating

This line's bullet shaped taper will let you load the rod super-fast, allowing you to get that fly out where you want it with the minimum of fuss or disturbance. Distance casting is a handy tool to have in your armoury and this fly line is built for it.

Those hard-to-reach fish, the one's which always seem to be just out of range, are no longer hard to reach. A combination of the line's profile and the thin super-slick running line means that power casting is a breeze.

For most modern, stiffer-actioned fly rods, this line is the ideal choice.

Perfect for fishing from a drifting boat, or on the bank where punching a line into a head-wind is required.

A great line for nymphing and fishing with weighted lures.


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