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Drennan Series 7 - 13' Power Carp Waggler
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Drennan Series 7 - 13' Power Carp Waggler

( Drennan )
Price per Unit (piece): £109.00

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This is another brand new Series 7 rod from the famous Drennan stable. However, this rod if different. It is a 13ft rod but it breaks down like a 12ft rod and comes in its own specially designed ready rod sleeve. This is possible because of the unique system of removing the bottom foot of the rod handle and storing this piece in a special pocket inside the rod sleeve. The remaining 12ft of the rod then breaks down into 2 equal length sections. This makes the rod easy to transport, and with only one ferrule in front of the hand you get a better balance and improved action. Casts small wagglers to loaded floats up to 20gms. Excellent semi-through action to help avoid breakages and hook pulls, yet feels perfectly balanced in the hand. - Semi-through action. - Reel Lines: 4lb 8lb. - Hooklengths: 3lb 7lb. Comes with its own specially designed ready rod sleeve.

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