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Drennan Double Strength Fly Leader 50m

Drennan Double Strength is half the normal thickness for its rated breaking strain. This is critical for those easily spooked fish.find out more

Only: £4.65

Drennan Subsurface Green Fly leader 50m

Drennan Sub Surface Green Fly Leader is ideal for nymph and lure fishing and an ideal tippet material when you wish to ... find out more

Only: £3.65

Truefly Copolymer 50M Tippet

Hi-quality, copolymer extrusion Super strength Low stretch Stiffened core for easier turnover High abrasion-resistance Direct contact, allows you to feel takes easier Superb for stillwater lures & saltwater ... find out more

Only: £1.99

Wychwood River & Stream Superfine 50m Tippet

Super- fine, copolmer tippet High elasticity for shock absorption Extraordinary knot strength Soft core for perfect line lay 7-step pre-stretch cooling process Thin diametre to linear strength ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Wychwood Truefly Finesse 50m Tippet

Super low diameter. Colour coded protective spool band. Incredibly strong, resin coated nylon line. Medium stretch to absorb the shock of smash takes. Supplied in 50m ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Wychwood Truefly Sub Surface 50m

Absorbs water to sink more readily Colour coded spool band Clear with low visibility Low stretch line to feel subtle takesĀ  find out more

Only: £2.99

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