Pallatrax only produces fish friendly and fishery friendly products with the fish’s welfare and the environment always at the forefront of our developments. We do not use mould inhibitors and preservatives such as MPG to preserve our Boilies, Sticks and Squab ranges, but choose an exclusive drying process resulting in totally unique baits in a class of their own.
We source only the finest ingredients to gain the best results and only use fresh liquid eggs, not powdered, in our Boilies, Sticks and Squabs. Over the years we have refined our formulas through experience, research and experimentation into our own unique and successfully proven base mixes and blended them with superb flavours, colours and essential oils, resulting in a combination of high standard and quality which fish find hard to resist.

We also offer a comprehensive range of  additional bait products including Glugs, Oversprays, Pellets, Groundbaits/Method Mixes, and the ground breaking Naturals Range which incorporates a vast array of natural baits, from Snails to Daphnia in the Hidra and Dried Ranges, through to Multiworm and Crustacean Cocktail within our Boilies, Squabs and Sticks ranges.
With our recognition of the importance that quality bait will consistently catch more fish, we are proud of the fact that we manufacture the vast majority of our baits within our own bespoke premises in the UK. We do not use outside contractors, thus keeping total control of our baits from manufacture of our base mixes through to packing the finished products.


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