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Carbon Feeder Spade End Micro Barbed

These hooks to nylon are ideal for fishing bigger baits and combinations baits for bream and tench.find out more

Only: £1.60

Carbon Match Spade End Hooks Micro Barbed

A versatile, lightweight hook with a strong forged shape and a long inclined point.Ideal for a wide variety of baits from chopped worm to bread flake.find out more

Only: £1.60

Red Maggot Spade Ends Micro Barbed

These are the perfect for chub fishing when using lots of maggots, and with balanced tackle, you will have no trouble landing ... find out more

Only: £1.60

Super Spade Micro Barbed

A good river feeder hook for barbel or chub. The larger hooks are ideal for big baits like meat and lobworms, and ... find out more

Only: £1.60

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