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John Baker BioShellfish Mix 1Kilo

The very best quality seafood and fish extract recipe packed with natural attraction. Contains Krill, Shellfish extracts and Keratin.     Supplied in 1kg bag.find out more

Only: £10.99

John Baker Bombay Spice Mix 1kg

This mix includes 8 x Aromatic Indian Spices on a proven Bio & Krill seafood basefind out more

Only: £10.99

John Baker Frost & Flood 1Kilo

A proven barbel bait for all season use. Distributes a fast flavour leakage in a smooth paste or boilie form. Effective as ... find out more

Only: £10.99

John Baker Milk & Honey Dry Base 1kg Mix

A milk protein based mix with Honey soaked raosted walnut and peanut meals, cereals with bio-yeats and micro-nutrients for a unique taste ... find out more

Only: £10.99

John Baker Original Barbel Mix 1Kilo

The first dedicated Barbel mix and probably the most reliable Barbel paste and boilie bait available. Contains meat extracts, milk and vegtable ... find out more

Only: £8.99

John Baker Supermilk 1Kilo

A top quality milk protein mix using the very best, high grade acid casein, lactalbumin, calcium caseinate, soya isolates and whey proteins. ... find out more

Only: £18.99

John Baker Taste F2 Dry Base Mix 1kg

This is the new and much improved formulation of the original ‘Taste4Carp’ & ‘Taste4Barbel’mixes. It now includes extra spray-dried cheese protein powder, ... find out more

Only: £10.99

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