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Drennan Alloy Sticks

These floats are the perfect trotting floats for rivers. Drennan Alloy Sticks are used in the same way as standard stick floats ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Big Sticks

The Drennan Big Sticks are wider in the shoulder than the standard Drennan Sticks and are best used when conditions are too ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Bobbers

Drennan Bobbers are a pop­ular float design that can be used for everything from fishing worms for perch on lakes to trot­ting for grayling on ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Crystal Avons

Drennan Crystal Avons are a clear plastic float with a body shape based on the traditional Avon river float. They can be ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Crystal Wagglers

Drennan Crystal Wagglers are a large family of straight, tubular models that are ideal for shallow or clear water where the fish can be ‘float shy’. Drennan ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Float Stops

Rubber float stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a variety of uses. They are ideal for trapping wagglers,excellent as ... find out more

Only: £1.50

Drennan Giant Crystals

Giant Crystals have large dia­meter, clear tubular bodies with sens­itive inserts that are inter­change­able for colour and length using Giant Combo Tips.  The family ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Grippa Stops

Grippa Stops are a tapered extra large rubber float stop. Ideal for small sliding rings or locking wagglers in position. The Grippa ... find out more

Only: £1.50

Drennan Loafers

These extremely popular clear plastic floats are ideal in shallow fast flowing water or when the fish are easily spooked. The shape ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Merge Peacocks

Drennan Merge Peacocks have a straight, thick pea­cock quill body with a slimmer pea­cock quill insert. They are dif­fi­cult to make but the result is ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Mixed Float Caps

These mixed float caps from Drennan are ideal for top and bottom float fixing for stick floats, avon style floats, pole float ... find out more

Only: £1.50

Drennan Peacock Wagglers

These straight Peacock Wagglers have a fixed insert tip made from hard-grade balsa wood. This tip is light enough to main­tain the ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Peacocks

A pop­ular float choice for all-round wag­gler fishing on both still­wa­ters and rivers. The central quill sec­tion of pea­cock tail feathers is one ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Sticks

The Drennan stick float is the classic river float. It is best used in even flows it is most often used to ... find out more

Only: £1.85

Drennan Wire Avons

This Drennan Wire Avon has a traditional Avon shaped body similar to the Crystal Avon. The wire stem makes this float extremely ... find out more

Only: £1.85

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