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ESP Particle Pult

This E-S-P Particle pult is designed to maximize distance and minimize spread with a range of popular baits including pellets, sweetcorn, tigernuts ... find out more

Only: £11.95

ESP Rig Shrink

ESP Rig Shrink has been designed for the production of neat effective anti-eject rigs. The low diameter tube will shrink down perfectly ... find out more

Only: £3.25

ESP Sink Rig Tube 1.75mm

ESP Sink Rig Tube is designed to lie flat on the lake bed, sink rapidly, and blend in unobtrusivley. It offers ultimate line ... find out more

Only: £3.25

ESP Splicing Needles

A 3pk of super fine splicing needles that can be threaded through leadcore. Also superb for use as a baiting needle when ... find out more

Only: £4.99

ESP Streamliner Rig Booms

25 units per packet Available in camouflaged translucent weed green and gravel brown. Extra long versions of the E-S-P Streamliner Rig Sleeves with ... find out more

Only: £3.25


This range of Anti Eject combi rigs are made using 9 inches of ESP`s coated dyneema braid Strip Teaze and finished with ESP ... find out more

Only: £2.35

ESP Strip-Teaze

Strip-Teaze is a dynamic braid with a high tech polymer coating.The Dyneema core has been loosely woven to provide a smooth silky ... find out more

Only: £9.95

ESP Tapered Shock Leaders

The ESP Tapered Shock Leaders are constructed from an advanced low stretch polymer with a super slick finish. This low friction surface ... find out more

Only: £6.75

ESP Universal P.V.A. Refill

20 & 25mm Universal Refill, Nominal 6m Length.- Ultra Fine Thread- Strong Anti-Ladder Construction- Smaller Knots- Controlled Meltdown- No Solvent Residue- Economic ... find out more

Only: £4.95

Lewplast 'Rolling Plasticine'

Popularised by famous barbel angler Ray Walton, Lewisplast is the acknowledged best weight for use when rolling meat of other baits for ... find out more

Only: £2.99

Pallatrax Natural Swivel Stonze

Stonze™ System - Environmentally Friendly Fishing Weights The Stonze™ System is the result of many years of research and development as we looked for ... find out more

Only: £1.25

Pallatrax Silt Swivel Stonze

Stonze™ System - Environmentally Friendly Fishing Weights These darker almost black Swivel Stonze™ - or Silties, as they have quickly become known – were ... find out more

Only: £1.25

Tronixpro Crimps 0.5mm x 5mm

The crimps are made from soft brass making them easier to crimp and less likely to damage your line. 0.5mm x 5mm Qty 100 ... find out more

Only: £1.50

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