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Throop Fishery Report - 5th. February 2011


Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Lets start with some late reports, the first was for the long awaited Bullhead Match that was attended by most of the top local anglers on Sunday, so with their buckets on the ready to keep their prize's in, they all come unstuck, not one single angler captured a Bullhead, I have received information that there is a grass in their midst, someone let all the Bullheads know that they were all about to be captured, most of the information came via the R.D.A.A website, so future matches for  Bullheads should be kept a secret, the other problem was nuisance fish, and on this match the culprit was the Chub, again information that I received was that the Chub are close friends of the Bullhead and they came to their rescue, so apart from all that, fishing is for fun, and well done all you lads that had a day out and a good laugh, here is Steve New with one of the nuisance fish a Chub of 6lb 2oz.

Steve New with a 6lb 2oz nuisance chub caught during the Bullhead Match

The next late report was from Shaun Spires with a pike of 21lb 10ozs, well done Shaun, a nice fish.

Shaun Spires with a 21lb 10oz pike

Another late report came in from Eddy Widdup, who started the day with a puncture, so with this nightmare fixed, it was off to do a bit of fishing, when you mention the trots we all think of one thing, but on this occasion it was for trotting the swim, so with these tactics in mind, Eddy was soon roving and trotting and soon had two nice Chub to his credit, one fish of 5lb 7oz and the other at 5lb 10ozs, well done Eddy, glad you caught Plenty.


Monday and things started on a high note, quite a few anglers were soon catching some fish, the perch were still being caught in good numbers, and catches of 20 fish were commonplace, the pike were also putting theirselves about, with Peter Hilken taking five fish to 7lb, although not massive fish, it was a nice days sport, well done Peter. Avon bailiff Paul Woodget managed to capture a nice Chub of 5lb 8oz, Whilst Avon manager Phil Nixon caught five Chub to 5lb 15oz, I suppose Phil had to catch more than his Bailiff, being the manager, still it's nice to see our neighbours visiting us.


David Barratt was on his very first trip to Throop, travelling from Dorking in Surrey, home of the famous Bury Hill Lake and home to a great match angling team, so starting today on his two day trip, David tempted three chub to the net, with the best weighing in at 5lb 14oz, plus a bonus sea-trout, I must also mention that David was also overjoyed at Throop's wonderful wildlife.


EGRET deer


Tuesday and Scott Mosley was again on the banks trying for another carp, with his fishing buddy Arran Morgan, last week Scott had his PB common carp, a fish of 11lb 1oz, well this time no such luck, he missed a couple of bites, I told him that he must put a hook on the end of the line, so it was two blanks for Scott and Arran. Gordon Barrett was also trying his skill, and it paid off, catching a small pike on BREAD, well done mate, you should have been named Gordon Bennett.

James Gordon Bennett

Gordon Bennett was born in Scotland in 1795, and the meaning of "Gordon Bennett" is an exclamation of surprise.


Tom Flynn was fishing with his pal Will Jones, Tom had one chub and a small Salmon, whilst Will had a great day fishing, although a couple of fish were dropped, Will succeeded in landing 8 chub to 5lb 14oz, well done lads. Dave Webley was once again catching some Throop Perch, and this time landed a cracker of 3lb, and I was on hand to take a couple of photos, great fish Dave, well done.


Dave Webley with a fantastic looking 3lb perch Another shot of Dave's 3lb Perch


It's David Baratts second and last day of his trip, and again he brought a chub to the net, a nice fish of 4lb 5oz, well done David, so after all our e-mails to one another I'm glad it all came together and you enjoyed your visit, perhaps next time you may catch one of our lovely barbel, and perhaps some warmer weather would be nice.


Wednesday, and not many anglers were on the banks today, the water temperature had come up 3f to 43f, the colour has now dropped out, and the river is looking very good. Scott Mosely was again on the banks trying to make up for yesterday's blank session, and he certainly took revenge with a great mixed bag of fish in a very short fishing session, first to the net was a carp of 10lb 8oz, then a pike of 11lb, this was followed by a PB Tench of 5lb, and to top it all, a perch of 1lb 11oz, well done mate, what a shame you had to go home early, well the story never ended there, his fishing buddy Arran Morgan turned up and took over the swim, and he too kept up the reputation of this productive swim by catching a nice mirror carp of 11lb, and this was followed by a bream of 8lb 8oz, well done Arran.


Scott Moseley with yet another carp weighing 10lb 8oz Scott Moseley and an 11lb pike Scott Moseley shows of his new PB tench weighing 5lb

 I would like to point out that after repeated phone calls, and young Scott trying for two days to send me his photo's, he finally found the problem, he had been spelling my e-mail address wrong, anyway it is now sorted, well done Scott, at last.


The next incredible catch was made by Dave McDonigle, last week whilst feeder fishing, Dave hooked  a very large pike, after an epic 25 minute battle, the pike was netted, the size 20 hook was removed and the fish was weighed thumping the scales down to an incredible 23lb 6oz, now the reason for the inclusion for last weeks catch today was because Dave returned to the same spot, not content in catching  "Big Mommy" he had to catch the rest of the family, dad, son, daughter, aunts, uncles, cousins, in fact apart from two chub, Dave had caught 15 pike in one session and that was up to 4:00pm, wow, that was something very special, as I was on the phone to Dave, he said, I have to go my float has gone under, most of the pike were small ( up to 7lb ) but what a fabulous days fishing, well done Dave.


I think that only one angler blanked today, and that was me, after missing one bite in the first 15 minutes, I never had another touch, I was joined by Phil Nixon who landed 3 chub whilst I enviously looked on, after I left, Phil Landed another two fish, the best fish weighing in at 6lb 2oz, the rest were estimated at about 5lb, well done mate, at least you stayed on in very windy conditions, it's a shame that your fish fingers that you rushed home for, wasn't that good. 


Our Bailiff Sid managed to land two chub, although I left before I had a chance to get there weights.

A phone call to Alan Paget revealed that he has had is operation and he is recovering well, although he is not recovering too well with the thought that he is now sixty, but he can't wait to get back on the banks again..........and get his bus pass...........and free prescriptions, good luck Alan.


zoom_Bus_Pass Dispensary


Thursday and I had a day on the Avon with Avon manager Phil Nixon, but because this is a Throop report I am not allowed to tell you that he had two Barbel, one of 10lb 10ozs and the other weighed in at 11lb 3oz, so I will keep it a secret, yes I blanked again.............not a bite in site, my new slogan.


Back to Throop.

Luke was doing a bit of roving, but apart from missing one bite, he ended up blanking. Sid done well today, he managed to catch a minnow, so he never blanked. Steve New, managed to catch one of those last knocking fish, why do these fish come out to play when it's time to go home, but this one was worth the wait, a nice Barbel weighing in at spot on 9lb, well done Steve, thanks for the photo. 

Steve New with a 9lb barbel landed at last knockings

So with such a poor day, we must write about something, so that brings me to bait, and the bait I have in mind is CHEESE PASTE, if you look on the Internet for some recipes, you will find so many different ways on how to make it, in fact it can become confusing on what is such a simple bait to make. One well known local angler takes a block of cheese and just keeps kneading it until it is soft enough to use, nothing else is used except a bit of work.


This is how I make my cheese paste.


  • Buy some Just-Rol puff pastry or short crust, the pack should contain two 340g blocks.
  • Roll out one of these blocks using a rolling pin, lightly dust with some flour.
  • Once this has been rolled, spread on some cheese spread, this can be any make or flavour, it comes in a tube.
  • Then sprinkle on some grated strong cheddar, and then crumble on some Danish Blue Cheese.
  • Fold over the corners and then start kneading the mix, keep this going until you have the right texture, if it's a bit wet or too soft, add a sprinkle of flour.
  • I must admit that once I have folded over the mix, I then bung the whole lot into Tina's dough maker, and let the machine do the work.

Once finished, you should have a nice soft paste, man enough to stay on the hook, but not too hard as it can impede a hook penetration, if you pull a piece of your finished paste, it should have a slight spring in it, test it out in a glass of water to see how long it would stay on the hook. Please note that it can feel a bit soft at first, but it does stiffen up slightly once left. Whilst making your paste, write down exactly what portions you use, once you have achieved your target, then every time you make some paste, it should be 100% successful. If you think you have made too much, cut and roll the paste into separate balls and place each ball into its own plastic bag and place them into the freezer.


Now you can go and try it out, then moan at me because you blanked, good luck.


Friday, and once again the weather is playing havoc with our  " Passion for Angling " this time we have gale force winds, and the forecasters have told us that it will get worse over the weekend, so that will put paid to any fishing that I might have had planned, what with a dodgy arm and a bad back, and no sympathy from Phil Nixon, he says I should get a grip, it's not easy as you get older, come to think of it, I'll have to find out how old he is, he must be young, he never complains,  except when he is fishing and gets stuck on only catching 5 chub every time he goes out, well thank goodness for the last chub that he caught on today's session, at last Phil has caught six Chub, that's how many he had today in appalling conditions, the best fish weighing 5lb 13oz, well done mate.


Also out and about was John McGough who had a couple of nice Chub to 5lb 10ozs, I will have to moan about my aches and pains to John, he had a bad back until an operation cured it. We also had three fishing buddies braving the windy conditions, they were Paul Cake, Alan Willarbough and John Booth, they all caught fish, Paul had six Perch, and three Pike weighing 5lb, 6lb, and 7lb, and lost four more, Alan had 10lb of Perch, and last but not least was John who had two Pike both weighing 7lb each, plus two Bream of about 4lb apiece and a mixed bag of Roach and Perch, well done lads, and many thanks for your report. Another angler who was working very hard float fishing, up to his waist in water, catching five Chub trotting before the swim died.


Saturday, and today the weather is the dominant factor, the wind is gale force, and it is such a shame that the lads that were braving today's elements were struggling, finding the right swim is a major factor, most of the swims that have been producing were smack bang in the strong winds, a brolly was impossible, and finding a swim that is out of the wind can be a dodgy affair as there are a lot of willows trees that are on the river bank, and believe me, the willows are one of the last trees that you would want to shelter under, they are so unpredictable and can lose their branches very easily, so apart from some minnows I had no reports of any catches for today.


So rather than leave you with no fish catches I thought that this would be nice for you to have a look at this.


Here are two photos, one is from a Throop regular, it is Mathew Beddows from Coventry who recently caught this 7lb 5oz Chub from the River Ouse, just look how different they are from the Throop Chub, so  compare it to a similar size fish from Throop, this 7lb 4oz fish that was caught by Luke "GaGa" in July.


Matt Beddows with an Ouse caught 7lb 5oz chub Luke 'GaGa' with a 7lb 4oz Throop chub


Because I mentioned Coventry [I wish you hadn't Brian, they beat us 2-1 yesterday Frown], it jogged my memory, another Coventry angler Phil Smith rang me for a chat this week and the subject discussed was how good some anglers were in catching lots of fish, and we both agree that a major factor was enthusiasm and dedication, of course skill and luck always play a big part, but when some of the anglers venture out onto the river bank in appalling conditions and spend many hours trying to catch their prize, they deserve to achieve their target and it's these lads that I admire greatly.


Sunday and the river bank is almost empty and the few anglers that I met up with were struggling, a couple of anglers that were fishing a side stream were taking a few small roach and perch. Nick Roberts had a morning session and landed a couple of small Chub. Roving the river bank was Stuart Jupp, I must admit that Stuart is getting me worried a bit, every time he ventures onto the river bank here at Throop, the weather is appalling, we have had very heavy frosts, floods and now gale force winds, I am beginning to think that he may be a curse, well his first couple of fish may throw some light on the curse subject, with his famous paste, his first two fish that he landed was the famous Throop veggie pike that eat everything in site, well theses two fish were landed and weighed at 8lb each, so that was a start, so still braving the winds Stuart went on to land three Chub, two fish around 5lb, with the best fish weighing in at 5lb 7oz, well done Stuart, well earned. Luke "GaGa" phoned me and we discussed some various swims, so with the water temperature up around 48f , he set out for an afternoon session, and what a great session it was, fishing for four hours from 2.00pm to 6.00pm he managed two Chub, one weighed 5lb 2oz whilst the other went 5lb 15oz, just one ounce short of the magical six, and if that wasn't enough his catch was completed by bringing to the net a cracking Barbel of 9lb 9oz, well done Luke.

Luke and a well earned 9lb 9oz barbel

Many thanks to you all for your reports and photo's, don't forget to check the local weather forecast before you make plans and travel, check out the link, click on to each day for wind speeds. [And many, many thanks to Brian, not only for writing these report week in, week out, but also for the first time ever not sending me any micro pictures to try and work with!]


If you have any catch reports or need a river update, give me a ring on 07740777967 or send me an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it please mark your e-mails THROOP.....................and Good Luck.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.




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