Throop Fishery News - 18th. October 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 18th. October 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 18th. October 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website


This week has been a nightmare for myself and Nigel, I will let Nigel tell you what sort of week he has had, that's if he wants to.

My week has been running backwards and forwards to the hospital, I have been having trouble with my eyes, this came about because I have not been catching that many fish over the past week or two, so there I was in the hands of some nice looking nurses, they had a good look into my beautiful blue eyes, and gave me some special drops to put into them, so now I will have to see if my catch rate improves.

I'm sure that we could have found a 'better' picture for Carry on Nurse!


Monday, and the water level has again dropped and the colour is slowly dropping out, there have been a few chub caught throughout the stretch, myself and Craig Wood had a few hours fishing late in the afternoon, and we both struggled for a bite, the barbel were playing hard to get, although one angler did manage to catch one which was very small and was estimated to weigh about 3lb 8oz, so with the air temperatures dropping and the very bright sunny days playing a major part, we have to wait until last knockings to get any sign of a fish, but as we have to be off the water at 7.45pm it only gives us just a small window, well I did manage one chub of about 4lb right on the last cast.


Tuesday and today was when I began my trips to the hospital, so I was not available to be on the river, but one report did come in and that was from Scott Mosely, he took a couple of nice fish, one was a small pike plus a nice bream of 6lb, and then came the best fish of the session, yes it's another PB, a perch weighing in at 3lb 14oz, just a couple of ounces short of the magic 4lb, well done Scott and congratulations, he also lost an even bigger perch that may well have reached the magical four pound mark. I did not receive any other reports for today.


Wednesday and although there were quite a few anglers on the banks, I did not receive one report, again I never went out as I was resting my eyes for some real river action, that will happen when I am again out for a few hours on Thursday.


Thursday and how wrong I was, I was on the banks, fishing just upstream from Craig Wood, we ended the day bite less, the sky for most of the afternoon was bright blue and a very shining sun beaming down, in fact just upstream from me was Reg Clark (with or without an e), Reg also struggled, I bet he wished that he had stayed at home and fished from his garden that goes right down to the river edge at Throop. With Reg was his fishing buddy for the day who managed to catch a vegetarian pike. I met up with Bailiff Sid Johnson who also never had a bite all afternoon, also we had a few local lads that also remained fish less, including Alan Paget who usually manages to take a fish or two, Alan had been on the banks since early morning.


One lad that did have a some success, and that was Colin Morris, who is know as Mo, well using trotting tactics Mo found some fish, quite a few silvers plus two million minnows, and some perch up to 2lb, he also caught some chub with the best fish weighing in at 6lb 2oz, well done Mo, you must be top man for the day. So it looks like the drop in the overnight temperatures has played havoc with today's fishing.


Friday and it's another cold start, the river is still dropping and we need some rain, the colour has also dropped out and again the river is running clear, I managed a couple of hours and had a chub of 3lb 14oz, but it was elsewhere that saw a lot of the action, one guy that I spoke to, told me that he had caught a barbel of 9lb on the previous Sunday, but did point out that the river has not fished the same as it did in 1960. I met up with Peter Foreman and his wife Karen who were on their last day of a weeks stay at Meadowbank, they have been coming to our part of the world for the last 20 years, and tomorrow it's back to sunny Suffolk, and taking back with them is a fabulous story, as I was passing by their swim, Peter was into a good fish, I asked Peter the weight of his best chub, over 5lb was the reply, well this will beat that with no problem, but a problem did occur, Peter was using barbless hooks and the chub made for the bank under his feet and jammed it's nose into a cavity in the rocks, I managed to climb down the bank, and with the help of the landing net handle managed to prise the fish out of the rock, with the fish now in open water I netted the fish and it was brought to the bankside, and what a stunner, a new PB for Peter a magnificent chub of 7lb 2oz, it was then that I noticed the screen on my camera was broken, Karen was at hand to photograph Peter and his prize, also many thanks to Jeff Rowland for weighing the fish, well done and congratulations.

Peter Foreman with his new PB chub which weighed 7lb 2oz.

Jeff also had some chub, they were fish of 4lb....4lb 3oz......and 4lb 12oz, well done Jeff, we won’t mention that your wife Julie caught 4 barbel to 6lb 8oz on the Royalty as that is not allowed, and I also won’t mention that you drive around with two Burnley stickers on the back of your car.

Brian laws

There were also some nice chub taken by Andy, a 6lb specimen followed by three more fish, 5lb 8oz, 6lb 9oz, 4lb and the last fish was a cracking 5lb 15oz, What a shame, just one more ounce for the magical six pounder, but nether the less a great catch, many thanks for your report and well done.


Saturday, and what a fabulous day here at Throop, when a big fish ace gets a PB, then it must be a very special fish, and it certainly was, the big fish ace was none other than Kenny Parsons who you have read about many times and viewed some of his great chub catches, well today he had a chub of 5lb 9oz, and then came his PB, the biggest chub of the season so far from Throop, a staggering 7lb 12oz fish. Listen mate that is truly brilliant and I am so pleased that you wont be able to sleep tonight, great stuff and well and truly deserved.


Kenny Parsons with a new PB chub weighing 7lb 12oz

I just can't believe that I was unable to get on the fishery today, and I have to thank all my friends who were on the bank and gave me some really great reports for today.

 This has to be one of the best chub rivers in the country, and how great it is to see our stripey friends, the perch, showing in great numbers throughout the fishery, and we have also had some nice roach catches, all this on a river that is again running clear and low, yes we do need a lot more rain, but the fish still keep on coming, we make lots of excuses on days when we are having a bad time, we blame everything under the sun, but the fish are proving us wrong time and time again.


Another great angler that has again returned to our fishery is non other than Keith Little, who in the past has proved that he could catch a fish in a kitchen sink, well on his first day fishing he did manage to catch a few fish, here is his list...chub of 3lb 10oz, 4lb 2oz, 4lb 14oz, 5lb 5oz, 5lb 8oz, 4lb 3oz and 4lb 10oz plus a small barbel of 5lb 8oz, now in my book, that ain't a bad days fishing, seven chub and a barbie, well done mate.

The Kitchen Sink

Craig Wood decided on just a couple of hours and managed to land a nice chub of 5lb 10ozs, cheers for your phone call Craig.


And if that lot wasn't enough, we have another PB, this time it once again came from Scott Mosley who is having a really great season, his PB is a lovely barbel, of 9lb 10oz, so good stuff mate, this is your third PB this season on three separate species, SO FAR...a perch, a chub, and a barbel.......what next!

Scott Mosley with his new PB barbel of 9lb 10oz

Scott finished the session with another nice perch, a fish weighing 2lb 14oz, another great catch.


Sunday and my day started with me playing with my new camera that I bought yesterday, not that it matters to Nigel, he will still moan at some of my micro pictures, but before he condemns me to the gallows, let me tell you all that the pictures  I take are all OK, and have many times made the pages of the Angling press, it's some of the pictures that are sent to me is where the problem is, I seem to have computer problems, in fact I feel a complete failure when it comes to pressing a few buttons. 


Well the temperature certainly took a nose dive last night, we had a ground frost and the air temperature started the day at 1 degree C. The sky has been clear all day with bright sunshine and the fishing was awful, anglers struggled up and down the river. Do you remember what I said about Keith Little, (quote..."he could catch a fish in the kitchen sink"...) well someone must have pulled the plug out, because today he blanked, he never had a bite all day.

The return of the Kitchen Sink

One lad did manage to catch a chub of 4lb 10ozs, his name was Andy, you done well on a gruesome day.

Andy with a 4lb 10oz chub

The surprise of the day was a two fish catch by Bailiff Sid Johnson; he managed to catch two chub, one of 5lb 8oz and the other estimated to be about 5lb, well done Sid, top man for the day.

When Keith does visit us, our bailiff Sid is not far some how reminds me of Flanagan and Allen, I don't know which is which, what do you think?

The incomparable Flanagan and Allen. Oops

Well things can't get worse, at least it didn't rain, mind you that would have been a good thing, so that's it for Sunday, lets hope the coming week can improve, many thanks for all your reports and photo's, and good luck to you all.


If you require any river conditions or have any reports, even if you blank, let me know, fishing is all about your day, catching is a bonus, call me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please put on the e-mail subject THROOP.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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