Throop Fishery Report - 10th. October 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 10th. October 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 10th. October 2010


Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


Well that was a bit different, you know what I mean, the poem! I suppose it takes all sorts, on a day when there is not much to report I thought that it would be ok to fill in a space, well I thought it was ok, I hope you enjoyed it.


I have a few late reports that have come in, the first was a catch that was made last Thursday the  30th September, you must remember this day, we had lots of cloud cover and conditions looked great, barbel were being caught throughout the stretch, this report is from Mark Short who travels to Throop from Lincolnshire, and he could not have picked a better day, his catch was seven chub to 5lb 13oz and to top it all a smashing barbel of  12lb 5oz, well done Mark, a fabulous catch and many thanks for your report, I bet you was singing all the way home.


The next late report was from another Mark, this time it was from Mark Smith who was with his son Ben, they fished together on Saturday the 2nd of October, this report is not about what fish they caught, in fact they never caught much at all, this is all about father and son enjoying a wonderful day at Throop, Mark lost a decent fish when it decided it was happier swimming in the river than being stared at in a net, never mind Mark, but the happiest was Ben who did manage to catch a few small fish on the feeder, but was more intrigued at the kingfishers that were very active and were flying up and down all day, and what’s more he fell in love with Throop, many thanks for your report and good fishing in the future.


One of the most beautiful birds that live on our rivers, the kingfisher

Monday, and that is a day to remember for one happy angler, the happy lad in question was Bailiff Shaun Bodman, after a phone call from Shaun, we met up on the fishery, we had a look at the river conditions and they looked very good, I told Shaun  to have a go in a particular swim, which he did, he managed a gudgeon and a little chublet, that's when his face lit up and the weighing scales revealed a 12lb 11oz barbel, giving Shaun a new PB, the fish was then quickly photographed and returned safely to the water, it was not over just yet, right on last knockings, Shaun landed another double figure barbel, this time it weighed in at 11lb 14oz, again a quick photo, and a safe return to the  river, so a fabulous day for Shaun, what was even more remarkable, was the clouds disappeared and the skies cleared revealing a blue and sunny day, we both had our shirts off in very hot conditions, how did I get on ?..........don't ask...I had a stupid pike sitting in my swim all day, making sure that I blanked, OK the pike won.

We met up with Sid on the way off the fishery, he had a couple of small chub and elsewhere there were small chub caught on a very empty fishery.


Shaun with a 12lb 11oz barbel Shaun with his second double of 11lb 14oz


Tuesday and it looks like another good day, the water level is still up and the colour looks just about right, after a walk around the fishery this morning, I have to report that the Mill Pool is still full of duck weed that will take some time to shift, there is just not enough flow to clear it.

I have been checking out some of the deeper swims and the weed is breaking up, that is good news, as it will open up the fishery and provide us with some more swims. The fishing today has been really good, there have been a few barbel caught and lost, the biggest fish reported today was 13lb 2oz, whilst earlier on another barbel of 13lb was also caught. There was also a reported fish of 14lb 4oz that was caught, but I am not quite sure of the date of capture.


Scott Moseley lost a barbel earlier on but did manage to land two chub, they both weighed exactly the same, the weight was 6lb 4oz, they were TWINS, well done Scott, and I am glad that you took my advice and removed your sunglasses whilst your photo was being taken, also joining Scott for a few hours fishing was Scott's uncle, Russ Chandler, who himself captured a nice barbel of 9lb 13oz, Russ was also responsible for taking the photo's and becoming a whizz kid on the computer, well done lads and many thanks for your report and photo's.



Scott Moseley with one of a brace of 6lb 4oz chub Scott with his second 6lb 4oz chub of the session


Russ Chandler with a 9lb 12oz barbel


Well that was another day that old whiskers have decided to feed, it just goes to show what that extra bit of water can do, we have to hold our breath for the rest of the week, although it rained again tonight, the forecast for the week is again sunny, so fingers crossed for some fishing magic.

Also on the banks was our old mate Sean Dent, well he sent me his report, and the amount of food that he carried with him was second to none, especially the black peppered German sausage, I just don't know how he had time to eat any of it, I watched him for a few minutes, and he must have had his arm ache catching fish, his total tally was 29 perch, what a shame he could not have made it 30, he did take a photo, but the size of the picture was so small that Nigel would have been on my case, but many thanks Sean and well done. Sid the Bailiff had a couple of average size chub, plus a barbel of about 7lb. So all in all a good days fishing, well done chaps.


Shot of Perch underwater

Wednesday and I was back on the river bank, I met up with a couple of lads from Windsor, they were Keith and Kevin, I cut out a swim for Keith and trimmed back some branches and left them to enjoy the day. I met up with Sid who had taken three chub to 5lb 8oz, and can report a nice barbel of 12lb 6oz caught by local angler Brian James. It was also nice to meet up with EA fisheries technical officer Jim Allan, so after a quick chat is was back on the fishery to do my rounds.

NOW FOR BIG NEWS.......................Stuart Andrews has set a THROOP RECORD, no it is not a barbel or chub, in fact you could go on guessing forever, after hooking and playing a fish of monstrous proportions, thinking that he had caught the biggest chub ever, it was not until he slipped the net under this silver beauty that he had suddenly realised what he had caught, with his heart still racing he lifted from the water an 18lb 9oz Grass Carp, I suppose a chub of that size would have been asking a lot, but well done Stuart, that record will stay with us for years. Or will it.?

Stuart Andrews with a totally unexpected 18lb 9oz grass carp from Throop.

Stuart also caught four real chub, you know, proper ones to 5lb 8oz, thanks for your report and a great photo.


Thursday and it was my day off, no fishing, no river bank, no reports.


Friday and at last a few fish reports, if I am not pacing the banks asking people what they have caught then information can be a bit on the slow side. It seems that the perch are now being caught in large numbers, as another angler has had a big haul of the stripeys. Roach are just beginning to show, as Bailiff John Rushton found out whilst trotting; he did take a few to the pound mark until the toothy critters moved in and wrecked the sport.


Robin was back on the fishery for the start of a weekend of fishing, Robin only had one bite that resulted in a chub of 5lb 2oz, and this was very pleasing as it was from a swim that I have been working on for a few days, many thanks Robin. Russ Chandler was again on the bank for a few hours after work fishing, this is not easy as the nights are drawing in and our local lads don't have much time for the evening session, well Russ made the most of it by taking two chub, one of 4lb 7oz and the other at 5lb 4oz, well done Russ and many thanks for your call.


My son Rick also came down for a couple of hours and only managed a small chub of about a pound, I also had a couple of hours but I was weeded out as I was fishing a nearside swim that was carrying a lot of weed, I did persevere with this for a while but decided to call it a day when some eels moved in over my bait. A really nice catch was by Greg Turner who found a nice trotting line and landed a few roach and perch, plus 5 chub to 6lb 4oz, and that was up to the time that I left, well done Greg, a nice bit of fishing. Also on the banks was Craig Wood in search of the big elusive barbel, but I'm afraid to say that they have once again eluded Craig's hook, but as a consolation he did manage to land a chub of 6lb, well done Craig and thanks for your report.


Saturday and there were not many reports of catches today, but there was one report that I found quite amusing, it was from Graham Acourt, he seemed to spend more time watching the birds and the bees.

This wasn't actually the picture that Brian had selected to describe the Birds and the Bees.....

NO, not that type of birds and bees, firstly he was fishing right over a wasp nest (they are similar in colour to bees) so that was the first thing, then he spent time watching a goose flying over, only to see it hit the power line, so he went over to have a GANDER and the bird took off, none the worse for his ordeal.

                                                      One flew East, One flew West, One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Oh yes back to his fishing, well he had a pleasant day and enjoyed it, and that is what it is all about, did I mention that he caught a chub, no, well he did, a nice chub of 5lb, well done Graham and good luck, thanks for your report. My son Rick dragged me out for a few hours fishing, and that turned out to be a seven hour session, but it was not easy, I caught two chub, one of 3lb and the other at 5lb 3oz, Rick also struggled, taking one chub of 5lb 6oz and then moved swims twice before taking another of 5lb 13oz.


Elsewhere it was the same story, just one or two chub being taken. The mill pool is now fish-able with a lot of the duck weed dispersing; the water level has again dropped by about 10/12 inches.

Robin was again fishing today, can remember one of his great catches, just to remind you, a season or two ago he captured a barbel of 14lb 3oz, and when back to the same spot a few weeks later and captured a 14lb 7oz barbel and on the same day and same swim captured another one of 13lb, well he fished a swim that I recommended, but I informed him that the ducks were very active in this area, so Robin being the great character that he is not only captured a 5lb chub but caught a duck as well, this was nicely unhooked and released by Chris Allport.

As I was leaving the fishery with my son, with the light fading fast, I bumped into a shady looking character who was with a young lad, it turned out to be Russ Chandler, who was with his grandson, James, so armed with a torch, Russ was showing his grandson Bats, yes the flying sort, isn’t it great to see the grandparents showing an interest in the youngsters education.

Now that is how nicknames start......................To me Russ is now BATMAN.

 I'm sure Brian had a Batman who went pike fishing last year....

 Sunday and the sun is shining with a clear blue sky, I never ventured onto the fishery today, so it's a day of phone calls and e-mails. My lad Rick was on the banks for his last session for a couple of weeks, he is off to Las Vegas on Wednesday, he's a pretty good poker player and is off to show off his skills, talking of skills he has caught another five chub in his  morning session, 2lb....3lb....4lb 9oz....5lb 6oz and a cracking 6lb 7oz, what was interesting in this session was that earlier on, he lost a fish when his hook length broke, and just a short while later he caught the smallest chub of his catch, and low and behold, in it's mouth was the hook that he had lost earlier, it had to be a defect on his hook length, but it's amazing that after being just lost the fish was not spooked and came back for some more.


Robin had his last few hours on Throop this morning before heading back to London, but he won't be singing on his journey as it was a blank I’m afraid, he did tell me that there was only one chub caught on the stretch that he was fishing, unlucky Robin, but thanks for your reports and good luck.

So that was about it for today, no more reports have come in, so it's time to send this weeks report off to Nigel, many thanks to all of you that have contacted me, and good luck in your future fishing trips.


If you have any catch reports or require information on the river, e-mail me on and mark subject THROOP or you can phone me on

   07740777967. Even if you have had a trip to the river and have caught nothing, let me know.

Many thanks for all your reports.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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