Throop Fishery Report - 3rd. October 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 3rd. October 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 3rd. October 2010

Apologies to everyone for the delay in publishing Brian's latest report which I received last Sunday but have only managed to send it out today. 


Hello everyone and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Let me start with a late report, this is from Kenny Parsons who travels down from Bristol just to catch the famous Throop chub, Kenny is now quite a regular on our banks, and a very likeable and successful angler, not only does Kenny catch a few good fish, he helps other anglers that may be struggling a bit, and of course he finds time to send me a report that is second to none, in fact it's more like a book, so well done for that Kenny, so lets see what he has caught on his latest expedition.


Starting with the Wednesday, he could only manage a three hour session, which turned out to be very successful, after taking four chub to 5lb 2oz, but no sixes, his rod arched round on last knockings and Kenny landed a nice barbel of 10lb 5oz.


Kenny with a chub that just scraped over the 5lb mark.


Kenny Parsons with a 10lb 5oz barbel taken at last knockings


Thursday was a bit on the slow side, but a couple of fish came to the net, a small chub of 3lb and another chub of 5lb 2oz.

 Kenny Parsons with a nice 5lb 2oz chub.

Friday and the first chub came to the net at 8.05am, it weighed in at 6lb 5oz, I fished on the Friday and let me tell you the conditions were not nice, a very windy day, with the winds bending the trees, many thanks for your report and photos, and thanks for helping out visiting angler Steve, which proved successful.

Kenny Parsons with a 6lb 5oz Throop chub.


I must make an apology, on last weeks report I stated that Kenny Thompson had the largest reported barbel of the season so far with a fish over 14lb, but I had forgotten the fish of 15lb that was caught by young 13 year old Mykel Duchscherer.


Monday and I only received one report, that was from visiting angler Brian Everitt from Telford, well Brian braved the weather and managed to capture a nice barbel of 8lb 6oz, well done mate, and thanks for your report. My friend Dave went home and I was at the airport to pick up Tina, so what shall I do for Mondays report, what about a poem, well lets have ago.


                                                     The Fisherman.


In mist he walks to find a spot

His strategy he has to plot

On the bank he stops at last

Remembering the good days past

And setting up his rod and line

He sits and waits to see a sign

And on the water still and clear

Rippling circles soon appear

With wriggling worm upon his hook

He takes another careful look

And cast his line into the river

Then waits to see if there's a quiver

Time goes on he has a meal

But still finds time to work his reel

Many casts he makes that day

The fish didn't seem to want to play

But as the day draws to its close

A mighty fish bites in the flows

He strikes! Excitement fills his mind

At last a barbels what he'll find

With bated breath he plays her in

And knows at last that he will win

She's in the net, he breathes a sigh

He's satisfied, yet wonders why

All day long he tried in vain

But knows someday he'll catch again.


Well what do you think of that? that was written by a neighbour of mine when she was seventy years old, and that was in the year 2000. So well done to Edwina Fooks, and thanks for many of your poems. ( by the way, before you start on me, the word bated is spelt correct. [Bated may be right Brian, but I'm not too sure thats how you spell Fooks...] )


 William Wordsworth. He might have been a great poet but he was a crap angler.      


Tuesday and today is looking good for a few hours fishing, overcast sky with a touch of drizzle in the air, believe it or not, there wasn't many anglers fishing today, I met up once again with Craig Wood who was trying out a brand new swim, I fished a swim that I had fished a few days previous, and I was greeted by a couple of old friends, my perch of  1lb, plus my little gudgeon, I wish they would tell the barbel how nice my bait was, I went on to take three chub, 3lb, 4lb and 4.5lb then as the light faded it went very quiet, with not a sign of a fish. There were a few other reported fish, a couple of anglers had some small chub, and one lucky angler landed a barbel of 13lb, but the best was yet to come, an angler who arrived just upstream to me hooked into a fish on his first cast, the bait had only been in the water a minute when the fish struck, I watched and saw him play and land the fish, it was then weighed and photographed, in between resting up periods, I asked the angler how much it weighed, 7lb 10ozs was the reply, I then said, I bet you wished it was a chub, it is a chub came the reply, so, what a great fish, a 7lb 10oz chub taken by local angler Richard Trim, this was Richards third fish of the day, the other two weighing in at 4lb + and a cracking chub of 6lb 3oz, the big seven was not a PB for Richard, as he had one of 8lb 1oz, a season or two ago.

Well done Richard, how great that was to see such a great fish landed and returned.


Wednesday and they said it was going to rain today, hooray, they have actually got it right, it is lashing it down, there is no place for anyone with any brains to go fishing today, but the first angler that I find is Brian James, he was only fishing because he got rained off at work, he had a chub on his first cast of average size, also on the banks in the driving rain was Brian Everitt, he never landed any fish and was unlucky to lose a barbel in the weed.


When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


When I asked Brian to write the Throop reports I can honestly say I never thought it would result in pictures of Billy bloody Ocean appearing on the website.


Thursday and today things are looking good, the water level is up just a touch and it has a slight tinge of colour, there are also quite a few anglers on the banks which should me that we can get a few catch reports, well we did get a few reports but the fishing was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, first report was from Chris Allport who was using trotting tactics and was unlucky to lose three unseen large fish, but did manage to land a roach of 2lb 1oz, there were a couple of nice fish caught by unknown anglers, one was a chub of 5lb 8oz and the other was a barbel of 11lb 8oz. Keith Humphries struggled but did not blank, landing a small chub of about 2lb. The best report came from Dave Sharp, now I love it when someone gets a PB, and this is extra special, Dave landed his very first barbel, a fish spot on 9lb, he also made up his catch bag with a number of other small species, well done Dave and congratulations, you are now looking for a double.


My chosen swim was taken by Brian Everitt, so I had to make do with a swim a bit further upstream, Brian blanked but was on hand to photograph a barbel that I took on the very first cast, it was a fish of 8lb 15oz, I had no further action after that and decided to go home early as the ducks were diving down after the dropping acorns and the swans done nothing but swim up and down fighting, thanks for taking the photo Brian.


Author of these reports and all round great bloke Brian Willson with an 8lb 15oz barbel.


I have just spotted a report on the Ringwood site from Bailiff Trev, and he seems to have found the secret for a short after work session, what you have to do is to tread in something unpleasant, and hey presto, one barbel of 8lb 2oz and one chub of 4lb 8oz, well done Trev, if you leave that mess on your boots forever, it should mean that you will never blank again.


Friday and you would have to be mad to fish in this weather, it has not stopped raining all day, in fact it's lashing it down, the time is 3.30pm as I write this section and it looks like it's in for the rest of the day, the weed is now coming down the river, and if this rain continues the river will rise. I did say you would have to be mad to fish in this, and I have found a madman, it's Alan Paget who has braved the conditions, and how it has paid off, his first fish is a chub of 5lb 8oz and that was followed up by one of Throop's giants, a stunning chub of 7lb, that's his biggest chub of the season so far, well done Alan, I now think that we are the mad ones, sitting looking out of the window wondering if it's going to stop, and should we take a chance.............. too late, days nearly over.


Saturday and there I was on the river bank, the river has only risen about 9 inches and there is just a touch of colour in the water, although saying that when I moved further downstream, there was a touch more colour in the water than further upstream, this is caused by the ditches and water from the road. I just proposed to fish for just a few hours today, as the met office have forecast some more heavy rain, and believe it or not they have been right over their predictions during the last week. I decided to try a shallow swim, I wish that I had not bothered, apart from one small bite, I spent most of my time cutting off my tangled and knotted rigs, so it was time to move, I then settled into a swim that has not been fished this season and was full of weed apart from a very small gravel patch, in went some bait and it was time for the bait to do it's magic whilst I sat back and sipped coffee, I met up with a few other anglers and the only reports, were just one or two chub , and they were all on the small side, with my coffee finished, it was then onto a walk on beat one, this is still a bit difficult to fish because of the spread out patches of weed, so with no anglers in site I returned to my well baited new swim that should now be bubbling and crawling with fish, in went my baited hook and whack, the rod went round and there on the other end of my line was a biggish bream that rather fortunately came off, next was a chub that took my bait on the drop, I had a bit of a battle to land this tiny chub of 2lb in such weedy conditions, so I decided that I would move just in case I hooked a bigger fish and did not want it to become tethered, this proved fruitless, and with a touch of rain in the air and the clouds building up I decided to call it a day, now that was the best move that I made today, as I got home the skies opened and down came the rain. My son Rick was once again into some fish, they were all chub, but they were all on the small side, it seems that all the bigger fish have decided to hide, his tally of chub, weighed as follows......3lb 8oz.....4lb 1oz.....4lb 14oz.....3lb 8oz.....and 3lb 15oz, but that is still a nice mornings fishing. I did not get any other reports for today, so it's time to move onto Sunday.


Sunday and believe me today is cancelled, it has been lashing it down all night with very strong winds, so I have decided to have a day indoors, this is a shame, because I had such great plans for today, I was going to have a few hours early morning fishing, and I was going to catch a big barbel and a big chub, but these must wait until tomorrow, there are some new rigs to tie, a report to write and a big football match on the tv.

So with the river changing it's pace and colour, new challenges will be needed for the following week, I think this will be a good thing, and perhaps the fish will start to think about moving their current positions.


If you require any river reports and conditions, phone me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on please mark all e-mails, subject THROOP.

Many thanks for all your reports and photos.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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