Throop Fishery Report - 26th. September 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 26th. September 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 26th. September 2010

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


I will start with a couple of late reports that came in after the last report.

The first was from Brian Anderson, who on Thursday the 16th caught a nice chub of 5lb 12oz; well Brian was back the next day to take a couple more chub, one of 5lb 6oz and the other of 4lb 2oz, well done Brian and thanks for your report.

We should all know that a bivvy is not allowed on the river but there is nothing in the rules about an Anderson shelter.......only joking, we don't want these on the river.

Anderson Shelter

For all the youngsters that read this, an Anderson shelter was used in the war during bombing raids.


I must apologise to Carl Warren from Kent for getting his name slightly wrong, it is Carl with a C and not a K, well I have got that of my chest, and show you a couple of nice pictures that was taken by our Pete Reading look-alike that was featured in our report a couple of weeks ago, many thanks for the photo's Carl.


A beautifyully composed picture of a chub & centrepin


Sunset over the Stour


Before I start on the weekly catches, may I point out that one of the best chances of catching fish is location, remember that I do not reveal catch locations, what I mean is, you must see if you can locate the fish by sight, if you find a nice few fish, then you should have a good chance of catching one or two, but remember I said chance, the next stage is presentation, this must be done in a careful and precise manner, if you can see the fish, the odds are that they can see you, keep low and quiet and good luck.


I personally hate fishing in shallow swims, when you sit for hours on end watching the fish swim all over your hook bait, just hoovering up the loose feed, I prefer a deeper swim, you know the one, full of mystery and expectations.


Monday and the start of a brand new week, my wife, Tina, has gone of to Spain for a week, and I am joined by my old fishing buddy of over 50 years, Dave Archer from Essex, we intend to fish every day, so the reports this week will be a bit of a bus-mans holiday. We chose to fish a couple of deep swims, but we never had a bite, Sid Johnson had one chub of 6lb, but again Sid has lost a barbel. Further along the river, there were one or two fish being caught, mainly chub of the average size, but the bright sunny days are still continuing.


Tuesday and Dave and I fished some shallower swims and once again I blanked, I never saw one fish at all, that is except for the three that Dave caught, he was fishing a swim with plenty of cover and managed three chub, one of 5lb 12oz, 5lb 1oz, and one of 4lb 8oz.

One angler had lost three chub; elsewhere it was the same story, just one or two fish being caught, but nothing of any good size. This morning was very wet and damp, caused by some lingering fog, but again bright sunshine lasted most of the day.


Wednesday, and at last a decent fish has been caught, now was this due to the change in the weather ?, this morning it tipped it down, real rain, rain that would fill the river if it continued all day, but no, just 30 minutes and it stopped, the decent fish was caught by Eric Shrimpton who was on a visit to Throop from Yorkshire with his two buddies, Steve Fenton and Ian Douglas, the decent fish in question was a lovely barbel of 11lb, well done Eric.


Dave and I fished well downstream, in a couple of nice swims, we had just a few bits of weed coming down, but not one bite despite barbel rolling in both swims, we never saw any other anglers all afternoon and I did not receive any catch reports.


Thursday and again its bright sunshine, Dave fished a swim that has been producing a few nice fish, but today there was not a sign of any fish feeding, and Dave blanked, I also struggled but managed to foul hook a perch of about a pound. I went for a walk upstream to check out a couple of anglers, they too were struggling. Sid Johnson finished the day with a couple of chub.

I suppose the funniest part of the day was when I was walking back along the river, I saw that a couple of anglers had left their rods laying on the ground, I whistled out to them and shouted out,.....MISTAKE....,the cows thought that I was the farmer and started running, now bear in mind that they had young calves that had just been born, so I walked to the gate as quick as I could, without being seen to run by the other anglers, I made it just in time, but it set the whole herd off mooing, so I left and went back to my swim to watch the river flow by.


The two lads from Oxford were fishing down stream to me and one of them lost a barbel.

Phil Nixon caught a couple of chub, one of 4lb 7oz and the other one, a real beauty of 6lb 1oz.

The only other reports of the day were that a couple of chub had been caught.


Friday, and what a difference in the weather and the river, it was all change from what we have had all the week, the river has risen just a touch, we now have a bit of wet coming over the weir sills and the skies are now cloudy, and the temperature has dropped, the wind has picked up and is blowing very hard, I fished the same swim as the day before, and I was a bit worried about the three rather large willows trees that were shedding bits of small branches and leaves, these trees have a habit of snapping and causing grief, so I thought that if I put up my brolly, it would save me if a tree fell down......yeah right.!..,well there I was sitting quite nicely under my top brolly when a great lump of branch came down on my shelter, I rushed out from under it, to find Chris Allport with this big lump of tree in his hand, yes he had played a really great practical joke and was heard laughing, yes laughing all along the fishery, how good it is to hear Chris laugh. The three Yorkshire lads, Eric, Steve and Ian had some chub. Steve Ward from Oxford had three chub, the best weighing 5lb 10ozs, whilst his fishing buddy, Steve Evenden who was also from Oxford, had a chub of 5lb 8oz. Kenny parsons had a nice chub of 6lb 5oz. My mate Dave Archer struggled to get a bite until the last hour, he then went onto catch three chub, 2lb...4lb 8oz...and 5lb 2oz. I too had a few fish, myself and Dave fish the same swims that did not produce the day before, I started with a gudgeon, one was caught by Eddy Widdup the other week, so I have one now "Just Like Eddy"



Next came a Perch, this was hooked fair and square in the mouth as same as the gudgeon, on double 10mm pellet, then it was two chub, the first was 3lb 4oz, and then came a stunning chub of 6lb 8oz.

Our Hero Brian took a break from writing his report to catch this cracking 6lb 8oz chub.

Next to report is my son Rick who has had the most stunning weekend of fishing, so today his tally was six fish, two small barbel, one of 5lb 14oz and the other at 6lb 5oz, plus four chub....3lb.....3lb 8oz....5lb 13oz and 6lb 3oz, well done, and the start of a great fishing weekend.


Saturday, and again my lad Rick was catching some fish, this time it was two barbel, one of 8lb 14oz, and the other at 3lb 7oz, and how nice it is to see some of these smaller fish, there was also a chub that he landed while I was watching, and as I have always got a camera in my pocket, it was time for a photo of a chub of 5lb 7oz, well done again, and stay tuned for an amazing catch on Sunday.

Rick Willson with a nice 5lb 7oz chub

Elsewhere on the river it seemed a little quiet, lots of fish were seen but they were not playing the game, a couple of anglers had some chub around the 4lb mark, and there was also some bream and perch caught.

There river is still flowing over the sills on the weir and the weed is beginning to darken with one or two bits being carried down stream.


Sunday and we have an amazing catch of fish for my lad Rick, lets first give you the list.

Two barbel............5lb 13oz......and a lovely double of 12lb 1oz.

Seven chub.........3lb 12oz.....4lb 14oz......5lb 10ozs.....5lb 11oz.....5lb 12oz....6lb.......and 6lb 2oz.

Now that's what I call a great weekend fishing, six barbel and twelve chub, all the fish were taken in three morning sessions, well done son, what a great teacher you must have had.

The next thing I hope to teach him is how to take a few photos, mind you I do not take that many self takes, but it is sometimes nice to record a precious moment.

So with such a stunning catch he gets my catch of the week award, he knows what JB stands for, it's a private joke that has gone on for some time.

A picture of the mysterious "JB" referred to in the report

I spent most of Today writing out the report, but I did manage to get onto the river bank in the afternoon, there were just a couple of chub catches from the few anglers that were fishing, I met up with some of the local lads, Bev was after his usual target, the pike, but the toothy critters must know him by now and were in hiding, perhaps he should change his after shave and wear a disguise, next I met up with Kenny Thompson, who has had his fair share of fish from Throop including the biggest so far this season with a fish over 14lb, Kenny had just arrived and was taking advantage of the cloud cover, the next angler I met was Craig Wood, this is where I had planned to put in some bait, but after a good chat to Craig and a nice little walk checking out a few more swims it was time to leave.


Well that is it for this week, many thanks for your reports and photos, and it was nice to meet up with our visiting anglers, and I wish you all well.


If you have any reports or photo's please contact me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on hutch29@btinternet please mark all e-mails the subject THROOP.

Good luck and good fishing.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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