Throop Fishery Report - 19th. September 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 19th. September 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 19th. September 2010

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Last Saturday and Sunday was pretty grim here at Throop, the low water has restricted the amount of swims that are available, the weather has not helped, we have had bright very sunny days and very windy conditions, and the forecast is a windy week, now I hate fishing in windy conditions, I don't mind the rain, in fact we can have as much as the skies chuck at us, for those of you that know Throop I can tell you that the only water coming through the New Weir is the flow through the salmon ladder, there is none coming over the weir sills.


The fishing seems to have continued where it left off at the weekend, NAFF, but it seems the same on quite a few venues, one thing that may improve the fishing, and that is for more anglers on the banks. A late report for Sunday was sent in by Dorset angler Stuart Holden, who was pestered by the diving ducks, but did manage to capture three chub to 4lb, many thanks for your report, and well done.

Throop's infamous diving ducks


Today, Monday, Chris Allport, Sid Johnson and myself, carried out some work on the fishery; we must have it looking nice for you guys. On the fishery there were only about 10 anglers fishing, and apart from a couple of small chub and some perch caught, the fish are having one of their tantrums and are hiding up, the wind was very strong and making conditions difficult, I fished from 2.30pm to 7.30pm and I did not have a bite, I had a walk along one of the stretches that would always show a few fish, but today there was nothing. Amongst the ten anglers were father and son, Dave Webb from Basingstoke and his dad Derek from Kent, Dave managed to catch a bream, I don't know if his success on the day was anything to do with the most unusual hat I have ever seen on the fishery, I reckon that Dave should be called a Hill  Billy, because that's exactly what his hat looked like, a hill billy hat, cheers lads. All was not lost, Sid Johnson, could not get in his chosen swim as it was occupied, so he went off in search of another spot and settled down for his evening session, with no bites he decided to pack up, as he was packing up, his rod arched round and he played and landed a nice barbel of 9lb 3oz, well done Sid, you have saved the day.


Tuesday and this time we only found two people fishing, the wind was gale force and anyone on the banks must have been mad, so lets name and shame these two individuals, one was Alan Paget and the other was Sid Johnson, well they stuck it out to almost 8.00pm, but they had the last laugh, Alan had 5 chub to 6lb, plus a bream and Sid had two chub, also to 6lb, well done fella's and very well deserved. And that was the only catch report that I received for today, so far.


Wednesday and I had a few hours fishing in the evening with Bailiff Sid Johnson, I have been out all day and have not been available, we both blanked, I missed one bite at last knockings. I once again met up with Dave Webb from Basingstoke who appeared on the bank on his way to meet his dad who was fishing further upstream, and once again he was wearing his hillbilly hat.

A hillbilly hat. Apparently.

Apart from a couple of chub and bream, I had no other reports for today.


Thursday and today there are quite a few fish being caught along the fishery, the first report was the capture of a nice barbel of 8lb 12oz plus a chub of about 4.5lb for an anonymous angler and a bream to an unknown angler, that was possibly over 4lb, and why I said possibly, is that I watched him land it with the aid of my trusty pair of binoculars, big brother is watching you.


Karl Payne and his buddy, Barry were fishing a swim that I had pre-baited the day before, now Karl who is a garage proprietor, and pretty handy with a spanner, has informed me that he has fitted a tracker to my van, which will make it easier for him to follow me about, well Barry came unstuck, do you remember me telling you that I was pestered by a vegetarian pike, well good old Barry caught it, it weighed in at 12lb, but on the other hand Karl settled himself rather nicely, fishing over my bed of hemp, which I planned to fish today, and had a nice PB chub of 6lb 7oz, well done Karl, but I must deduct at least 2lb for all of my bait that it had eaten.


Barry with his boilie stealing 12lb pike Karl with his new PB chub weighing 6lb 7oz.


Also back on the banks is our Bristol chub ace Kenny Parsons, this time Kenny is guiding Steve Coles, who is also from Bristol, the target was to get Steve a chub over 5lb, which he has never achieved, things got off to a good start in the morning with a fish of 4lb 12oz. but it was the afternoon that saw a couple of good fish, his PB was well and truly broken with two fabulous chub, one of 6lb and the other at 6lb 6oz, well done Steve on your achievement and well done to Kenny for a good bit of guiding, Steve also had a veggie pike that took a liking to his boilie, and if that wasn't enough, Kenny just couldn't resist having a cast or two for the last 45 minutes and landed a splendid Roach of 2lb 2oz, many thanks for your report and photos.



Steve Coles with a 4lbs 12oz chub Steve Coles with a lovely 6lb chub
Steve Coles with his new PB chub weighing 6lb 6oz Kenny Parsons with a fabulous 2lb 2oz roach


Friday and today was another of those strange days, a walk on two beats of the fishery only saw one angler, I found one tree that had come down, so a phone call to manager Chris Allport and together we removed the tree. The afternoon was taken up with something that had nothing to do with fishing whatsoever, I had to go and pick up a skittle alley, and then assemble it in a nice little hall in Holdenhurst, which is just by the river, now the reason that I have mentioned this, is because the skittle competition was won by none other than Spider man, alias Peter Webb, the same guy that landed the 12lb barbel the other week, so that was another drubbing that I have got, and he won't let me forget it, and all those that attended, lived in the village of Throop. I must say that the river is at its lowest ever, according to many of the local anglers that have fished the river for many years. Beat one is in fact almost impossible to fish, there are of course one or two spots, but these have to be sought out and may involve a lot of walking, the only water that is flowing over the New Weir is what is flowing through the centre salmon ladder. The mill pool is also badly silted, although it is fishable, this is not helped by the fact that the water level boards in the mill pool was raised by the EA when the hatches were renovated which means that there has to be a lot of water in the river to cause the water to flow into the mill pool.


I must take this opportunity to say well done to Ringwood member Stuart Andrews who achieved his PB barbel of 15lb 10ozs which was caught on the Royalty; this is the same fish that my wife, Tina had caught a few years ago at 13lb 5oz. Stuart used to live on The Throop fishery, and by this I mean that the river run through the bottom of his garden, he now lives two minutes from the Royalty. So can you forgive me for putting on a Royalty fish? , yes of course you can, it's featured in this weeks Angling Times. There were just a couple of reports of fish being caught today; they were the average size chub, so not such a Good Friday.


Saturday and once again there were few anglers on the banks, the afternoon was more productive with anglers, and the few that did fish struggled, I still think that the very bright sunshine and clear blue skies don't help, plus as the sun sets, out comes a very bright moon. I decided not to fish at all this weekend, because next week Tina is off to Spain for a week to see her sister, Brenda lives there with her husband Ed, the reason for the visit was for Ed to go off himself to celebrate his birthday fishing the River Ebro, so Tina is going to keep Brenda company and my old fishing buddy Dave Archer is going to give the Kennet a rest and spend the week with me, non stop fishing.


Stuart Jupp was once again gracing the banks of Throop and was shocked to see the low level conditions, he did lose one nice fish in the weed but managed to land one bream of about 5lb, thanks for the report and we will meet up again one day I’m sure. My son Richard decided to fish one of the deeper swims, but although some of these hold some good fish, they need a lot of patience and unless you are very lucky and put bait right on the nose of a hungry fish they need to be fished for quite a long session. There was a reported chub of 6lb 2oz being caught and Sid Johnson took a chub of 6lb on the very last knockings. Sid is having a good start to the season, and it's well deserved.


Sunday proved a little better with one or two fish being caught, Ringwood member Andy, had caught 4 chub up to the time that I had arrived, whilst further up the river there was a reported catch of a 5lb 8oz chub. I met up with the two brothers, Malcolm and Glyn, one lives local and the other travels up from the wrong side of the dreaded M25, they had not caught anything before I arrived, I put one of them onto a different swim and pointed out where to put his hook bait, I then left him to it, lets hope he contacts me with a good result. My son Rick, done the business today, but not without incident, he decided to lighten up his tackle and put all the necessary bits in his waistcoat, but guess what! he forgot his weighing scales, and that proved a real bummer, he landed a nice barbel that had to be estimated, 11 to 13lb, he had to go into the water to land this beauty, and it was returned safely to the water, I arrived on the scene just in time to see him hook another nice fish, sadly we saw it roll on the surface just before the line parted, I pointed out to him that it was a Sunday, and that sort of language was not allowed on Throop. So he has learnt a lesson, be prepared, it's a shame, he done very well locating these fish, well done son, but unlucky on losing a good fish.


Craig Wood had a nice day fishing for the Throop chub, but this was not an easy picking, spotting a nice shoal of fish, out went hook, line, and sinker and Craig landed the smallest trio in the shoal, fish of 3lb, 5lb 7oz and 6lb 2oz, still a good catch, but I wonder how big was the biggest chub in the shoal?, well done Craig and many thanks for your report.


On a serious note, I would like to ask all anglers on Throop, to keep a  watchful eye open for undesirables, I am talking about people that are fishing without permits and taking our fish away, they can be recognised quite easily, they would not be dressed for the part, they would carry inadequate fishing rods, usually telescopic, they may not have a landing net, if you do see any suspicious looking characters, could you please phone the Throop manager, who is Chris Allport, his phone number is in the membership book and on all the day tickets. There have been a couple of these people that have been spotted on the fishery lately, but they have yet to be caught.


Many thanks for your catch reports, we still need your help in sending them in, it's great to see all those PB's and it's nice to share all your magic moments, if you do require any information about the river or want to send me your reports please phone me on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me on

Please mark all e-mails, subject Throop.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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