Throop Fishery Report - 5th. September 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 5th. September 2010
Send date: 2010-09-09 12:30:45
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Throop Fishery Report - 5th. September 2010

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.


Let me first apologise for the lateness of last weeks report, it seems that there was a technical error that only came to light after I had another one of my famous moaning sessions, I phoned Nigel to see what had happened, well it did not take long for Nigel to sort out the problem, he had forgot to push a button, so after pushing the now famous button, up pops our report.


The 'publish report' button on Nigel's computer


The next moan did not come from me but from Nigel, it seems that he was not too happy with my photo of Lady GaGa, and said, "is that the best you can do " , I looked through the archives for a good photo especially for Nigel, but quite frankly they were nearly all disgusting, lots of body parts showing, now my readers are nice people and the only flesh they want to see is fish flesh, but just to please Nigel, here's another picture of Lady GaGa with her clothes on, make do with this, you don't deserve anything else for not pushing the button. [Ed's note: Unfortunately the picture Brian supplied was in a format that isn't supported by the software we use on the website. Consequently I have had to replace his chosen picture with this one, ho hum.]


A replacement picture of Lady Gaga in a format that we can use on here


Monday was a bank holiday and many anglers had to stay off the riverbank to do bank holiday things with their families, so there were hardly any reports in for today, but there was one special report and that came from Craig Wood, he has had a few good days barbel fishing, a fish of 11lb+ the other day, and his 9lb 12oz that he caught on Sunday, which I had already reported, well he has made it a hat trick with a fabulous fish of 12lb 10ozs, well done Craig and many thanks for your report.

On the subject of hat tricks, I was curious as to where this expression came from, in 1858 magicians pulled rabbits from a hat, hence the name hat trick, but in the sporting world in the year of 1870, it was used in cricket, if a bowler bowled out three batsman in succession, he would either be bought a new hat or a hat would be passed round and he would pocket the proceeds, so now you know.


Magician performing a hat trick


Oh yes, back to the report, a few chub were caught of average size throughout the beats, but no big ones were reported.


Tuesday and it was Russ chandler who made the headlines today with a barbel catch, following on from his reported fish on Friday of 10lb 14oz, he has captured another double this time it was a bit smaller but weighed in at 10lb 10oz, well done Russ and thanks for your report, it's such a shame you never got your hat trick.



So now I will be looking for hat tricks as well as PB's, come on get out there and get catching.

Alen Paget landed some chub and bream, but the catch of the day goes to bailiff Sid Johnson with a cracking chub of 6lb 6oz. For those of you that knows Sid, have you noticed that one minute he has a beard and then a couple of days later it's gone.


Wednesday and it really was very quiet today, I met up with two visiting anglers from Bristol, Mark and Nick, one of the lads pointed out a luncheon meat can that had been discarded into the cows field, so I thought I would retrieve it, I was just about to cross the fence when I noticed that I had trod on an ants nest, on trying to kick of the ants, I kicked the barbed wire fence and put a hole in my neoprene Muck wellies, so an hour was spent filling in the hole with glue, job done.

I also met up with lady R.D.A.A member Pat Stock who had just landed a tench of 3lb, and she had caught more that her partner up till the time I had left. I did say it was a quiet day, well almost, Sid Johnson had taken four chub of average size when both his rods were taken out of the rod rest by a some ducks that was taking off, one rod was retrieved immediately but the other was pulled into the water, Sid had to go in after the duck and the rod, he managed to retrieve his rod and untangle the duck but managed to get a soaking, nice one Sid.

Sids ducking stool


I fished for 5 hours in a swim that has produced many fish this season, guess what? not a bite. Brian James managed the only reported barbel of the day, s fish of 8lb+, well done Brian.


Thursday and although there were very few anglers on the banks, those that were fishing did catch a few fish, I had a couple of chub in a three hour session, one of 4.5lb and the other weighed in at 5lb. Stuart Holden had a nice bag of chub, five in all with the best two weighing 5lb 3oz and 5lb 9oz. The best chub of the day went to Sid Johnson who landed a chub of 6lb, Sid is having a very good start to the season, I think that he spent too much time with big fish ace Keith Little when he last visited us.


Friday and my day was spent walking the river bank with an old mate from up north, R.D.A.A member Dave Pryor, in fact we started at 9.00am and finished at 4.00pm, and how I suffered, I spent the rest of the day moaning about my backache. We started off at school bridge and worked our way downstream towards the Blackwater, we passed Chris Allport on the way who was carrying out some river work, we gave him 30 minutes of our time before moving on, up to the A338 and back down the other side, we met up with the very first angler who was just setting up, the next angler that we met was big fish ace Trefor West, who was with a couple of his fishing lads, he did say that they had caught a few fish, we then walked down to school bridge and then on to barbel corner, there were only two other people fishing, one was Alen Paget who was yet to catch and the other was Peter Hilken who managed to catch some small chub and dace plus a bream of 5lb, well done Peter.


Pete is breaming again


It was then on to the weir where an angler reported catching a chub of 3lb + on his first cast, we met up with four other anglers who were all struggling, especially one lad who had over 30 chub in his swim, and not a bite in site. So today was one of those days when the fish were having a day off.


Saturday and  my son Rick, and I, had a few hours fishing in the late afternoon, Rick missed quiet a few bites, I told him to tie a hook on, I had a pike on a boilie of about 5lb, but he preferred the taste of my hook and stole it, never to be seen again. Up till now I have not received one catch report, I am not surprised as it is another of those quiet days. The highlight of the day was the two calves that were born; both doing well and mum is keeping guard.



calf and mum First few wobbly steps Having met Brian earlier in the day, this calf took evasive action on seeing him returning along the river bank


Sunday and I joined up with my son Rick, he did manage to catch two chub, one of 4.5lb and the other of 5lb 11oz, I could not get a bite, I spotted an angler opposite who I mistook for someone else, my phone went off and it was beat 3 bailiff Dave Beale, he was the angler opposite, Dave had not caught any fish but spotted quite a lot in the swim, Dave makes centre pin reels, and when I can afford one I shall get him to make me one, he can make a reel to your own specifications and they are fabulous, also along with his side casting centre pins.


The river is still very low and very weedy in lots of places but there are still lots of fish to be caught, the weather forecast for the week is windy and rain, so with a bit of luck we hope to see a bit more water on.


I would like to point out that when you write a weekly report, you have to have lots of catch reports, without these things get tricky, if I was writing just now and again, then it would be easy, so if there aren't many reports I then have to waffle on about hat tricks, cows and ants, plus the bonus of a hole in my wellies, so I hope I can be forgiven, I shall sign off with two photo's [oop's sorry Brian, I only uploaded one of them!] of this lovely bird that was taking a drink, it's the closest that I have been to this wonderful bird of prey.


Picture of a hawk taken by Brian


Don't forget to send me your catch reports, no matter how small they may seem, send them to mark the subject Throop, or you can phone me or text, on 07740777967.

Good luck with your fishing, and many thanks for all your reports.

Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.





WILL HAVE NO NEED TO LIE......................old but true.





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