Throop Fishery News - 29th. August 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 29th. August 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 29th. August 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


Let me start by telling you how I got on the River Teme, I know you are all itching to find out what went on, well the answer is simple, not a lot, I did have a pleasant week and I enjoyed it very much, especially my trip to the West Midlands Safari Park, at least I saw a lot of fish in the aquarium.


The river was very low and hardly any flow at all, I did manage to catch one barbel of about 5lb, and that was good considering I only had 5 bites in 25 hours fishing, my son Rick had the same trouble but managed to beat me with one chub of 4lb 2oz and a barbel of 6lb 3oz.


We fished from 5.00 pm till 10.00 pm through the week but apart from loads of slugs that tried to molest me and the bats that kept hitting the line and something in the undergrowth behind me; it was a nice quiet week although the fishing was GRIM.






The week that I was away I did manage to salvage a few catch reports, one nice one was that of Sid Johnson who landed a nice barbel of 12lb, nice one Sid.

Peter Webb (spider man) also landed a nice barbel, his second double in a week, a fish of 10lb 2oz.




On Thursday the 19th a stress free Eddy Widdup had nothing on his mind except to catch a fish and it certainly worked, Eddy had three chub from 4lb to 5lb+ and a nice little barbel of 6lb 9oz.


Sam and Luke had a pike on Friday on pellet, and earlier in the year he also had one on bread, perhaps the pike have gone all veggie. Luke also had a chub of 5lb 5oz and Sam has increased his PB from 5lb 4oz to a new high of 5lb 10ozs, well done Sam, and congratulations.


Sam with his new PB chub weighing 5lb 10oz


Also on Friday the 13th Des Norris had a nice chub of 6lb 12oz, that's a good fish, well done Des.


On Saturday the 14th, Chris Clark had a barbel of 2lb 8oz, which is great to see, also some dace and a chub of 5lb 8oz, Chris decided to move when the eels moved in. Many thanks for your report Chris.


Our old mate Richard Brown was also out and about on Saturday and was rewarded with two fish, a barbel of 5lb and a chub of the same weight, sorry I missed you Richard, I'm sure I will meet up with you again.

Another angler had a couple of chub, one of 4lb and the other of 4lb 11oz.


Now you all know that I love it when a PB has been achieved, well there is good, and not so good news on this occasion, the good part is that a 15lb barbel has been caught, the biggest on Throop this season, the not so good bit is that it has been caught by an angler with a difficult name, but here goes, congratulations to 13 year old MYKEL DUCHSCHERER who on Tuesday the 17th hooked and landed a fabulous 35 inch long fish, Mykel was on holiday and visiting our famous river, well done lad and many congratulations from all of us… Come all you Smiths, get fishing.


On Sunday 22nd Mark Baldwin, contacted and landed a great barbel of 12lb 4oz, well done Mark and many thanks for your report and photo.




I must say that I have lost track of time and dates since I have been back, and I have struggled to put these reports together, not only that whilst all you lads have been on the river bank enjoying yourself I have been a good husband and have been doing a lot of DIY indoors, now this could be a cunning plan, because the weather forecast is atrocious, so today, Monday, the only report that I received was from Sid Johnson  who braved the weather to land a nice barbel of 8lb 7oz. So as predicted we had a flash flood that brought the water up by 12 inches very quickly, but it then started to drop just as quick, but it was most welcome and started to move the duck weed and the silt weed.


Tuesday and Des Norris is back on the banks with a stunning catch of barbel, three fish, one of 11lb 8oz and 9lb 14oz plus a fish approx 7lb, well done Des that was a great hat trick of barbel.

Luke (and here we go again) Guarguaglini had a chub of 5lb 13oz. I find it's difficult to remember Luke's surname, I keep thinking of Gaga, so, Lady Gaga keeps coming to mind.


Lady GaGa (Must admit I could have found a better picture of her than that Brian!)


Wednesday and the rain has not stopped all day, it has been lashing it down, I did not venture outside the door, a lot of the local roads were flooded and again it has brought the river up, after a few phone calls it seemed that most anglers stayed off the banks, so up till now, I have not received any reports for today, which is not surprising.


Thursday and Scott Mosely was braving the weather and on the banks doing his bit, and it paid off, taking two chub with the best weighing in at 5lb 11oz, well done Scott, that was worth the effort.


Friday and I never ventured out until 5.30pm, I walked a fair distance to my chosen swim, I was with my son Rick, I used a completely new rig and set up along with a new bait which I thought was fabulous, I packed up at 9.45pm....................I blanked......well at least the bait smelt nice.

Russ Chandler was also on the banks and landed a nice barbel of 10lb 14oz, well done Russ and many thanks for your report.


Saturday was a bit on the strange side, the water had a slight tint in colour and the tiny bits of weed that was being washed down, did not create any problems at all, I was on the banks at 5.0pm for an evening session, my son, Rick had one chub of 4lb + , I fished a swim that contained very few fish, but I had previously seen a couple of good chub and a very good barbel in this section but tonight I blanked, again on my special nice smelling bait, the temperature dropped as the sun went down and the damp came down with a vengeance soaking everything in site and bringing out my old mates the slugs.


One angler caught a few roach and dace but struggled with the minnows, a few chub were caught along the section but there were also a few blanks. I had a report from one angler who has had a good week catching four barbel throughout the week with the best two weighing in at 11lb+ and 10lb plus. Why I called the day a bit strange was one section of river was empty whilst the other section had quite a few anglers all sitting very close together, and hardly any catch reports.


Sunday and today was much better, I fished my usual evening session and took two chub, one of approx 4.5lb and the other of 5lb, Sid Johnson lost a barbel through an hook pull, but did manage to catch three chub, they were all about the same size as mine. My son Rick managed to blank, so he got a lot of stick from me on the way home. I met up with Tim, a new member who normally fishes the lakes and was keen to have a go on our river, so welcome to R.D.A.A. and good luck. The best reported catch of the day came from Craig Wood who captured a nice barbel of 9lb 12oz well done mate.


Although it was a bank holiday, I will leave Mondays report until next week, I shall be on the banks every day and looking forward to a good weeks fishing.


Many thanks for all your reports, keep them coming in, my e-mail address is or you can phone me on 07740777967, please mark your reports THROOP.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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