Throop Fishery News - 19th July 2009
Subject: Throop Fishery News - 19th July 2009
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Throop Fishery Report 19th July 2009

Monday and a great catch went to visiting angler Mark Short who was fishing with his son, Mark had 3 chub and 2 barbel, one of 7lb2ozs and the other of 10lb4ozs this follows up his capture of an 8lb10oz which he took the previous Friday, Marks son had a few chub, elsewhere chub and bream were again prominent.


Young Jack Field landed a chub of about 4lb after just 15minutes of casting out and did well to land it from a very weedy swim......AND GUESS WHAT !....yes Nick Roberts is in the water again.




Tuesday was another day of chub and bream being caught of average sizes, a blustery day with nice temperatures, Keith Little had 4 of those average size chub with no monsters. Darrel Hughes decided on an after work session and was caught in the 6.30pm downpour, but it certainly paid off with 35 minutes left to chucking off time, Darrel hooked and landed a lovely barbel of 11lb,well done Darrel. The best session of the day went to Dorset angler Stuart Holden, who had 8 chub to over 4lb,a bream of 6lb1oz and a stunning and immaculate barbel of 9lb11ozs,very well done Stu and many thanks for the report and photo.




Wednesday was a very windy day and a bit of cover was required for some comfort. A few chub was caught along the stretch. I made a phone call to Keith Little which may have brought him a bit of luck as his rod arched over whilst I was on the phone, it turned out to be a barbel of 6lb13ozs,Keith also landed chub of 5lb6ozs and 3lb7ozs,he also landed a greedy pike of 10lb which resulted in a broken landing net handle. Here is a picture of a new slimline Keith Little after shedding 3.5stone with his worst enemy, an eel.




There was also a report of a barbel being caught of 8lb,angler unknown. A very well done to John Whitlock who had a smile on his face after taking a superb 2lb8oz roach on the float.


Thursday saw John Whitlock with an even bigger smile on his face with a great bag of 8 chub with the biggest weighing in at 6lb8ozs.John is going to buy a new landing net after ripping a hole in his, with a name like Whitlock, one of the great names in net making I hope he buys well. Many anglers were struggling, but the few that did catch went away happy. Alan had three chub to 5lb in a long session Keith Little who had been struggling all day for a fish decided to move, so at he moved swims and was later rewarded with a cracking 10lb11oz barbel. Another visiting angler took some bream but was pestered by pike and dropped a good chub at the net.


Friday and the day started well for Nick Roberts who decided on a couple of hours before work and smiled through the rest of the day after catching a barbel of 10lb2ozs.Chub and bream were caught throughout the fishery, one angler had a really good day despite being pestered by a cormorant in his swim and that was Kenny Parsons who took 6 chub with his best two weighing in at 6lb1oz and a monster of 6lb14ozs on the last knockings, both had fresh marks that was almost sure to have been caused by the cormorant.






Saturday and the river banks were empty apart from two anglers chasing the pike, Plenty of chub were seen swimming in and out of the weed. The highlight of the day was an escapee cow up by the gate swim, being frowned upon by the big black bull and Dave the herdsman. Dave removed part of the fence adjacent to the gate and it was my job to get the cow through the opening, but the cow decided to ignore the nice opening made by Dave and jump over the fence instead. I have to say that I am sorry that I have no fish reports for today as those that did fish had blanks.


Bull1 Bull2

Sunday and a few early birds ventured out, fish were caught throughout the fishery with the usual catches of bream and chub. The afternoon saw the wind picking up and gaining strength, Keith Little had his umbrella blown into the water but guess who was at hand to retrieve it, yes it was the water baby himself....Nick Roberts. Keith was rewarded later on with a barbel of 7lb1oz.Best fish of the day went to Lee Trickett who landed a superb barbel of 12lb4ozs on last knockings, well done to Keith and Lee.


If you have any catches and would like to report them to me .phone me on 07740777967.or you can e-main me

Subject THROOP

I will not reveal any locations, many thanks.


Brian Willson RDAA bailiff.




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