Throop Fishery Report - 13th August 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 13th August 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 13th. August 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.




As you must all know by now, because of my fishing trip to the River Teme, we have a shortened report. Let me start by saying a well done to LUKE GUARGUAGLINI on his winning Drennen award in the Angling Times for his 7lb 4oz chub.


We have some late reports that have just come in, the first is from another angler who fished the now famous PB swim on Friday, his name is, (wait for it) FRANK NOWOSIELSKI.......please don't do this to me !.....This is the same swim that has seen five PB's, well Frank landed a nice barbel of 8lb 2oz, plus three chub, one was a small fish of about 2lb, plus a fish of 4lb, and Frank's PB, a chub of 5lb 10ozs, well done mate.


What is happening, I suddenly start getting reports from anglers with names that I can't pronounce, go on then try and see if you can do it, and remember it, I can't wait for PHIL SMITH to join us on the banks again, I will put him in the PB swim, sorry to drag you into it Phil, an easy name.


Another late report and again it was a PB chub caught in the vicinity of the PB swim, I know it's a bit late coming in, in fact it was a fish that was caught in March, but it was a great moment for the captor, who was Chris Clark, (that is Clark without an E) the fish was a nice chub of 5lb 10ozs, well done Chris, you know what they say, it's better late than never, many thanks Chris. Another couple of reported fish that was caught on Saturday and Sunday, was  by another Clarke, this time he has got an E in his name, it was Andy Clarke, with a bream on Saturday of 4lb 4oz and on Sunday  he captured a chub of 5lb 2oz, well done Andy and thanks for your photo's and report.



A nice 5lb 2oz chub landed by Andy Clarke Andy also landed this 4lb 4oz bream



As I have said in the past, I do not reveal where fish are caught, and I keep on mentioning the PB swim, well this swim was named by myself, but I am sure it is known by another name, but myself and the anglers who have had success in this swim are the only ones that know of it's whereabouts, in fact it was myself that put theses anglers in this swim, so before it goes world wide the PB swim will no longer be mentioned, but good luck to all of you that fish this successful section of the river, I am sure most of the fish will move when the river rises.


Another late report has come in from pike angler, Nathan Edgell, who has again been bagging up on our river taking seven pike, this was on Saturday and the weigh list is as follows, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 10lb, 12lb, 14lb and the biggest at 20lb. Many thanks for your report and photo's and also a big thanks for phoning Chris Allport who came out and dealt with an incident.



Nathan Edgell with one seven pike taken in a session on Throop Another pike for Nathan



 Nathan with one of the best pike from his trip

As I have I have mentioned before, many times, I will be off early on Saturday morning for my trip to the River Teme, where I shall enjoy the beautiful countryside, and hopefully, do challenge with the Teme Tigers, a nickname that has been given to the very hard fighting Teme barbel, so a rather shorter report, but if you do have any catches, you can phone Nigel, at Davis Tackle, my phone is very unlikely to be able to receive any calls in the area.


So on Monday Peter Webb, decided to have another crack at the swim where he landed a barbel of 12lb the previous week, but this session was not so good, after landing a few roach, he again contacted a barbel but was beaten by the fish and a large weed bed. I decided to have another one of my late sessions, this time I fished from 5.00pm to 9.45pm, and it turned out to be one of those sessions, that is when you meet up with other anglers who tell you, (you should have been here yesterday) well today was one of those days, so apart from a chub of 4lb 13oz, the rest of the fish that I caught were my passion fish, the fabulous barbel.


The first fish to be brought to the net was a barbel of 7lb 3oz, it was photographed for me by Russ Chandler who arrived in the nick of time, Russ helped me to return the fish to the water, remember last week when I told you how to return fish to the water, well it seems that this fish has not read the rules, after returning it safely to the water, the fish suddenly turned towards me and jammed it's head under a couple of rocks under the bank and swayed sideways, I could not persuade it to come out, even with the landing net, so it was off with my socks and boots, I rolled up my trousers, and I was lowered into the water by Russ, I must point out the depth of the water at this point is about 12 inches deep, but two foot out it drops to about 8 feet, I bent down and reached the fish, and lifted it out of the hole and turned it's head, at this point the fish then kicked and shot off, all this was done with me and Russ laughing, thinking back at my advice on how to release a fish in last weeks report, I was then pulled up the bank dried off and sat back for a coffee.


A re-cast resulted in another barbel, this time it weighed in at 10lb 1oz; this was returned to the water and was followed by two more fish, another double of 10lb and a smaller fish of 5lb 8oz. What a great few hours fishing. Many thanks to Russ for his help, cheers mate.


Our hero Brian with a nice 7lb 3oz barbel


On Tuesday I was back on the banks again, this time fishing the same swim in a 12 hour stint, what a tough session this was, I had two eels and a chub of 5lb 11oz. It rain all day and the river has risen about a one millimeter, still it's a start. Sid Johnson struggled, but he managed to land a small chub of a couple of  a couple of pounds despite a nasty looking pike hanging on to it till the last minute, even then it tied to join it in the landing net. Alan Paget sat all day watching a rod that did not move, so he had one last cast and his bait was picked up and the fish tore off at a rate of knots, and Alan was delighted to land a barbel of 12lb 4oz, well one Alan.


Wednesday and apart from one early visit to the fishery, I only had a couple of reports for today, well that is one bream that was landed by R.D.A.A. member David who lives in Cyprus and is on a two week trip to Dorset, many thanks David, and it was nice to meet you, and don't be late home. Kenny Parsons was back on the fishery in search of the famous big chub, and after a walk with bailiff Sid Johnson, Kenny then went about his business on his quest for a big chub, so as the day progressed he managed three fish with the biggest two weighing 5lb 4oz and 5lb 9oz, well done Kenny, sorry I missed you and many thanks for your report, well done mate.


Thursday and again I decided not to fish today, I think I had enough on Tuesday, anyway I have a weeks hard fishing to look forward to, so today I spent a few hours in the company of Avon Manager Phil Nixon, we had coffee and a nice Kit Kat chunky choc bar plus two steak pies, well in return I was at hand with the net to help land two nice fish, the first was a chub of about 5lb, and the second was a barbel of 8lb 14oz, Phil also landed an eel and a bream before I arrived, cheers mate that was a pleasant few hours. Russ Chandler was also on the banks and landed two chub, one was 3lb 4oz and the other hit the magical six mark, a fish of 6lb 2oz, well done Russ, many thanks for the report, and it was great to see a six pound chub landed, I wondered where they have been hiding.


Well as they say, short and sweet, I am sorry that I have nothing to report for Friday on this report, but I do have a few lads that are fishing today and at the weekend, and I am sure that they will send in their catches.


Don’t forget that I am away, and the phone signal is very poor, so you can send me a text, if it works or e-mail me. Phone number is 07740777976 and the e-mail is  or you can get in touch with Davis Tackle.

Good luck and many thanks for your reports and photo's.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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