Throop Fishery Report - 8th. August 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 8th. August 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 8th August 2010

Hello and welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.


I must say that Nigel will be well pleased with this report, I only have one photo, and how boring is that, but we do have a few fish to report despite the low water and weedy conditions, so I will try very hard not to make any mistakes and make it easy for poor old hard working Nigel.


I would like to start by bringing to the attention of anglers that have never caught a barbel before, or how they should be landed and returned to the water.

If you can read the Barbel Society handling code, this will tell you all you want to know on how to land, unhook, and return a barbel.

The Barbel Society handling code can be found on the Internet and is very interesting to read.

The R.D.A.A. also has a fish handling code, this can be found on page 4/5 of  their membership book.


Once hooked, the fish should be brought to the net as quickly as possible, once in the landing net, leave it there to recover it's fight.

Make sure that everything is ready on the bank for it's unhooking, a wet unhooking mat should be in place along with a wet weigh sling if you require the fish to be weighed, now bring the fish from the water and place it on the wet unhooking mat, remove the hook, use forceps if required, and treat any wounds that may be seen on the fish, using Kriston Klinic or similar.

Replace the fish back in the water to again recover after unhooking, have ready your scales and camera if you require a picture.

Now remove the landing net from the water and place it once again on your wet unhooking mat, transfer the fish from the net to your wet weigh sling and weigh the fish, return it to your unhooking mat and the fish is now ready for a picture, lift the fish and keep it very low to the ground making sure the unhooking mat is beneath the fish, take your picture and place the fish back in the net and return the net to the water as quickly as possible, the next stage is very, very important, if a fish is returned to the water without fully recovering, it will turn belly up and will be washed away downstream and will almost certainly die, so keep the net in the water with the fish inside, let the flow of water pass over the fish, if there is no flow, let the fish sit in the net, make sure it is upright, sometimes a fish has to be held for a long period of time, I have had to hold a fish in excess of 20 minutes, but when you see it swim off this is pleasure and makes all the effort worthwhile.

Finally if you are fishing for barbel, please make sure that your tackle is adequate and your line strength is suitable, no less than 8lb breaking strain, and avoid  snaggy areas.


Monday, and I have been once again spending some time at the hospital with Tina, but the good news is that she is making very good progress, I only have a couple of catch reports for today, Stuart had a nice double figure barbel that weighed in at 10lb 2oz, well done Stuart, you lot would have had a heart attack and would have flocked to Throop in droves if I hadn't noticed that I hit the nine key making the fish 19lb 2oz, but thank god I noticed it after a recheck.

The only other report that I received for today, was from myself, I had a few hours fishing and landed a nice chub of 6lb 3oz, and just to show off, a rare self take photo of me and my fish.

Brian Willson gets a moment away from writing the Throop Reports to land this 6lb 3oz chub.


Tuesday and there were quite a few fish coming out on all stretches of the river, it was nice to meet with Jon and his son Simon, who were spending a few pleasant hours together, Simon had just caught a bream of 4lb up to the time I left.

Peter Webb, who is a mate of mine had a fair day fishing, he caught a lot of eels and some perch on the ledger before changing to the float, and using trotting tactics, hooked and landed a barbel weighing 12lb, all this on 4lb main line with a 3lb end, of course it took him some time to land, and he has not stopped talking about it since, one thing I did find out, when he was a young man his nickname was spider, perhaps he should use spiderwire.

Our bailiff Sid Johnson caught three nice chub, 4lb 8oz...5lb 4oz......and 5lb 8oz well done Sid.

Alan Paget struggled a bit today, but did manage to take a chub of 3lb.

Leon Cole had a nice barbel session, taking fish of 5lb 8oz and 7lb 8oz, but it nice to see this size of fish coming through.

Tom Higgins had a 5lb chub and a couple of pike, well done Tom that will teach the toothy's.

Kenny Thomson was also back on the banks trying to catch a barbel, but Kenny did manage a chub of  5lb.

Ahmed Salem was also on the banks of Throop, after a very successful few sessions on the Royalty, he was trying his luck, for our barbel and chub, and he did land one chub, a fish of 5lb 14oz.

I had a  chub of 4lb 8oz, whilst Avon Manager Phil Nixon was very busy catching three chub to 5lb 14oz, an eel and a bream.

So a few fish were caught today, despite the low water and dare I say it again, the dreaded, no the rotten silt weed, so well done all of Tuesdays anglers for beating the odds and catching fish.


Wednesday it was a very quiet day on Throop, and today I only had three catch reports, Andy had just a couple of fish to report, one was a bream and the other was an eel, this one had to be weighed, and it hit the scales at 2lb 14oz, Andy done well landing it from a very weedy swim.

Ahmed was again on the banks and had a 5lb+ chub, I again had a few hours, I did lose a nice barbel in the weed, it looked like a good double of about 28lb, but I suppose if I had landed it, it may have been 10lb if I was lucky, I did manage to land a chub of 5lb, which was netted for me by Ahmed, and after a coffee each, it was time to  go home.


Thursday and I arrived on the fishery early to greet my old mate Chris Martin and his mate Ian, both from Essex, now Chris is the manager of a very well known tackle shop in Essex, and last time I met up with him on Throop he fell in the river on a very cold winters day, but he was only trying to help me retrieve my chair and brolly that had blown in the river, we did retrieve both my articles, but it is not a good idea to go into the river wearing Skeetex thermal boots as the inner lining can soak up about 10 gallons of water, that's on each foot.

Well on that day he came back to my house, where he was dried, fed, and supplied with some new warm socks, and then he went on his way.

Back to this Thursday, and after not catching on a swim that I chose for him, he decided he wanted to move, so I said that I would put him in another swim that has produced some nice fish, it was at this point that he mentioned that he was going to bring back my socks for a laugh, anyway, I showed him the swim  and I went on my way.

Later in the day, Ian had a strange phone call from Chris, we both went to the swim, and would you believe it, he had again fallen in, this time he had lost his hat and his glasses, his phone stopped working, and he looked very unhappy, so off I went back home and brought back some more bloody socks, a camo tee shirt and some camo trousers, on getting back, Ian was now stripped off in the water looking for his glasses, so back home I went again, returning with some chesties and a rake, I got him to clear some weed while he was there, but no luck with his glasses, then hawk eye turned up, I mean Chris Allport, he stood staring in the water like a man possessed, he then pointed and said, what’s that, yes it was the missing glasses, well done Mr. Allport.

Now there's got to be a moral to this story, but all I can think of is CLUMSY GIT.

A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work.

Tina came out to do a bit of fishing, she managed a few eels, I blanked, Chris blanked and so did quite a few anglers, Mark took a chub and my lad Rick arrived and had two chub to 4lb.

Lets some up Thursday in a single word grim.


Friday and I was off the scene so to speak, I was fishing with my son Rick who insisted that we fish one of the quieter deeper stretches that is not fished very much, but I tried to protest as I did not like the smelly area, but being bigger than me he won the argument.

I chose a very deep inside swim that was crying out that it held barbel, the fact is I blanked, but Rick chose a downstream cast and had a great day with a bream of 6lb 11oz, and four, yes four barbel, 5lb 8oz.....7lb 14oz......8lb 11oz.......and a real beauty of 12lb 14oz, and not once did he offer to swop swims.


Saturday and once again I had to follow my son to his now favourite swim, and again he had success, a bream of 5lb and two barbel, one of 8lb 10ozs and the other of 6lb 6oz, this time I did catch a fish, a bream of 5lb, I used my sons landing net, so as not to get mine dirty, because once again he would not swap swims.

I decided to have a walk as I did not want my son to see me sulking, I met up with new member Christian from Christchurch who was busy catching chub on his secret method, well done mate and nice to meet you, and welcome to R.D.A.A. Another member who also had the name Richard had a chub of 5lb 8oz, and reported that he had taken a barbel of 6lb 8oz last week from the same swim.

Local lad Steve from Winton, caught a barbel of 12lb 8oz and safely returned it to the water, with a gleaming smile, ( him not the fish ).This was the same swim that I told my Essex mate to fish on the Thursday, which he did, but moved after a bite less session.

Also reported was another of those common river carp, this one weighed in at 11lb 14oz.


Sunday and I had a day off from fishing, I did manage to get out and check a few tickets at 7.00 pm, I only had one report, and that was from Nathan Edgell who was piking, he told me of three fish that he had caught, 10lb......12lb.........and one of 20lb, hopefully a photo will follow.


Well there you have it for another week, only the one photo, that will make it easy for Nigel, Next weekend I will be fishing the River Teme, I suppose it will be nice to have a break and I shall look forward to it, I will have a moan and let you know how I get on when I get back. I want you all to behave while I am away.


Keep your reports and photos coming in, and many thanks for this weeks reports.

Contact me on 07740777967 or e-mail me on


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.



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