Throop Fishery Report - 1st. August 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 1st. August 2010
Send date: 2010-08-07 09:28:44
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Throop Fishery Report - 1st. August 2010
Before you get to read Brians report, can I just say sorry for publishing it late. Brian wrote it and sent to me in good time as he does every week but we have been so busy in the shop I just haven't had the time to either send it out or put it up on the website (let alone write the Royalty Report!). Enough of me and my rambling, and onto the Main Event, Brian's famous Throop report complete with his trade mark mini pictures!
Welcome to the Davis Tackle Website.
Our hero Brian, having finished writing his Throop report, relaxes in the Royalty Inn with a pint of his 'usual'
Let me start with an apology, it concerns our bailiff Sid, for some reason, which I can only put down to my age and mental ability, I have been calling him Sid Thomson, his name is Sid Johnson, sorry mate, I have now put things right. A late report  for Sunday was a lovely chub of 6lb 6ozs taken by local angler Matt Collier, well done Matt.
Monday,and the start of a brand new week, we will start with a late report that happened on the  Sunday, as we know, both Saturday and Sunday were very quiet, not many anglers were about, but our two keen young anglers Luke and Sam were again on the river on Sunday trying out their skill and a dash of luck, well once again it paid off, last week Luke took those two PB fish, the barbel of 12lb 4oz and the chub of 7lb 4oz, well today it was the turn of netbuster Sam, he fished the same swim that they called Brian's, but I am going to call it the PB swim because once again a PB fish has been taken from it, this time it was the turn of Sam, he landed his PB chub, a fish of 5lb 4oz, well done Sam, he also landed an eel, I suppose we could have named the swim " the 4oz swim. Luke also caught a chub of 5lb, this was taken from a different swim, well done to you both and many thanks for your report.
Netbuster Sam with a 5lb 4oz Throop Chub.
As I said earlier, Monday  was a very quiet  day, just a few anglers were fishing and not many fish catches were reported. I met up with Tammy and Mark who were paying a visit to fish our beautiful river, they travelled from Kingston, (that's on Thames, not the Caribbean)  Mark started well taking a small chub of 2lb, and i'm afraid thats where it ended, not another fish took the bait, still, they did enjoy the day and did spot some of our resident large chub, it was nice to meet you both and hope you will be back soon. Big Tony took just one fish, a chub of about 5lb, and Peter Hilken took just one eel. Young 10 year old Jacob Cartwright travelled to Throop with his dad from Oxford, both the Ringwood members were plagued with a nuisance pike that was playing havoc in their swim, but it was Chelsea supporter Jacob who took the matter in hand and hooked and landed the pike which weighed in at 10lb, nice one Jacob.
Some bloke called Frank Lampard.
Keith Humphreys fished a swim that was alive with some nice fish, but after taking the first one, a chub of 5lb 5ozs the rest of the fish were spooked and were not interested at anything that Keith put in front of them. I fished a swim that my son Rick and I had caught some nice fish in the past few days, it is one of those swims that is very easy to fish, with a nice gravel bar, on this occasion the gravel bar was alive with fish, mainly small fry, but there was also some very large roach amongst all the fish, and I thought how nice it would be to catch one of these specimens, also I spotted a pike and some perch along with one large chub that was drifting in and out of the weed, but also amongst the fish were about five or six very large eels, but after three pulls of my line and retrieving a baitless hook, I decided to call it a day, suspecting that as darkness fell, the eels would become more active, and as I did not fancy doing battle with one of these monsters I packed up. I left the fishery at 9.45pm and passed all the parking places for anglers vehicles, and they were all empty, so a quiet but enjoyable day at Throop. Ringwood member Stuart Rhodes who lives in Coventry, was on the start of a two week fishing break, and what a fabulous start he has had, taking two barbel, one of 9lb 14oz, and the other a PB with a fish of 11lb 2oz, well done Stuart, I love it when a plan comes together, and a PB is achieved.
Tuesday, and today has been one of those days, the morning was taken up chasing two poachers, who were caught, and asked to leave the fishery, they did apologise in broken English, then two youngsters were ejected for not having any permits or landing nets or unhooking mats, then some litter and drink cans were picked up and put in the bins, and then it was back home for tea, that lasted 5 minutes when i was called out again when three youths were in the river with a dingy, they were told the rules and regulations and they too left, just think, this was only the second day of the school holidays.
Stuart Rhodes with his new PB barbel of 11lb 2oz 
Chris Allport fished a big fish swim and hooked and landed a barbel of 1lb in weight, this was the smallest barbel that Chris has ever landed on the River Stour, and I can tell you that he was very highly delighted. Dave Stothard from Kent, landed two chub, one of 4lb 9ozs and the other was a PB fish of 5lb 13oz, well done Dave, and many PB's for the future. Local lad Des, landed a chub of 5lb 2oz, amidst a lot of bites that looked like the work of eels. Mark Baldwin landed a nice chub of 5lb 8oz and I was on hand to take a photo.
Mark Baldwin with a 5lb 8oz chub photographed by Brian 'David Bailey' Willson
Pat who moved down from Liverpool 20 years ago, who is now a local lad with a very broad Liverpool accent, well he caught a chub of about 4lb. There were a few blanks, I am not taking the rap on my own, I blanked in a swim that was devoid of fish, Ernie also blanked, as did Sid Johnson who was also unlucky to lose a barbel that took off at rate of knots. Alan Paget had two chub to 5lb 8oz, these were caught very early on and Alan remained fishless for the rest of the day. Phil Nixon was doing very well, apart from dropping a fish, Phil went on to take 6 chub up until I left.
So the much needed rain has still not arrived and the river is very low and covered in all sorts of horrible weed, that needs washing away, but apart from all this there are still some nice fish to be caught.
Wednesday and the morning has been spent with Chris Allport and bailiffs Norman and Sid, it's well done to all, strimming the banks, and some repair work using the dreaded barbed wire, so after four hours up and down the bank, travelling from Boulder Weir, downstream beyond the boom down to the Moors River bridge, it was now time to go home for dinner. Stuart Rhodes was again back on the banks, and was rewarded with another PB, this time it's a chub of 6lb, what a great start he is having, nice one mate. Peter Hilken had a nice early caught chub with a specimen of 6lb 3oz, this was followed up by his first barbel of the season,a nice fish of 6lb, two more fish followed, both weighed in at  3lb 8oz, one was a chub and the other a bream. Many thanks for your report Peter.
Peter Hilken and a 6lb 3oz Throop chub.
Paul Lord from Salisbury has had a really pleasant and worthwhile trip to Throop, with four nice chub, fish of 5lb 3oz, 5lb 2oz and two fish of 4lb 2oz, and the later two were double checked and were not the same fish, well done Paul and thanks for your report. Phil Nixon had a few hours this evening and landed six chub to 5lb 7oz,well done Phil, that's the way to do it. One unknown angler also went home happy after landing a barbel of 8lb.
I must mention Keith Little who never once blanked whilst fishing at Throop during his two week stay with us, well just to let you all know that Keith is struggling at the moment and has had three blanks, apart from some crayfish, never mind Keith, you can always come back to Throop if you are getting desperate.
Thursday and Eddy Widdup is again getting stressed, last time he had problems with horses and fences and moaned that he had to walk too far, before that he didn't have a fag and that too caused him to stress, this time he has had trouble at the office, so after all the office staff got a big telling off, Eddy decided to have some stress relief and made his way to the river bank, after taking three chub, from 4 to 5lb, plus a nice little barbel of 6lb 9oz, we are pleased to inform you all that Eddy is once again stress free. HOORAY.
Looks like Eddy has grown some facial hair since we last saw him in the shop!
Now as i have said before i just love it when an angler gets a PB, its a magic moment, and today it's the turn of Stuart Holden, he caught and landed five chub, the two largest weighing in at 5lb 5oz and 5lb 14oz, and then he had his Throop PB, a cracking barbel of 12lb 3oz, congratulations and well done Stuart. Sid Johnson was also catching some chub, three fish to 5lb, well done Sid. Local lad Tom Grayes also had a PB, it was on his first visit to Throop, and he caught a chub of 4lb fish, well done Tom, the challenge is now on. Rob Keit, and yes i have spelt it correct, well Rob had two lovely eels plus the bonus catch of two chub, one of 4lb and one of 5lb. Well done to you all and many thanks for your reports.
Friday and I never mentioned the day that I had yesterday, no, you don't want to know. Today, we had a few reports, and they were nearly all chub catches, I say nearly, because a nice bream of 6lb 10oz was caught by Andy. Luke was also on the banks and managed a small chub. Sid caught three chub, one small fish of about 3lb, and then two nice fish, one of 5lb 14oz and the biggest at 6lb, well done Sid.
Chris Knight was again on the banks with his Hardy rod and new shimano reel, Chris did not catch a fish up until the time I left, but his angling mate Steve Shorto, and no I have not spelt that wrong, anyway, Steve had a nice chub of 5lb 10oz, well done lads, it was nice to meet up with you again.
My son Rick asked me to join him for a couple of hours fishing, but the swim he was in, is notorious for eels and bream, so I declined his kind offer and fished elsewhere. I caught three chub, 4lb 10oz, 4lb 11oz and 6lb 4oz but I had to pack up early, which is a shame because there were still plenty of fish in the swim, and I felt that if I had stayed for the last hour, the barbel may well have come out to play. My son Rick started with a bream, and finished with two chub, one of 5lb 9oz and the other went 5lb 12ozs, so we both done ok.
I would like to remind you all that apart from the horrible duck weed, it's the silt weed that is causing a few problems, this is rather unfortunate and nothing can be done until the rains come, it does look grim for the visiting anglers, but it's all part of the challenge, be patient, choose your swim, find some gravel, and wait for the monsters to arrive, good luck to you all.
The weekend saw me busy as a bee, doing things that had nothing to do with fishing, as an ex DJ of 27 years, I got roped into providing the music and running the quiz for a local barbecue, that also involved in erecting three gazebo's, all this started in the morning and went on to the evening, but I did manage to obtain a couple of reports reports. Saturday and has I said earlier, I did not venture onto the river bank, and I was gagging to do some fishing this weekend, but it was not to be. Robin drove up from London for some fishing for the day, he captured a couple of small chub and enjoyed being back on the bank again. My son Rick was also back for the weekend, making the long trek from Essex, captured two chub, the biggest weighing in at 4lb 13oz.
Sunday and Rick had just one chub for his morning session, a fish of 5lb 13oz. Julian from Northampton was back on the banks of Throop, he has been fishing this part of the Stour for many years and has made a passionate return, when he fished with his late father, this time, Julian returned with his son Kristian, they both had a nice day together catching a mixed bag of fish, including a nasty pike that kept pinching their dace catches, further upstream, Julian's brother, Adrian, was also on the banks with his son. It was nice to meet you and hoped the return to the banks of Throop brought back some happy memories. Stuart Rhodes was fishing his last day of the first week of a two week fishing holiday, and today he had four chub up to 5lb 4ozs. The highlight of the day was our bailiff Sid Johnson, who doesn't normally fish on a Sunday, but for some reason sneaked out for a couple of hours before going on to visit his daughter for a family gathering, well he could not believe his luck, instead of sitting for a couple of hours waiting for a bite, his first two casts resulted in two chub, one of 4lb14oz and the other of 5lb 4oz. Well done Sid. There were also a few other reported catches of some bream and chub from 4 to 5lb.
Well that's it for another week, we have to wait until the rains descend upon us, washing away the dreaded weed, but as most of the country is suffering with the same problem, with some fishery's closing down, we are lucky that lots of fish are being caught, although it can be a bit of a challenge on some sections, it's well worth the effort.
Good luck to you all and enjoy your days fishing on Throop,and many thanks to all of you that have sent me your catch reports and photos.
If you have any catch reports and photos, and would like to send them to me, they can be sent to my e-mail address at  please mark them in the subject THROOP. I would like to point out that I do not reveal the locations of any catches, if you send in any photos, make sure that your photo does not reveal you catch location if you want to keep it secret. If you do send in a photo that is of a rather special catch, let me know your full name, and permission if you would like to have it published in the Angling Times, they do contact us from time to time and use some of our photos, you can of course send them direct. For river reports and catch reports, you can also phone me on 07740777967.
Good luck.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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