Throop Fishery Report - 22nd. July 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 22nd. July 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 22nd. July 2010
Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.
Monday and it would be nice to see some rain and have a river with a drop more water in it and see the floating weed washed away. This is the start of his last week on Throop, yes i am talking about big fish ace Keith Little, and today he is certainly making the most of it, he has again contacted with some barbel, two nice fish, one of 8lb 13ozs and the other, a nice double of 10lb 9ozs plus a chub of 5lb. Well done again Keith.
Darryl, who was roving the banks in search of some specimens, did hook a barbel, but he lost it in the weed, unlucky mate. I had a couple of hours in a late session, and landed a chub of 4lb 12ozs.
Leon Cole had a nice session landing a barbel of 7lb and also had three chub, one of of 5lb and the other tipped the scales at the magical figure of 6lb. Andy caught a nice bream that weighed in at 7lb+.
Tuesday and Keith Little is again conquering the Throop fish with a barbel of 7lb and a few chub, one of 2lb and the others weighing in at, 4lb 9ozs and 5lb 1oz. We can now call him Keith the Conqueror.
William the Conquerer
Alan Howard had a 5lb 5oz chub, and his mate Dennis Watts ( no not the one in eastenders ) had a nice day watching the river flow by, that's a polite way of saying, he blanked.
Steve New showed us that it is possible that you can catch some small barbel, he had some fish from 1lb to 7lb, well done Steve, here he is with his larger fish.
Steve New with a nice 7lb barbel
I had to save the best report for Monday till last, Luke and his netsman, clumsy Sam, you remember him, he has the habit of breaking landing nets, well they appeared on the scene and fancied fishing where i was, but seeing as i am such a kind hearted sort of a bloke, i showed them a swim where i had previously had caught a couple of barbel and some small chub, well Luke certainly showed me how to fish it, in fact he has now named this swim "BRIAN'S". The fun started after he had spotted some fish feeding over his nicely placed free offerings, the first cast resulted in a PB barbel for him, it was a beautiful fish that i was on hand to photograph and weigh, a wonderful 12lb 4ozs.

Luke with a cracking 12lb 4oz barbel from "BRIAN'S"

The next cast resulted in yet another PB, this time it was chub of 7lb 4ozs, and again i was on hand to photograph and weigh such a magnificent fish, you can image how delighted young Luke was. After such an ordeal, Luke went on to catch another two barbel, one weighing in at 5lb 11ozs and the other at 7lb 12ozs, this really was great angling, after landing these fish in such a tight and weedy swim, also well done to Sam who netted all the fish without breaking another landing net. Well done lads, this was one of those great and memorable occasions that i will remember for many years.Thank you.
Luke with his new PB chub weighing 7lb 4oz
Eddy Widdup tried to be clever on one of those quieter stretches that is under fished, but poor old Eddy came unstuck, after climbing all the styles, and walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and then fighting off the horses that have been put on this stretch and finally blanking, he turned back to where he started, and had a cast in his starting point and landed a chub of 5lb 4ozs, still at least he had his fags and lighter with him. well done Eddy.
I would like to point out that my keyboard is ok, every fish so far weighs, ??????lbs 4ozs.
Wednesday and there is no Keith Little on the river bank, he has gone off to fish the avon with Phil Nixon, now i know this is a Throop report, and it would have been quite funny if Keith had blanked, so we could have said, you should have stayed here, but the last cast of the day produced a barbel of 6lb+. well done Keith you jammy bugger.
Back to Throop and Leon Cole had a great catch that will please a lot of anglers, he landed a roach of 2lb, great stuff Leon. Two Yorkshire lads were visiting Throop, they were Geg Redman and Mick Burbridge, they seemed quite happy sitting in the middle of a herd of cattle, although Greg was a bit edgy, Mick seemed fine with the situation, up until the time i left, Mick had lost a chub at the net, but landed a river mirror carp of 12lb 4ozs...........
Well done lads, i can't believe it's 4ozs again.
Mick Burbridge with a lovely 12lb 4oz river carp
I met up with Phil Bray, who was looking for a fish to catch, i showed him some barbel that was in and out of the weed, but i chose another swim which i thought might be more successful, and it proved ok for for Phil, taking two chub, one was 4lb 11ozs and the other was 5lb, well done Phil and many thanks for your report.
I would like to mention Rod, who i met on the riverbank and shared a nice hour fish spotting, nice to have met you Rob, and i hope you were successful. The last report for today comes from Steve New, he has the habit of catching very small barbel from a pound upwards, well he certainly got a shock when his rod arched round and he found himself  hanging on for dear life, for on the hook end he is attached to a big lump, after a twenty minute battle with the monster of the deep, that left Steve stung and scarred after running through the undergrowth with rod, reel and fish, he landed a beautiful river carp of 27lb 2ozs, Steve was lucky to land such a prize in such a tiny net that was intended for his tiddler barbel, now here lies a lesson for us all, BE PREPARED. Many thanks Steve and well done mate, i do believe this is a PB.
Steve New with a fantastic carp of 27lb 2oz. Just look at the size of its tail - amazing!
Thursday and the fish don't want to play today, with just a few fish being caught, now was it the skill of the anglers or was it just lucky that some did not blank, well lets see.
A nice reported fish by my old mate Andy, he had one bream and a nice barbel of  9lb 13ozs, well done Andy.........SKILL.
There were just one or two chub caught today and they were all on the small side. Keith Little has not had a blank so far since his two weekly trip, so today was important, and guess what ? he has done it, one small chub of about 2lb......i reckon that calls for tag marked..........LUCK. sorry Keith.
I again fished for a few hours and lost two fish in the weed, and again these were only small chub of about 2lb, but the good news is i did manage to land one fish, also of 2lb, losing fish is never nice, but that is what happens when you fish a weedy swim, most of the weedy is floating debris from cut weed....i rate this...SKILL.
Another reported catch, was that of a 2lb 2oz roach, that has once again pricked up the ears of the roach anglers, this is great news as i have had man reports of good roach that have been seen, this catch i will also rate as......SKILL.
So there you are Keith, your catch for today was the only one that was ...LUCK. One day to go, if you catch on your last day, we will give you a skill for Thursday's effort.
Friday and it was such a strange day, there were many fish being landed with most of the anglers not bovering to weigh the fish as most of them were on the small side,  most of us put in an estimate for the days catch. It was great to meet up with some anglers that i have not met since last season, its really great that you have at last been let out of the house, so a big hello to Greg Turner and Neil Justice, both these lads had some small chub. There was also a few big fish lost, it was unlucky for Sid Thomson and Phil Nixon who both lost fish in the weed.
So Keith Little had his last day today and caught a couple of chub, one at 5lb 2ozs and the other at 5lb 1oz well done Keith, your luck day has now been changed to a SKILL.,not one blank. Keith will be back with us later on in the year when we will all need umbrellas, if you are all wondering how he catches so many fish, i can tell you all that he used to work for Walkers Crisps, has he got a secret bait ?.
I suppose that the catch of the day must go to my son Rick, he started by losing a chub at the net then hooking a very large eel, thinking that this was going to be one of those days, he ended up hooking and landing a lovely barbel of 11lb 9ozs, we removed a couple of hooks from its mouth, and released the fish after it was weighed, we did not take any photo's as the fish put up a long hard fight in tricky conditions, and it needed to go back quickly. Well done son, what a good teacher you must have had.
Peter West had a pleasant day catching perch and small chub on the float.
Saturday and for those of you that know the parking areas at Throop Mill will realise how busy it can be, well a lot of the vehicles at the mill car park may be dog walkers, people out for a stroll and can also be there for other reasons, we as bailiffs do get to know what a lot of our anglers drive, so we have some idea of how many anglers are on the bank, when you drive to the parking area at school bridge, every parked car will belong to anglers, so we get some idea of the amount of anglers at school bridge, so can you imagine the shock, when on this evening i arrived at the bridge, there was not one car, that means i am going to struggle with a river report, but i thought, if i catch loads of chub and barbel then it would be easy, well that was not the case, i had two chub, one of 3lb 8ozs and the other at 4lb 6ozs, which was better than blanking, it was then that i found out that there were two anglers upstream, they were Alan Paget who took four bream and Sid Johnson who had one bream, both these anglers don't drive, Alan was dropped off, and Sid had his bike. Further downstream Scott Mosely who was also on his bike, caught one chub of 5lb 7ozs. Help then arrived, my son Rick turned up, and  landed two eels, and one barbel of 5lb 12ozs. Well on such a quiet Saturday i think i may have got out of trouble, i never had any more reports for today.
Sunday, and once again it was a day of rest, the morning for me was spent at Wimbourne Market, and then later on trying to find out why my car door was having trouble locking. Brian Stocker sent me his report for the day, fishing on the lower stretches he explained how he has had such a very enjoyable day, he was catching dace, roach and perch to 1lb 8ozs, well done Brian, it does make a change and it is nice to have some catch reports that dont include chub and barbel. My son Rick was roving the banks looking for some fish, he did manage one chub of 4lb 8ozs, but with just a few hours fishing,he run out of time.
I popped into the pub to watch the football on tv, i was caught by Nigel, the big boss of Davis Tackle, with a rather girly looking drink in my hand, let me explain that it was an orange and lemonade, with a touch of orange on the side, plus a few other bits, but Nigel was as quick as a flash taking a photo of me, i dread to think where that is going to end up.
So there you have it, another pretty good week, with some nice fish being caught with some of those magic moments when a PB comes to an angler.
Many thanks for all your reports and well done on all your catches, please keep your reports coming in. As i have said in the past, i do not divulge the locations of where the fish are caught, so if any of you would like to send me an of your catches or perhaps you may have had an incident that is worth writing about, then send them to me at my e-mail address and please mark them THROOP.
You can also phone me with your reports and for an update on river reports on 07740777967.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff


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