Throop Fishery Report - 18th. July 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 18th. July 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 18th. July 2010
Hi everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.
Firstly let me apologise for the reports being late both Nigel and myself have been very busy, as you know i have been caring for Tina after her recent foot operation, what with the shopping, washing, ironing, cooking, running up and down the river bank to obtain fish catches, check fishing permits etc, etc, etc,etc, whilst Nigel has had to sit around that mecca of a fishery known as Redmire Pool, smoking, drinking, sleeping and really enjoying himself, so you can see how hectic it has been, but we should be back to normal soon.
Probably the most famous stillwater gudgeon fishery in the country - Redmire Pool
A late report for last week, and a very well done, for Colin Bridger with the capture of a fabulous barbel of 13lb 4ozs.Well done Colin, I know you worked hard to capture this fish, and your patience paid off.
Monday and I did manage to get a couple of catch reports, despite being stuck at the hospital for hours on end, the first was from one of our bailiffs, Sid Thomson who managed a small chub of 3lb 8ozs, whilst further upstream, a nice barbel was caught in the blazing sunshine, this was caught in the morning and weighed in at 9lb 15ozs, just short of a double, this fell to the rod of Andy, who made up for the one ounce loss by bringing to the net another whisker, this one weighed in at 10lb 12ozs,and to add to these fish, two bream and  chub. Cheers Andy, a nice catch. Keith Little kept up his tally of catches with chub of 4lb.....4lb 6ozs......4lb 15ozs.....5lb 6ozs....and 5lb 11ozs, and to put the icing on the cake, a barbel of 11lb 4ozs, well done again and again and again Keith. No blanks so far.
The "Icing on the cake" was an 11lb 4oz barbel. Here I was expecting a photo of this cracking fish and Brian sends me this picture!
Well we did have a drop of rain, but not enough to do anything for the river, still hopefully there will be more to come.
Tuesday and the only report I received for today was from, GUESS WHO ?.................Yes it was from Keith Little, thank god you are fishing today otherwise I would have had a blank report day, so what did he catch ?......two chub, one of 4lb 11ozs and the other of 4lb 14ozs plus he managed to sneak in a barbel of 7lb 13ozs. Well done Keith, can you just imagine what Keith could do if he lived here.
Wednesday and the winds have picked up pace sending anglers for a bit of shelter,the  fishing was a touch harder in these conditions. So despite the high winds there were a few fish caught, the first was a nice bag of fish from fishery manager Chris Allport who reported to me that he had taken nine bream to 4lb, plus four chub, with two beauty's, one of 6lb 2ozs and the second, an even bigger fish of 6lb 13ozs, and to almost top it all, a barbel of 5lb, I said almost, because Chris also hooked a fish that had an appointment with the harbour master, and steamed off at a fair old pace, he never even saw the fish, my guess is it was one of the many large carp that have have been seen and captured.
I almost forgot to mention Keith Little who again continued to add to his catches, two fish, one chub of 4lb 12ozs and a small barbel of 5lb 11ozs. It's great to see some of this size being caught throughout the river.
Here is a picture of little and large, none other than, Sid Thomson ( on the left ) and Keith Little, enjoying a bit of a laugh.
Little & Large perform their routine for an appreciative audience, Brian Willson!
Another capture of one of those size barbel was by Henry Parker with a fish of 5lb 8ozs, plus a couple of chub to 6lb, well done and HOORAY HENRY.
Thursday and Tina is up and about indoors which gave me the the chance to get out for a couple of hours, so I arranged to meet up with Scott Mosley, we chose a sheltered part of the fishery because of the high winds, Scott was already on the bank and had already taken a small chub, but he had a few problems with pike and had been bitten off a few times, ( I suppose the pike had bitten off more than it could chew ), anyway the session did not go without incident, as I was standing next to Scott, his right hand rod took off, i just managed to save it going in to the river, I passed the rod very quickly to Scott, but the fish won the day and escaped. We were then joined by Russ Chandler, who shared my swim, I took three small chub on free-lined baits, whilst my gillie Russ came in handy netting all my fish, Scott took two more fish after we all shared some coffee, one was a chub of about 4lb and the other was a nice barbel of 6lb.well done lads and thanks.
Scott Mosely with a nice 6lb barbel
The weather took a turn for the worse and the rain lashed it down, what with the very strong winds, I packed up at 9.45pm and made my way downstream to see how the other lads had got on.Some of the lads had taken a few chub between the up to 5lb plus a few eels. Keith Little had left his phone back at his digs, but I caught up with him as he came of the bank looking like a drowned rat, yes he had caught some fish, three eels, one small bream and a chub of 5lb, and another of those nice barbel, a fish that weighed in at 7lb 14ozs. The highlight of the day goes to bailiff Sid Thomson with his first barbel of the season, a lovely fish of 10lb 8ozs, well done Sid and congratulations, but I suppose I have to mention his two chub to 5lb plus another eel. Well done all.
Friday and there were just a few reports that came in for today. Little and Large were again on the banks, that is Keith and Sid, Keith Little took four chub, 4lb 1ozs.....4lb 12ozs.....5lb 4ozs and a nice fish of 6lb 5ozs, plus lots of eels. Bailiff Sid Thomson also had a nice chub that weighed in at 6lb 5ozs, the same size as Keiths, plus he also had a few eels.
Saturday I decided to have a few hours on the Avon with my lad Rick, so I was missing from the banks of Throop. My man Keith Little was at it again with a couple of bream to 5lb, plus a 5lb 4oz chub, and two barbel, one of 6lb 3ozs and the other of 8lb 7ozs. Matt was roving the banks and took two chub to 6lb, well done Matt. Most anglers had chub of the average size. If you are still wondering what i caught on the Avon, well I can tell you all, I blanked.
Sunday, and it's a day of rest, I did not fish, there was not a lot happening, all I heard about was the couple of illegal canoes that were up and down the river, not taking any notice of our very polite anglers telling them that they were being naughty, its such a shame when these people take their canoes through the shallows causing disruption, this disruption certainly affected Keith Little, he took one barbel of 6lb 14ozs, with plenty of fish in his swim, this was before the canoes moved through, I sat with Keith for a couple of hours, and apart from a couple of small chub, the swim was devoid of fish. Luke and Sam were on the banks in search of fish, Luke managed to land a chub of 5lb, but Sam had nothing better to do except to break Luke's landing net. A few other anglers had also taken some chub in the three to four pound mark.
So there you have it, a very hectic week for me, I would like to thank all you lads that have sent me your catch reports, it really is nice see know whats going on.If you would like any river reports on the conditions of our very low water, or you would like to send me your catch reports and photo's then phone me on,07740777967 or e-mail me
Cheers and good luck to you all.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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