Throop Fishery Report - 11th. July 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 11th. July 2010
Send date: 2010-07-21 11:41:29
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Throop Fishery Report - 11th July 2010

Hello and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.

The beginning of another week and the low water is still with us, we are all waiting for the precious rain to raise levels and clear some of the floating weed. Lots of chub have been caught throughout the stretch, there have been lots of small chub caught, the sizes range from 1lb upwards. The bream and eels are all still putting in a show, and I am still wondering if the Royalty Fishery would like a few lorry loads of the latter.

I had a few hours in one of my evening sessions, the first fish was a small chub of about 3lb, now I know I keep on saying small when I mention chub of 3/4lb but for those of you who have not fished Throop before, I can assure you that the chub get very big indeed, with the biggest weighing in at over 8lb. Back to my catch, and the next fish was one of our whiskered friends, a nice little barbel of 7lb 14oz, this  fish put up a very hefty fight in a weedy swim, and was returned safely to the water once weighed.

Steve Maller had a PB chub of 4lb, yes I know it's small by Throop's standards, but that does not matter, its a fish that you will always remember, and it gave you a lot of pleasure, believe me Steve, you will catch bigger ones, many thanks for your report, your target now is a 5 pounder, or perhaps you will be happy catching whatever comes along. Good luck.

Tuesday saw a few of our larger chub caught, two of our local anglers had one fish of 5lb 12oz and another of 6lb. I met one angler who was just leaving the fishery after his fishing session, and he had 3 small chub and 8 eels, what a nightmare. Another great catch by a local angler, who shall remain anonymous, caught a nice bag of chub, 4lb 3oz-5lb 9oz-6lb and a monster of 6lb 7oz, well done mate and many thanks for your report. I again had a few hours, but that consisted of a few missed bites, I did manage one small chub of about 2lb, a lot of small fish were seen swimming to and fro, but that was it for my session.

Wednesday, and I was not on the river bank all day, I was busy with my lads caravan, and after many phone calls, there was not a single catch report.

Thursday and the river bank is very quiet, there are not many anglers out and about, a couple of anglers that I spoke to had a couple of chub each, again these fish were in the 3lb bracket. One other angler only managed to catch a small pike that took a liking to his bait that was intended for chub. I had my usual couple of hours in an evening session, using free lined baits I managed to capture three chub before the shoal spooked, one small chub of 2lb, plus two bigger fish, one of 5lb 2oz and the other of 5lb 4oz, the three fish were all caught in three casts.

On Friday it was again very quiet, with not that many anglers fishing, I had one fish, again this was in the 3lb bracket. The best reported fish of the day went to one of our bailiffs Sid, who landed a lovely chub of 6lb 4oz, well done Sid, and well deserved.

There are couple of incidents to report, I know its not fishing, but I believe that its all part of the game, big fish man Kenny Thompson, who captured this seasons biggest barbel this year, was walking with me along the river bank, when his landing net touched the electric fence that was meant for keeping the cows in, ouch, he did get a shock, but being young, he handled the situation with ease.

paddock pony

 The next incident was when I saw Eddy Widdup walking about looking dismal and had a trance like look on his face, when I asked him what was wrong, he said that he could not find his cigarette lighter and he has not had a fag for a couple of hours, we located my lad who supplied Eddy with his spare lighter, so after a quick fag, he was back to his old self again, bright as a button.

Eddy'd ashtray

Stuart Jupp was back on the banks of Throop, the weather was a bit better than the last time he graced our banks, last time there was a very heavy frost and water over the banks, so Stuart made the most of the warm weather taking three chub to 5lb, plus a perch of 2lb, mind you he was unlucky to lose a nice barbel on the centre pin, still well done Stuart, thanks for your report.

Saturday and we welcome back our visiting ace angler, Keith Little, who will be joining us for the next couple of weeks, the day started with a bit of a mixed reception as far as the fishing goes, Keith struggled in his first choice of swims, taking just one eel of 4lb, now like me, Keith is not too keen on catching eels, so he decided to move, and what a shock was coming his way. His managed to catch a lovely chub of 5lb 11oz, now this is where the shock comes in, his rod arched round and he was doing battle with the monster of the deep, with his rod doubled to breaking point, our big fish ace, landed, and weighed and admired his prize, a beautiful common river carp of 23lb 4oz.

Nice one mate, what a good start to your fishing break.

In the next swim was Alan Paget, and again, Alan has taken a 6lb+ chub, well done Alan, what a good start to the season you are having, well done. Chub and bream have again been showing all along the river, the umbrellas have also been making a show to keep off the suns rays, and still rain is required.

Sunday and again I am missing from the riverbank, this time I am involved with refitting TV aerials for my lad Rick. Keith Little fished a swim that I recommended and took four chub from 2 / 4lb, small by his standards, but at least it sheltered him from the burning sun. Stuart Jupp was again gracing our banks after failing to catch on a morning session on the Avon, but Stuart done ok, he took five chub to 5lb 8oz, and again using his barbless hooks, he was unable to stop a speeding train, that flew off unseen, before throwing the hook, unlucky mate.


Craig Wood had a couple of sessions on Throop, the 1st session brought him three chub between 3 / 5lb and the best reported chub of the season so far, with a clonking great chub of 7lb 4oz, well done mate. His second session also took three chub, 3lb-4lb- and 5lb 12oz. many thanks for your report and well done.


Well there you have it, another report with some great fish caught, next week is when Tina goes back into hospital for her foot to have further surgery, and again the toe has be broken and reset.

Many thanks to you all for your reports and keep catching and keep them coming in, we do like to know how our river is doing.

You can contact me for river reports on 07740777967 or you can e-mail me, with your photos on please mark your reports THROOP.

Brian Willson, Throop Bailiff.



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