Throop Fishery Report - 27th. June 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 27th. June 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 27th. June 2010

Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle website. We have had a very strange week here at Throop with the  hot weather and the bright skies playing a big part. This week's report is again rather short owing to the fact that just two days dominated the fishing.   A late report that was sent in from Paul Piper, who landed a beautiful common carp of 20lb 12oz, this fish was caught on the 17-6-10. Paul had a real struggle to land such a stunning fish, but he also has had a struggle in downloading the photo, perhaps he will sort it out one day, i too manage to struggle with some of the sent photo's. Good luck Paul, and many thanks for your report.  

On Monday another carp was caught, this time it was by an unknown angler, and weighed in at 18lb 12oz.   Christchurch angler Ken, had a great start, with his very first Throop barbel, which weighed in at 8lb, well done to you Ken.   There were a few other fish caught today, mainly chub and bream, most chub go over 3lb in weight, as do the bream, there are masses of bream showing up all over the river. With such low and clear water, the fish can be seen darting in and out of the weed.  

Tuesday was another one of those days when the fish decided to come out and play. Alan Paget graced the banks once again, along with a bag full of cakes, for all of those anglers that felt peckish, well his generosity paid off, he was rewarded with a great day's fishing. 5 chub to 5lb. Two barbel, one estimated to be around 8lb+ and the other was a double of 12lb 8oz, well done Alan. I would like to point out that Alan only weighs fish that he thinks are worth weighing.   Peter Hilken reported catching a 6lb chub.   And once again Ken from Christchurch was on the banks, having had his first barbel the previous day, he had to have another go. The day did not start to well for Ken, he broke his mobile phone, but it ended on a high note, or should i say a very high note, because the lad has done it again, this time landing a specimen fish, a fabulous barbel that was weighed and returned to the water by some local anglers, this super fish weighed 14lb 2oz, well done Ken, a great catch. We must also say thanks to Karl Payne, who took a photo on his phone and sent us a picture, many thanks Karl.

Ken with the seasons best barbel from Throop weighing 14lb 2oz

Wednesday and young Ken was again on the banks, he certainly has got the Throop bug, and yes he has done it again, another stunning barbel, this time it's a fish of 11lb 10oz. I reckon that you qualify for my angler of the week, well done Ken.   Durand Calkin, who is usually catching big pike, turned his hand to some bream fishing and caught a big slab of 10lb, well done mate.   There were the usual catches of bream and chub being taken up and down the river.  

Thursday and the banks were empty, we had a report of an angler taking up to six pike from a well known chub and barbel swim, we are not quite sure whether that was today or yesterday, but we do know that it spooked many of the regular fish that has now disappeared .  

Friday and Saturday and the banks were empty, chub and bream were again being reported seen and caught throughout the river, but the fishing was tough, most of these fish were bream, mopping up the baits intended for chub and barbel. Another nightmare was the dreaded eels that were moving into the swims as the sun was going down. Hardly any reports were sent in, which is no surprise, seeing hardly any anglers were on the banks. My lad Rick Willson was one of the few anglers that managed to catch a few fish, again these were all bream, they all went between 5 and 7lb, he decided to pack up when the eels moved in.   Sunday and no one expected many anglers to be on the banks, because of a certain football match being played. I have decided to give it a miss until the hot weather cools down a touch, and then i will restrict my fishing to the evenings. One local angler did grace the banks, and that was Sean Dent, using roving tactics he managed to take three chub, and lost three. He was however keeping his mind very busy, realising he had left his floats at home, he went about making his perfect float from a tree root, he did however catch a fish on this bankside creation. If you have read Sean's reports before, you may know that he loves his sandwiches, this weeks special is, Thick cut Wiltshire ham with Davidstow mature cheddar on Tiger loaf. Nice one Sean, and thanks for your report.


I would like to point out that many reports refer to an unknown angler, some of these anglers wish to remain anonymous, whilst some of the reports that i receive do not give anglers names. Please note that i do not reveal swim locations. If you do have any fish catches and wish to report them to me, please e-mail them on hutch29@btinternet.comalong with a photo if you have one, and mark them subject Throop. You can also phone me on 07740777967 with your reports or for information on river conditions. Many thanks and good fishing. Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

We have now received the pictures from the 'Dorchester Boys' aka Nathan Edgell, David Moore and Mark Kaufman who shared a superb days piking on Throop landing 17 Pike in total ranging from 8lb - 16lb on live, dead baits and lures.


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