Throop Fishery Report - 20th. June 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 20th. June 2010
Send date: 2010-06-22 15:55:52
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Throop Fishery Report - 20th June 2010
Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.
This week it's a rather shorter report and we dont' have any photo's, which is a bit of a shame.
I must say that it has been a bit of a strange week, lot's of anglers not catching any fish, whilst some anglers seem to be catching them all, is it skill or is it pure luck ? I reckon its a bit of both, still its better than going to work, its even better than watching the England game, i wonder how many anglers rushed off the river bank to watch 11 millionaires disgrace themselves.
Opening day, the glorious 16th, bright sky and a nasty wind, it certainly pushed anglers onto the bank with the wind in their backs, but a few anglers had some nice catches, lets start with Scott Mosley, he patiently waited for the big off and was rewarded with a nice catch of fish, 6 BREAM to 8lb 1oz. 5 Chub to 6lb 7ozs.............and at this time of year the size of his biggest chub is certainly a specimen.[Ed's Note: Sorry to tell you Brian but the Royalty did a 6lb 15oz chub yesterday Laughing] 1 BARBEL at 6lb 3ozs....................................................well done Scott a nice opening day catch,well done.
One unknown angler had 3 small Barbel,it's a pity we did not get their size, but from information that was received on where they were caught, they could have been fish that weighed under 2/3 lb, if that is the case, then it's great for the fishery.
A barbel of 12lb 6ozs was caught by an unknown angler, whilst a lot of chub was caught throughout the river, with a couple weighing in at 6lb.
There have been a lot of shoals of Bream throughout the river, with Rick Willson landing one of 6lb 2ozs. ( well done son )
With so many anglers on the bank on opening day along with the bright sky, we done ok at Throop.
Thursday and again the Bream were seen in shoals with quite a few being caught, some of these fish that can be seen are very large indeed. The chub seemed to be a bit elusive with only a few being caught. One nice Barbel was reported, again to an unknown angler, it weighed in at 12lb 7ozs, and it came from a swim that i have been looking at for some time, but good luck and well done to the captor.
If any of you readers feel that i am writing about your catch and you are one of the unknown anglers, let me know who you are, and better still send me a photo if you have taken one.
Friday and this was the day that anglers vacated the banks to watch football, but one lad who started the day off with a bang, was George Cornwall, he started early, and it paid off very nicely, RDAA member George, landed two nice fish, one a Chub of 6lb and the other a Barbel of 9lb 6ozs, well done mate.
Many thanks to Chris Allport and George for their report, I was unable to be on the river on Friday due to hospital appointment.
Saturday and the Bream are still showing in very large shoals, after failing to tempt the Chub or Barbel, Rick Willson decided to target the Bream and took 7 fish to 7lb 9ozs. ( well done son )
Three lads from Dorchester, Nathan, David and Mark, came down to Throop for their annual summer pike session, up until i left them, they had 14 pike between them to 14lb+  well done lads.[Ed here again, the photo's have just arrived so will appear in next weeks report]
Shaun Miller also decided to have a couple of hours after a summer pike, and was rewarded with a fish of 14lb+  this was caught on a different section of the river to the Dorchester boys.
The best catch of the week must go to Robin, who travelled up from London to do an early session before going on to visit a patient in Christchurch hospital. He arrived early and caught two glorious fish, the first was a Barbel of 11lb 12ozs and the second was another Barbel which weighed in at 11lb 7ozs what a great double.A couple of seasons ago, Robin had a double of 14lb 7ozs and 13lb..............that would be hard to beat. So for the second time he has taken fish on his centre pin.
Although Robin has the knack of catching large doubles, he has not got a clue how to take a self  photo of his catches, so we will have to take Rob into hand and have a lesson in photography.
I did not have any catch reports for Sunday, i just managed to check out one small section of the fishery, and did not arrive on the bank till late.
So once again many apologies for a short river report, but if you do have any catches to report or would like to send in any photo's, i will gladly put your catches on to the late reports.
Please send your reports to me on 07740777967, you can also get up todate river reports on the same number. You can also send me your reports and photos by e-mail on hutch29@btinternet please mark your e-mails,subject THROOP,otherwise they will be deleted.
Many Thanks and good luck.
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.


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