Throop Fishery News - Pre Season Report
Subject: Throop Fishery News - Pre Season Report
Send date: 2010-06-12 11:06:55
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Throop Fishery - Pre Season Report
Hello everybody and welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website.
At the end of last season we mentioned that i was going to be shown on how to improve my technique for submitting and improving the quality of the photo's that i put on the website, well i can tell you all that it never happened, for some reason or another everybody seemed to be too busy or could not be bothered, the truth of the matter is, i forgot, still with such a whizz kid as Nigel Gray, who spends hours trying to knock my photo's in shape, it will give him something to do and to moan at.
Back to the river report, well we have some good news and some bad news, the good news is that the fish are showing very well indeed, firstly the BARBEL, they have been spawning, and i have watched them performing their mating rituals, even better news is that their sizes have been from about 12lb, right down to fish of about 6inches in length, which is fabulous news for the fishery.
Also amongst the Barbel and Chub were two Carp, one which was a very handsome Ghost Carp, bright silver in colour, weighing about 10/12 lbs.
The famous Throop Chub have also been very active with many large shoals throughout the river.
There have also been some nice shoals of Roach mixed in amongst the Chub searching for food.
The Mill pool has shown us a massive shoal of Bream, and when i say massive, i mean an estimate of about 150 fish, ranging from all sizes.
The river has risen by a couple of inches at the start of the week, and the weed has just started to come through with a vengeance, it has been a bit slow this year but i am sure that by the start of the season it will be there for all of us to moan at.
Now for the bad news.
Glens Weir was seriously damaged by the winter floods, this was caused by the fallen tree that was just upstream of Glens Weir, the gravel was washed down to the Weir and the water was diverted over to the Hurn side of the river, this extra surge of water, washed away the footpath, so you cant use the footpath at the moment.
Now for the Good news....again.
Two temporary stiles have been put on place, so as you can go around the Weir, please do not try to attempt to do a Ray Mears and try to navigate the path, their is a very large overhang which has beneath it, very fast and deep water. The work to rectify the problem is in hand and we are waiting on the E.A for their report.
Here is a couple of pictures of the washed out bank.
Bank damage at Glens Weir
Be careful out there on Wednesday
All the footpaths have had their first cut and are now scheduled to have its second cut, but with a new grass cutting machine, life should be much easier. So all in all, the river is looking very nice with plenty of fish all over the river, which of course will all disappear on opening day.
I have been asked to mention that ALL fish caught must be returned to the water, with no exceptions, any person that is caught taking away fish will face a lifetime ban.
Well there you have it, just a small report to let you all know the basics, for all those anglers who say how lucky i am living next to the river, its a nightmare during the close season and not being able to fish.
Good luck to you all this coming season.
E-MAIL ME AT...............................   for all your catch reports and photo's. Please mark them Throop, otherwise they are deleted.
For up todate river reports phone me on 07740777967......or...........Chris Allport manager on 07789408503
Brian Willson Throop Bailiff.

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