Throop Fishery Report - 14th. March 2010
Subject: Throop Fishery Report - 14th. March 2010
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Throop Fishery Report - 14th. March 2010

Welcome once again to the Davis Tackle Website and the end of the river season report.

[Before Brian gets into his stride can I take this opportunity to thank Brian on behalf of us all at Davis Tackle as well as all his readers scattered across the world for the quite brilliant reports he has faithfully produced all season without fail. If there has ever been a delay in publishing them you can rest assured that it would have been my fault and not Brian's. Thank you mate, it is really appreciated! ]

Lets start with some late reports, my brother in law Ed ended up with some perch that he managed to land in a couple of hours fishing on Saturday morning before he took off for his flight back to Spain. Richard Brown had a 5lb 2oz chub just after I had left him, and finished with a total of 4 fish, well done Richard.

And a stunning catch that I have been waiting for almost most of the season*, a chub weighing 7lb 14oz, for Steve Tubb. This fish has beaten the best Royalty chub this season by 2oz, well done Steve.

[You Throopers left it a bit late to beat this seasons Royalty best of 7lb 12oz  - two days before the seasons end was really cutting it fine. Mind you you'd never have heard the end of it if Throop had failed to deliver!]

I would also like to include a photo of Daniel Picksley and Eric who used to make the ritual to Throop,  his Uncle Eric, who sadly passed away in March Last year is sadly missed.


Monday and a few cracking fish were caught today, Phil Nixon had four chub, 4lb 8oz...5lb 2oz....6lb 5oz....and 6lb 12oz. There is nothing nicer than catching a PB and that went to Chris Clark with a chub of 5lb 10oz, great stuff Chris. A barbel of 8lb 11oz went to visiting angler Keith Little, and poor old Adrian Eves dropped two chub and went home fish less, unlucky Adrian, it happens to the best of us.

We have two stunning catches to report, the first is by Peter Le Duc, who used a centre pin and a trotted float to capture some chub that weighed 2lb 5oz, 5lb 5oz, 6lb 6oz, and a mind blowing 7lb 1oz monster; that Peter is what we call fabulous fishing.

Next is Scott Gilfoy who has followed up from a couple of good fish in February which weighed in at 7lb and 7lb 8oz, well today he caught a baby chub of 5lb, followed by a real biggy, a fish of 7lb 11oz. At this rate they may outgrow the barbel (only joking)

Scott Gilfoy with his new pb chub weighing 7lb 11oz

 Tuesday and we start with a bit of a shame really, it all started the night before in the Royalty Inn pub in Christchurch, I was in there having a drink when in walked Trevor Camp, who was gleaming from ear to ear having just caught his first ever barbel, it was not a monster, but it was a barbel, his first one for 50 years, I told him that now he has broken his duck the barbel will now be caught thick and fast, well the next day, there he was giving it his best at Throop, and sure enough as predicted he hooked into his second barbel, but alas, it was not to be, it got off, so a disappointed Trevor was told by me that the Throop barbel fight much harder than the Royalty fish, now I only said that to cheer him up, it didn't work...................unlucky Trev. I would like to tell you that Trevor's fishing mate, Wayne, has the habit of going to sleep and waking up when it's time for the pub, who pays Trevor?

Keith Little had one chub of 5lb 4oz. One angler who wished to remain nameless, caught 8 chub to 6lb 14oz on trotting tactics, this angler we will now be known as THE STIG.


Another unknown angler had 7 chub, again on the float, trotting the swim. David Rosemond had a fair day with five chub to 6lb 6oz. And I had the smallest chub in the river at 3lb 14oz.

John Westwood arrived on the scene at 3.00 pm and left at 6.25 pm, with a great bag of fish, after dropping a couple of chub and a barbel, John increased his hook length to a stronger one, and went home landing 6 chub to 6lb, well done John Boy. Geoff Parmenter only landed one fish, and that was a small sea trout estimated at about 2lb. Keith Locke had a lucky escape by landing a chub of 6lb+ on the last knockings, better late than never Keith.

Alex and Mike were down from Bright*n, the first fish was a chub of 3lb 5oz, there was no mention who caught it, but it was smaller than my one. They then changed swims and caught a variety of fish, just to prove that other species do exist, there were four bream to 4lb landed by Alex who also had a perch of 1.5lb whilst a bream of 5lb fell to the rod of Mike. The best fish of all was a roach that fell to the rod of Alex, and that weighed in at 2lb 6oz, well done lads and I am sorry that I missed you.

Alex with a superb 2lb 6oz roach Alex with a 1lb 5oz perch

Readers whose sight is not perfect may be pleased to know that lessons in handling photos on a pc have been arranged for a certain individual to take place during this Close Season  

Wednesday and today is going to be a real toughie, it's a very blue clear sky and a very bright sun, with a cold North Easterly causing grief and making a grown man shiver, most anglers will fish on the opposite bank today with the wind in their backs. The first bite of the day goes to Keith Little, he parked his car next to a gate, put his chair over the gate in the field, and was then in the process of getting his rods out of his car, when the horse in this field, which I have name ELVIS grab his chair and proceeded to throw it up in the air a couple of times, our hero Keith managed to retrieve his chair and make his way through a second gate to his swim.

On his way back off the fishery, Keith had his second bite, this time Elvis was on the scene again, this time he had a bite on his arm, Keith managed to get back over the gate and back to his car, it was at this point that I arrived on the scene to see how Keith had got on, in fact he had blanked, but then he found that he had got another bite, Elvis had put his head over the gate and chewed the wing mirror, Keith was not happy, I bid him farewell and went home.

Elvis the horse and gate

Elvis Presley and the gate


The fishing was very poor, despite the fishery being packed, there was not a lot caught, the conditions put paid to that. There was one chub caught to an unknown angler, plus someone else had a perch of about 10oz. A couple of chub were caught along the river. The only decent report that I had for today was for Dave Rosemond who had one chub of about 4lb but had a really nice fish on the last knockings, a nice barbel of 9lb 2oz, great stuff and very well done. Today's water temperature was 44.5f / 7.0c and that was at 6.00 pm.

Thursday and the water temperature had slightly dropped, that probably was because of an early morning reading and a slight over night frost it read 43.7f / 6.5c. Well today was going to prove another challenge to a packed fishery and that same nasty North Easterly wind that wont leave us alone, but despite all this the challenge was on and we had a dedicated group of anglers that seemed up for it. John Westwood has again done the business with his float and his great trotting tactics landing 6 chub with two over 6lb well done to John, and I suppose we have to say that we hope his skill and luck rubs off on to his famous son Lee, and good luck to him in America.

Dave Rosemond landed the biggest reported barbel of the day, a nice whisker of 8lb 1oz, nice one Dave. The other barbel catch was a 7lb 8oz fish to an unnamed angler, there was also an unlucky angler that lost a barbel. Jason Wheeler landed four chub, although only small by Throop's standards, were very welcome on a difficult day, the biggest was 4lb 3oz. One unknown angler landed a chub of 5lb 10oz. Bob Crawford did ok with two chub, one weighed 3lb 6oz, whilst the other a nice fish of 5lb 10oz.

The best fish of the day must go to Jake Davoile who roved the length of the fishery looking for that big elusive chub, one fish came to the net at about 4lb, but Jake continued his search, wearing his favourite waxed jacket that made me feel cold just looking at it, young blood that's what I was told by Kenny Parsons, but Jake stayed to the last knockings and was rewarded with a cracking chub of 7lb 4oz.

Jake with a right lump of a chub which weighed 7lb 4oz

Jake arrived back home at midnight very delighted, well done Jake and it was nice to meet you, many thanks for your report and photo.

There is nothing better than catching a PB, so after catching and logging all his chub catches, our mate Neil Justice netted one fish of 2.5lb and then a fish of 5lb 6oz, no that's not them, here it is, a PB of 6lb 9oz, to a very, very delighted angler, when Neil phoned me I thought he had won the lottery, I suppose on reflections he did. Well done mate. 

Friday, and once again there are lots of anglers on the fishery, there's no fishing for me today, along with manager Chris Allport we travelled from the beginning of beat one to the end of beat three, checking permits and work by the E.A on beat 3.

We start with an incident on one of the beats, this happened to day ticket holder Alistair Spence, I was checking his permit when one of his rods took off with a tremendous bite taking his second rod off the rod rest, I grabbed his second rod whilst he grappled with the culprit on his first rod, unfortunately, the fish snagged itself on a tree branch and seemed tethered, Alistair was quite worried and insisted that I took hold of the rod whilst he clambered down the bank armed with his landing net, to me it looked like a no hoper, with that Chris Allport took charge of the second rod which was now also caught up in the bushes, Chris was busy untangling the rod whilst I was hanging on to the tethered fish, it was at this stage that I gave the fish plenty of line and released the pressure on the rod, it worked the fish was now free, I told Alistair to retake his rod which he declined, so the fish was netted, landed, weighed and photographed, a lovely chub of 6lb 6oz, to be fair to all concerned in the landing of this fish, I am going to claim, 2lb 2oz, Chris is also claiming, 2lb 2oz, so that leaves the remainder for Alistair, 2lb 2oz, I don't know what you all think, but I think it's fair. Alistair also had another chub of 4lb that he landed all by himself. 

Alistair Spence and his 'shared' 6lb 6oz chub

Dave Rosemond continued his run of catches with another 4 chub. Frank Nowosielski, was fishing with his pal Chris Clark, they had joined us on a tough day at Throop, but Frank did manage to land a chub of 4lb 6oz, well done Frank, sorry Chris blanked and fell in the mud, but I know despite the conditions you enjoyed your day.

Neil Lonnon is next on my list to report, he is the other half of Laurel and Hardy, I think Neil is Mr. Hardy as he is a bit bigger than his fishing buddy, Darty, alias Stan Laurel, last time they fished together for pike, Darty won, catching more than Neil, but the winner today is Neil with a pike of 14lb 8oz, well done lads, and it's great to be with you both on the banks, that's what fishing is all about a good laugh.

Keith Little was on his last day of his two week holiday here at Throop, I joined him on the banks just to sit with him for the last knockings, but for those that did not know, I have been suffering from severe MAN flue for a couple of weeks, so there I sat, not fishing I might add, just watching, I thought I might learn something, well that never happened, I had a bad bout of coughing, so I bid Keith a fond farewell and made a quick retreat, I think that another 2 minutes and he would have asked me to leave. Keith did catch a few fish during his stay, but not as many as he would have liked, conditions have not been that good, so today he did manage two chub, one of  5lb and the other was a nice fish of 6lb 7oz, here's a nice photo of Keith with his 5lb fish.

Keith Little and his 5lb chub

There were two reported barbel caught, one was 5lb 14oz and the other was 7lb 8oz, both fish fell to unnamed anglers. Peter Hilken had a nice chub of 5lb 12oz.

Peter Hilkin and his 5lb 12oz chub


Jason Wheeler and a nice chub taken at last knockings 

Jason Wheeler had a chub coming up to last knockings, weighing in at 5lb 2oz.

And last but not least we had a PB and it fell to the rod of Lewis Baldwin, who today decided to give the chub a miss and go for pike, and hey presto, a great fish of 22lb 11oz, well done Lewis, and to add to his catch a bonus fish, a perch of 1lb 9oz.

Lewis Baldwin and a 1lb 9oz perch

The 22lb 11oz new PB for Lewis

Saturday and some really good fish have been taken today, mind you it was still very hard work for those lads that did catch, many anglers left the river without any fish. John Westwood again caught chub on the float, I don't know how he ended up, but I saw him catch a couple. Steve Hellings had 7 chub in two days and was very pleased with his efforts, with two over five pounds, a fish of 5lb 10oz and one of 5lb 15oz. 

Steve Hellings with one of two 5lb plus chub he took in a session Steve with his second big chub

Gareth Fareham, has taken to the river fishing like a duck to water taking two chub, one of 5lb 13oz and the other a real cracker of 6lb 2oz. Steve Hartop had three chub up to when I left, with the best fish weighing in at a massive 6lb 7oz. Our old mate Matt had a fabulous session taking 14 chub to 5lb 11oz. There were some other reports of a few chub being taken up and down the river to individual anglers. 

Sunday and here is another bright day, which here at Throop is not the greatest of conditions, especially when the water is now clear, I went out in the morning and checked a few tickets at lunchtime. After lunch I decided to drown a few maggots and went onto one of the quieter stretches, yes it was quiet, I drowned about a pint of maggots for one minnow and one small perch. Bev passed me on his way home reporting a pike over 12lb, but apart from that, I did not receive one catch report, tell a lie, I had a phone call from Darryl Hughes who had just landed a barbel of 13lb 10oz, the only trouble was it was caught on the River Avon.

So we ended the season on a damp squib.

I am glad that the river season has come to an end, it has been a very frustrating year, and many of the catches had to be worked hard for. I have learned much from this season, I have looked and learned, and perhaps I shall put into practice what I have been shown and what I have seen.

I would like to thank everyone that has sent me photo's and catch reports, I hope you have enjoyed reading them, I shall write one or two reports during the close season, this is to let you all know how the river is looking and who knows perhaps a few trout will be caught during the fly fishing season which starts in April.

If you still have any reports to send in, I will put them on my next report.......e-mail or phone 07740777967. please mark e-mails Throop.


Brian Willson Throop Bailiff. 



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